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The CEO Refresher is brain food for business! Creative leadership – competitive strategy – leading change – performance improvement – insight – intelligence – mindfulness – interestingness – learning – and learning faster! This on-line publication features articles of interest to CEOs. business leaders and students.


Rick Sidorowicz

Rick Sidorowicz

The CEO Refresher originated as a hard copy newsletter in 1994, published by Rick Sidorowicz, with a very select distribution list of senior executives. In 1996 the newsletter moved to an online format featuring an increasing number of article contributors and a growing international audience. This online “library” of excellent articles has become a valuable resource of learning about leading, and The CEO Refresher enjoys a growing international audience of viewers, and has developed into a high quality “portal” to the “best brains on the planet”.

In September 0f 2011, Rick passed away suddenly, at the age of 60. The site continued to exist for the next 3 years, but was not updated with any new content during that time. Traffic, however, continued to come to the site, drawn by the archives of business management and leadership articles that Rick had maintained.

In 2014, Rick’s family gave permission to Joan Donogh to continue publication of The CEO Refresher. Joan is a longtime friend and former colleague of Rick’s, and has worked on the site with him since 1998, assisting with technical and design aspects. Joan has been a freelance website designer since 2000, Inspired by Rick’s work with The CEO Refresher, Joan created her own website in 1998. While Rick’s passion was leadership and learning, Joan’s was cooking, and her website Now….you’re cooking! also developed a loyal following of viewers over the years.

Although we are not able to fill Rick’s shoes, we will nonetheless strive to continue to provide the highest quality content, improve the experience for viewers and present new and unique insights and perspectives.