Connect Offline and Online Marketing Strategies for Success

We’re living in the age of technology, and so it makes sense that most modern-day marketing strategies rely on online marketing. However, offline marketing is still a very important part of your business’s marketing efforts. It deserves your time and attention, but it needs even more than that. Specifically, your offline marketing should connect with your online marketing — and vice versa — so that your message is streamlined through all aspects of your marketing communications.

Direct mail is perhaps your most important offline marketing asset. It’s a true one on one with a returning or prospective customer, and it may be your best shot at pitching to an interested lead. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to connect your direct mail with your most powerful online marketing tools. This dual action will immerse the recipient in the best your company has to offer, significantly increasing your chances of conversion.

QR Codes

QR codes aren’t just about giving a tech-savvy impression. They’re about getting your audience to go exactly where you want them to go. Your direct mail pieces can include a QR code that takes the reader to a landing page customized specifically for that reader. This will give your lead the opportunity to take action right away. You’ll also easily be able to track leads that arrive at your site via this code. Simply put, a QR code will help you achieve the ultimate goals of direct marketing, with minimal effort required on your part.

Social Media

Direct mail is truly powerful, but the infrequent nature of direct mail is a major benefit. Nobody wants to be inundated with offers, particularly not through physical mail. Social media is a great way to bridge the gap between your regular direct mail pieces. It keeps followers in the loop, giving them the chance to react only to those posts that interest them. You can easily include instructions for following your company in your next mailer.

In-Person Sign-Ups

Email marketing is to online marketing as direct mail is to offline marketing. Both provide a personal touch that’s highly trackable and customizable. A great way to get people interested in your online marketing is to issue sign-up sheets so that people can provide their email addresses. In exchange for a customer’s email address, you can provide a coupon that will make it worth the customer’s while. By doing this, you’ll be able to send periodic emails that accompany your offline marketing efforts, doubling your exposure to your core customers.

Direct Mail to Online Customers

Many companies have moved their catalogs online. That leaves a major opening that you can fill. Online prospects that receive your regular communications may be pleasantly surprised by a physical catalog that showcases your newest products and services. This catalog can be easily shown to others and it serves as a nice introduction to direct mail in conjunction with your normal online marketing.


Hashtags began as a Twitter invention, but these days, hashtags are mostly about cementing a specific phrase as a slogan for your company. You can include this hashtag on direct mail pieces, business cards, banners or any offline materials you issue. People can then use these hashtags when posting on social media, subtly reinforcing the appeal of your brand. You can then track social activity based on these hashtags, including thanking those people who used your hashtag. Best of all, hashtags can encourage offline customers to move their patronage of your company online, further cementing their status as loyal customers.

Online marketing and offline marketing seem like entirely different animals, but they’re largely similar. That’s why it’s so important to run these two channels in conjunction with each other. As one hand washes the other, you’ll find yourself with two marketing channels that reach your customers. As a result, you’ll find new customers more easily, and your existing customers will be even more excited about your company.