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Strength by Ron MatzoffThe CEO Refresher is your portal to the best brains on the planet! Creative leadership, innovation, leading change, executive intelligence and insight. We are pleased to announce that The CEO Refresher is once again publishing new articles. The untimely death of founder and publisher Rick Sidorowicz in September 2011 left the site in a void. Rick devoted a great deal of time and effort into developing and managing the CEO Refresher, and believed passionately in its value in providing the executive intelligence you need to lead well in these turbulent times. We wish to continue bringing you the articles and resources you have come to count on from The CEO Refresher.

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Three Self-Imposed Pitfalls of New Sales Managers

Often “paperwork” like CRM systems, HR concerns, and other administrative requirements take precedence. Additionally many new sales managers are inundated by their sales team with fires to put out. Few new sales managers find themselves “ahead of the curve” – proactively coaching their team. These institutional obstacles are difficult for an individual manager to avoid […]

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Some Fallacies in Technology Explained

Every day, I learn something from my clients. Sometimes it’s something that helps me with another client. Other times, it’s something that lends credence to common misconceptions in technology. These misconceptions often arise due to companies positioning certain products or services differently than others due to, among other things, profit margins. Other reasons could be […]

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