Help Employees Survive Tough Times!

Recently a leader shared her angst with me about laying-off three valuable employees. These employees were caught in the crossfire of organizational cutbacks. Now she’s worried they won’t find a place in today’s tight economy. Each is struggling to find a new job.

Are you preparing your employees for tough times? And if so, how do you help them stay viable regardless of market conditions?

Despite conventional wisdom, you can do a lot to help employees land on their feet.

I gave her this advice, “Help employees discover their talents and know where their talents add value.”

In my coaching work with literally thousands of leaders and teams, the single biggest mistake individuals make is thinking their talents are ‘no big deal.’ Yet leveraging our talents is the key to fireproofing our career and staying viability.

Whether your employees stay or move on to become independent contractors, employees of another company, business owners or sales people, knowing their talents pays big dividends. While working for your organization, employees produce better results. And if laid-off, they are equipped to succeed.

Here are actions you can take to help employees survive tough times.

You can help employees:

#1. Discover their talent zone.

Encourage employees to share work experiences they enjoy and feel great about. This is their talent zone. In their talent zone, employees consistently contribute high value – not to mention the appreciation they receive from others. Unfortunately only 20% – 50% of individuals are IN this zone.

#2. Target their strengths.

Help employees focus on their strengths and take actions to use these skills. Ask them identify projects that utilize their strengths and contribute to these projects. Then if thrown in the job market, they’ll move from desperate to deliberate and choose roles that fit.

#3. Share strength feedback.

Communicate your insights to employees and help them see where their talents make a difference. Help them recognize the impact of their talents on others and projects. Strength feedback boosts individual confidence and awareness of talents. This empowers employees to set themselves up for success.

#4. Foster teamwork.

Encourage employees to ‘team up’ with individuals who have different talents. Make it OK to rely on each other’s talents and watch each other’s backside. Leveraging talent differences helps everyone get more done. Teamwork is essential to survive in today’s collaborative environment.

#5. Sponsor ‘brag sessions.’

Invite employees to share their successes. Encourage them to talk openly about improved service and bottom line results. Bragging sessions help employees communicate their value and stand out in a crowd.

Maximizing talents is a win-win proposition. You get more done and employees gain confidence in their ability to thrive. In today’s competitive market, talents are the one-thing employees can take to the bank!