Not So Radical Resolutions

Same deal, a little less radical but in the same vein. Get the edge! Make the leap!

  • Double the spending authority of anyone who deals directly with customers, with a guideline of do’s and don’ts limited to 25 words or less!
  • Target a minimum number of direct reports for each ‘senior executive’ of twelve, and remove at least one level of reporting between you and the ‘action!’
  • Target a one third reduction in ‘office-bound’ overhead this year! (Transfers to the field count.) Start with HR and Finance.
  • Make evaluation by subordinates a key component of all bosses’ performance appraisals!
  • Reduce all job descriptions to one page, point form, with no baloney, and with customer focused performance criteria for evaluation!
  • Have every person in your organization spend one day a month in the field or in the plant or otherwise in the action!
  • Start work now on an employee ownership plan, either in real stock or phantom stock!
  • Develop sizable incentive plans for every individual based on the business unit’s performance!
  • Get quotes to outsource your distribution!
  • Get quotes to outsource your MIS function!
  • At the divisional level identify the top ten business processes, map them carefully and undertake a re-engineering of each process over the next year with a cross functional group of ‘workers’ who know the detail!
  • Each year have customers systematically evaluate every one of your quality and service measures;
  • Benchmark every staff service against best in class, starting with the cafeteria;
  • Within twelve months end the physical segregation of functional departments.
  • Create corporate vice president positions for the following: knowledge management, quality and brand equity management, innovation, industrial design, horizontal systems integration, and cycle time management, with a maximum support staff of one person;
  • Within twelve months cut the production and consumption of paper by your organization in half;
  • Sell off the corporate art collection and every piece of ‘executive’ furniture costing more than $1,000.
  • Let no senior manager have an office of more than 225 square feet;
  • At all off-site meetings, make sure that at least 25% of all participants are either customers or vendors!
  • Within three years target for women to comprise 20% or more of your Vice President and General Manager positions!
  • End all reserved parking – except for customers. Now!

Each day new competitors emerge, new technologies arrive, life cycles shrink, and the pace accelerates. Radical or realistic? It’s all in the perception of reality and the resolution.