Permission to Reprint

In contributing to The CEO Refresher the contributor agrees that Refresher Publications Inc. and the editors of The CEO Refresher have the right to grant permission to reprint and have no liability whatsoever in granting such permission to reprint the contributor’s work. All legalize aside, we are committed to providing our contributors the best exposure possible in the current issue and archives of The CEO Refresher and in other high quality and appropriate international publications.

We have granted permission to the publications and organizations noted below to reprint selected articles in their hard copy and internet publications.

The CEO Refresher has granted permission to the following publications to translate articles into Chinese, reprint them in their hard copy magazines and feature them on their internet sites:

Chief Executive China,
SAR Media,
EMBA Magazine,
Cite Publishing Ltd.
Best Pr@ctices

Permission has been given to to translate articles into Portuguese and feature them on their internet site.

Permission has been given to The Russia Journal and a new Russian-language magazine, Globiz, dedicated to educating Russians in values of free and competitive market economy, to translate articles into Russian and feature them on their web site and magazine.

Permission has been given to the Ukrainian Internet portal for managers Management: Methodology and Practice, to translate articles into Ukrainian and feature them on their web site – .

Permission has been given to Human Resources and Management Magazine to translate articles into Turkish and feature them on their web site.

Permission has also been given to United Media Services, Oman’s premier media house, to feature articles in the Oman Economic Review – Oman’s leading business and economy magazine, and Qatar Today – Qatar’s only business and lifestyle magazine. The combined print distribution is approximately 40,000 copies monthly.

Permission to feature selected articles on the internet and/or in hard copy has also been granted to the following publications and organizations:

Achiever’s Manual published in Lagos, Nigeria,
American Marketing Association,,
Butterworths Singapore,
Ericsson South East Asia newsletter,
Great Eastern’s Life is,
Growing Trends – the official publication of the Illinois Nurserymen’s Association, distributed to 2000 green industry businesses throughout the U.S. each month,
Hanley-Wood Integrated Marketing to feature articles in FedEx ShipSmart E-news, a monthly publication distributed to 100,000 FedEx clients in the U.S.,
Loyola University – Chicago – selected articles for educational purposes.
Management Centre Europe,
Management Institute of Paris,
MashreqBank – Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
MBA Depot,
National Home Furnishings Association,
Royal Bank.,
State Farm Insurance Companies Intranet
Tourism Authority of Thailand – a subsidiary of the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers.
Waseda University International, Tokyo, Japan – selected articles for educational purposes.

The requesting publishers have agreed to cite the copyright for any article reprinted in the author’s name, with a caption that the author’s work is reprinted with permission from The CEO Refresher. Before granting permission to reprint articles the editors of The CEO Refresher will endeavour to ensure the requesting publication will maintain the highest standards of integrity with regards to the content of any article reprinted, and will, where possible, advise the author of the work of the expected publication date.