Radical Resolutions

Make the leap into the future – to a leaner, meaner, and radically more responsive business. This assumes of course that you’ve ‘handled’ the ‘not so radical resolutions’ and are ready for more!

  • Within 90 days triple the spending authority throughout the firm, starting with the mailroom!
  • Insist on a maximum of two levels between the ‘top’ and the ‘bottom’ in any division or business unit!
  • Break up businesses into units of 250 persons or less, each with a board of directors which includes outsiders.
  • Within the next year transfer one third of all staff positions at head office to the operating units! Then another third the next year!
  • Eliminate all performance appraisals and replace by customer evaluations of service and performance!
  • Eliminate all job descriptions. Now!
  • Destroy all organization charts. Now!
  • Have every person in your organization make at least two substantive customer visits per year!
  • Have all top division and corporate managers spend two days per month with customers, two days with suppliers and distributors, and visit three ‘neat’ companies per year outside of your industry!
  • Aim for one third employee ownership of the business within five years!
  • Within the next year promote to a position of significant responsibility at least one ‘weirdo’ and ‘rabble-rouser’ who doesn’t like you or agree with you on much of anything!
  • Establish for everyone, moderately low base pay with significant incentives, 50% based on direct measures of quality and service!
  • Present a weekly award in every business unit to the person who surfaces the stupidest thing the company has done in the last seven days!
  • Implement a six month unpaid sabbatical for every executive in the corporation every three years!
  • Outsource your distribution activities!
  • Outsource your MIS function! (Perhaps to your MIS function!)
  • Visit at least one ‘lost customer’ per month, or a prospect that has never considered your product or service!
  • Base 25% of incentive compensation for divisional heads and executives on the share of revenue from new products and services introduced within the last 12 months!
  • Sell off the corporate art collection and every piece of ‘executive’ furniture costing more than $500.
  • Vacate all facilities more than three stories high!
  • Within three years target for women to comprise 40% or more of your Vice President and General Manager positions!

The above list is loosely based on Tom Peter’s 50 Survival Strategies.