How to Survive and Thrive in Business and Life Downturns

Are you experiencing a business or life downturn?  Learn to Survive and Thrive with these Wise Words:

1. “Up to Now…From Now On”

If you have had less than success changing a habit in your life; consider this 6-word rephrase used by Educational Guru, Jack Wolf, PhD.  Instead of saying, “I haven’t been able to exercise regularly”, switch your brain and language to say, “up to now I haven’t exercised regularly but from now on. I am on a regular exercise program”.  Train your brain to picture a successful outcome and watch it happen.  Your brain believes what you tell it.

2. “You need Great Trust, Great Taste and Great Tradition in Business”

Wise words from Sunalini Menon, Female CEO of Coffeelab in India.  Sunalini reminded a gathering of Women in Coffee that “we create our own destiny through the choices we make”.  Practice “Sankalpa”, a Sanskrit word that means “Determination and Positive Focus” to create better business, a better life and a better world.

3. “If the Horse is Dead, Get Off”

Great words from Mark Twain, refreshed by Warren Featherbone CEO, Gus Whalen.  Gus should know.  He has seen the evolution and reinvention of his family owned business from corsets to children’s clothing over 125 years.  Keep up with times and trends amidst the tsunamis of business and life.

4. “Make Longer Lists and Better Choices”

The mantra for personal and business challenges from Tim Hurson, Author of Think Better.  Consider these statistics on how we lose our ability to think creatively as we age: Between the ages of 4 to 5 years old, our creative abilities are soaring at 98%, by the age of 10 we’re down to using 30% of our creative capacity, and by the time we’re over 30 it’s a downhill slide and we are only using 2% of our creativity.  Put the spirit of play and imagination back into life to create a longer list of possibilities.  Note: If you have only 2 options to any problem or challenge, you need more options and a longer list!

5. “If you want to be in love, love yourself”

Jeff Gee, Author of Super Service.  Jeff Gee addressed a front-line service group and talked about the importance of the first 15 minute power-up of the day to a Positive Attitude.  So skip CNN first thing in the morning.  Spend your first 15 minutes of the day reading something inspirational or even singing in the shower.  Jeff notes, “People who sing in the shower tend to be happier”.

6. Go Wild!

Because 92% of the time you’re operating in your Comfort Zone.  The interesting news is: true miracles and transformation do not typically happen in that Comfort Zone.  So Pain and Discomfort is Good?  Sometimes!  Consider viewing a current business or personal challenge as an opportunity for creating a new reality and new possibilities in your business and life.  “The 21st century is a century of hope and opportunity for all people who are open to continuous transformation” – Kobus Neethling, Author of Am I Clever or am I Stupid.

7. Get a Lift!

The Power of Energy and Positive People!   I experienced the magic of energy by Art of Innovation Author Dimis Michaelides.  The audience watched while Dimis demonstrated the magical levitation of an audience member through the power of collective energy.  Negative energy spreads faster than positive, which is why Negativity in the Workplace is such a Cancer!  Keep in mind that research shows that your psychology becomes the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.  So, Get Smart!  Get a Lift!  Spend time with positive, smart and caring people!

8. For those who say “Yes” Far Too often, “Consider a Time Out and a Year of No”

Wise words from Procter and Gamble Executive, Teri List at a recent gathering of female business executives.  Teri, who says her kids are her “role models” talked about the importance of focus on one’s values and priorities.  She had this helpful tip: When asked to do something outside of what you can, want or would like to do if you had the time, consider saying, “I would love to help, but due to other commitments, I’ve made this my year of No”.  Simple, Direct.  How can you argue?

9. “If You Think It, Ink It.  If you Feel it Face It”

Demonstrated by the Author of Square One at 51, Hedria Lunken.  Hedria’s published journal of the sudden loss of her husband is testimony to the importance and power of journaling every day for clarity and reflection.  Journaling doesn’t have to be “A Gone with the Wind Novel” but consider jotting down a few lines about what you’ve learned and feel about yourself, your challenges and the world each day.  I think it’s why blogging is so popular.  PS: Did you know that we have a tendency to write more when we’re in love (that explains those love letters) or in pain?  Consider writing in your non-extreme moods and emotions.

10. “Laugh Every Day”

From R. Bruce Baum and Eileen Doyle, Certified Laughter Leaders, Try Laughter Yoga, (You don’t have to be funny) or simply incorporate laughter into your daily routine with videos or humorous/light reading.  Laughter works off calories, gets your brain hopping and can teach you not to take yourself or your problems quite so seriously.