How to Contribute

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Editorial Guidelines

The notion of a “refresher” is that of presenting viewers a variety of interesting material to keep abreast of latest developments in leadership, to update or renew important concepts and practices, to review and benefit from timeless wisdom, and to “sharpen the saw” to better master the art and science of leadership.

The theme of “brain food for business” relates to mindfulness – to gain new perspectives and greater awareness with articles and insights that might just “twist your head” a bit to see your reality in new ways and to identify new possibilities. More mindful leaders can contribute to the development of more human, respectful, socially responsible, conscious, caring and more profitable enterprise, and that is the ultimate purpose of this journal.

Articles on a very broad range of topics are featured as leaders need to learn as much as they can about almost everything, and learn faster. Think “refresher” and “brain food” and it opens up many possibilities to present your material to a growing international audience. Articles featured include longer ‘white papers,’ research results, new approaches and concepts, and checklists, “tools,” quick insights and executive summaries.

Authoring experience or having your articles previously published is not a requirement, although it may be a very important element of your bio for viewers. Many of our best articles have been written by business leaders and by front line and mid-level managers to share their personal insights and experiences with the world. Write an engaging article or story and we will feature it.

It is expected that articles submitted will require no or minimal editing for grammar, spelling or clarity of presentation for viewers. All articles are reviewed in detail as they are formatted and will be delayed or rejected if extensive editing is required.

In order to be easily readable online, the ideal article length should be 600 to 1000 words, although longer articles will be accepted if the subject matter warrants it. Another option would be to create a series of shorter articles, rather than one long one.

Attributions are important to give proper credit to all direct quotations, paraphrased statements and borrowed ideas. Readers should be properly informed about the ideas and language that are the authors’ and those that are drawn from others. Citing the source within the body of the text and/or providing general references at the end of the article works well.< >We have featured articles that have been published in other major, trade, and local publications with proper attribution, so long as the contributor retains reprint rights. However, preference will be given to original articles to be published first in The CEO Refresher. Articles available on your web site and not otherwise published would be considered original material. All articles featured in The CEO Refresher article format will be archived on the site – in an appropriate topic archive and listed in the index of authors.

By submitting your article for publication, you warrant that you are the author of the article and that you have the rights to publish it in your name.


Please submit your work as an attached word or text file via e-mail with all elements and desired formatting included if possible. Text directly inserted into an e-mail also works well. Where possible please limit the use of tables and large size graphics. To ensure accurate resolution for graphics please include .gif or .jpg files for the images or charts you would like to feature. By submitting images with your article, you warrant that you have the rights to publish the images. Please include any image attribution as part of your article, if required.

Author Bio

Your article will include an author’s bio box below your article. The author bio is saved separately, so if you have already had an article published on The CEO Refresher, your existing bio will be used. If you require any changes to your existing bio, please let us know.

If you have not had an article published on The CEO Refresher, please provide a brief bio with reference to your related works or professional services. Your bio can also include links to your website, email address, and to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you wish to include any of these links in your profile, please include the URLs in your submission.

Your author photo is taken from a) your account, b) your Facebook profile picture, or c) your Google+ profile picture. We cannot accept author photos by email. If you do not have any of the 3 accounts listed above, your photo cannot be included with your bio.

We do require your email address in order to be able to contact you regarding your article, but your email address will only be published in your bio with your express permission.


Contributors retain all rights, and copyrights will be cited in the contributor’s name. All articles submitted and published are on a non-exclusive basis – you are free to submit your work to other publishers at any time. If your work is first published in The CEO Refresher we request that you include a reference to The CEO Refresher in any future publication i.e. “originally published in The CEO Refresher –”

Lead Time

In general, for unsolicited articles we are working two to three months in advance of the publishing date. We have a considerable backlog of excellent articles and do our best to feature the best as soon as practical. Please have patience and feel free to send a “nudge” to inquire on the latest status of your contribution. We do prioritize original material to be published first in The CEO Refresher and always hold several slots open for regular contributors, and Insight/Thought Leaders.

Permission to Reprint

In contributing to The CEO Refresher the contributor agrees that The CEO Refresher and the editors of The CEO Refresher have the right to grant permission to reprint and have no liability whatsoever in granting such permission to reprint the contributor’s work. All legalize aside, we are committed to providing our contributors the best exposure possible in the current issue and archives of The CEO Refresher and in other high quality and appropriate international publications. Please visit our Permission to Reprint page for our current list of authorized reprint publications.