“MONSTER HR” Now a True Mega Global Monster Agency

And why not …because they deserve it…Monster HR just became the sole owner of master root of ‘dot monster’ top level domain name. This TLD allows them to selectively issue unlimited numbers of ‘glocal’ cyber brands like

Recruitment brands:




Glocal Agencies Alliances:


Special Recruitments:


They now can create thousands of massive ‘simple and cute’ traffic generators in any HR categories all over the world. This is achieving image supremacy for the name identity in the global market place…domination and hassle free global access

What does this mean?

How will their digital supremacy dominate others?

What other mega HR players can do now?

What are the new rules of market domination via ‘name identity’?

Meaning: The Vacuum Cleaner and a Shower Head

The early domain names provided centrality towards one single master website, so you get the most desired suffix dotcom and park your empire in it as ONE master website, for example, IBM.com or KFC.com. This type web structure provides upward mobility, of massive information creating a hierarchy and this single domain name becomes the tip of the massive iceberg, floating in cyberspace. In time this becomes overly cumbersome and becomes some kind of a suction device, like a vacuum cleaner it sucks up all the information of the company as a single pyramid. Breaking of the single dot com into 10,000 smaller sites under the same dot com is impossible.

Why is this important in the global name identity domination race?

The exclusive brand name ownership of a TLD is like spray, a shower head…

it sprinkles down and cascade information at thousands of local touch points via creating hundreds or thousands of sub name brands of parallel channels, all controlled and all having the identical ending suffix and creating domination in cyber space.

These are advance global nomenclature games…

Monster HR not only controls the use of the suffix .monster but can also eliminate fake squatters, copycats and ensure that the use of .monster in any domain name is backed by Monster HR. For now, they are the only HR company lucky enough to own a gTLD domain name… best study topics like “gtld global name branding“ on the Internet

Other HR agencies of the world should ask these four critical questions.

What level of internal knowledge they possess on this subject and why not?

When and why did they miss their own GTLD naming games?

What are their options while they wait for many years for next window?

Why branding agencies of the world have opposed gTLDs from get go?

ICANN the internet authority announced the massive expansion of domain names called GTLDs in 2008, In 2012 some 2000 were sold at an average cost of million dollars each…no more will be sold till next window opens in next few years. Ad branding agencies furiously opposed this program all over the world. www.icann.org

More research and advance ideas:  Domination the gTLD name games  www.metrostate.com