Collision of 15 Monster Trends in 2015

No matter what your position, location, size of your operation, the following 15 trends starts to collide and open up amazing and instant opportunities for you. And yet, if you are not fully prepared to recognize and adjust accordingly, they will bite you like a big great white shark in deep water…guaranteed

Dark Television: The supremacy of modern television is seriously challenged and being over taken by massive intelligent streaming.
Beneficiaries: New global age thinkers and practitioners.
Enemies: The old media and hardwired new baron media mentality.
New Adjustments: What do you have to do to prepare your organization and how?

Deep Digital Dive: While anything and everything big and small in life is in a digital blender; digital marketing and branding strategies are increasingly becoming un-differentiated and lost in the digitized hyper data eco-system.
Beneficiaries: New global age marketing minds.
Enemies: The old branding school.
New Adjustments: How many new fronts is your enterprise ready to engage and how?

Internet or Spynet: The other name for the Internet of Everything will be the Internet of Spying or Spynet; as anything and everything online is being interconnected, stored, analyzed and digitized as a basis of micro profiling of the citizenry and all kinds of business activities. Beneficiaries: Protection industry sectors, the government agencies and private contractors. Enemies: the general populace and global intelligentsia.
New Adjustments: How much are you already exposed and what can you do in future?

White Collars and Soft Collars: Robots start appearing in white collar space, influx of steel collars in production and soft collars in offices becomes as a normal transition. Anything of multiple repeated actions you process today as a daily routine in your office will soon be replaced by robotics.
Beneficiaries: New global age processing.
Enemies: Bureaucracy and old hierarchies.
New Adjustments: Where should you save, spend and hold?

Mass Un-Social Media: As Social Media grows into massive un-social media, a new age of new type of social media emerges, where most of the top features of the top players get combined into one, Wow.
Beneficiaries: New players from the old social media school.
Enemies: Facebook addicts.
New Adjustments: How social or un-social is is your enterprise and why?

Crazy Hang Outs: Offices will start to disappear or turn into casual-crazy work spaces. They will be highly efficient, technologically advanced, economically informal, 24-7-365 access, designed like private clubs, rain forests, cafés or techie garages, to be used as and when required by anyone in the organization.
Beneficiaries: New entrepreneurs will not require floors of offices with art deco furniture to impress clients, a small rain forest set up with a live parrot do.
Enemies: The trillion dollars office real estate industry is ready to crush such notions.
New Adjustments: Where can you save with multiple efficiencies and how?

Future Workers: Very sadly the current 100 million skilled unemployed are already on a trajectory to increase to 1 billion unemployed by 2020; this is the worst part in our history as all our future progress seems designed to crush employment. Currently, this the most serious challenge for any political agenda anywhere in the world.
Beneficiaries: Organizations thriving on cheap labor.
Enemies: University students of the world and the unemployed masses of the developed world.
New Adjustments: How entrepreneurial is your organization and why not?

Innovation Boom: The world is about to see an eruption of millions of new and powerful innovative ideas to amaze the global populace; daily gush of amazing combinations bustling with new collaborations and rapid deployment across the world. Asia will be playing a very aggressive role.
Beneficiaries: New global age processing and advance level incubation of business ideas.
Enemies: Bureaucracy and old hierarchies, frozen minds and dull operators.
New Adjustments: How and why to ride the innovation tidal wave?

Big Data – Open Data: The big data, like a big deep blue ocean is fully filled up, millions of vessels have already sailed out and so are thousands of Titanic. The ocean is just water but to Columbus a test of navigation.
Beneficiaries: Information manipulators and also truth seekers.
Enemies: Groups and notions scared of exposure.
New Adjustments: Where is your big data management and why not?

Population Rich Nations: The global economical balance will shift towards population rich nations which are mostly emerging economies over knowledge-rich nations mainly developed economies. According to McKinsey the emerging economies by 2020 will spend 30 trillion dollars yearly this would create a new landscape of new global economy.
Beneficiaries: New global-age, Asia friendly operators.
Enemies: The old localized centricity.
New Adjustments: How global is your operation, no matter how big or small?

Global Name Identities: The mathematical propagation of online interaction clearly proves that great ideas can now travel to the farthest corner on the planet and touch millions with fascinating ease. It also proves the critical need and the magic of owning an iconic, one of a kind, proprietary name identity with the right matching domain name as the most important and valuable assets for an organization to have.
Beneficiaries: Very small number of elite hassle free global name identities owners with intellectual property umbrella.
Enemies: Agencies of the world still locked in the last century beliefs.
New Adjustments: How many letters of your name brand are exclusively owned by you?

Exportability of Ideas: If your ‘value proposition’ has any legs it should be able to run in all directions, fly or swim oceans, just jogging in your local park is just not good enough. Outbound global exportability is the now the new required measurement of global-age execution.
Beneficiaries: New global age supply chain and logistical processing, global interactive marketing and selling.
Enemies: Mediocre producers, myopic marketers and non-believers of the new century realities.
New Adjustments: If you have good ideas how to become global very fast?

Image Supremacy: The old concept of applying ‘hard asset centricity’ is like having massive machinery bending pipes to create designer furniture piled as inventory but avoiding ‘soft power asset management’ issues like mind bending exercises in the boardroom to study design and ask the right questions, why the pipes have to be bend in the first place.
Beneficiaries: Soft power asset management thinking.
Enemies: Hard asset centricity.
New Adjustments: Where is your vision and center of image supremacy?

Higher Education Lowdown: Higher Education in certain areas is collapsing at an accelerated rate; by 2020 the current ‘value offerings’ of majority of degrees will neither be recognizable and nor acceptable.
Beneficiaries: Revolutionary and free high value educational delivery ideas.
Enemies: Bureaucracy, old hierarchies.
New Adjustments: How to become educated fast in world-class, profitable skills?

Special Forums & Events: Special event pushing special agenda; in order to fully appreciate global age knowledge, thinking and execution, high-power special events designed to assemble the best thought leadership, debates and discussions on all frontline issues explore how and why they are succeeding in their targets.
Beneficiaries: New global agenda setting.
Enemies: Old conference models.
New Adjustments: How to get spot light and bright ideas to boost your market position?

Online World: With 3 billion online users understanding of the new art of online behavior management applicable from sales, connectivity and relationship to social patterns of consumption will create brand new standards demanding new and special skills.
Beneficiaries: Small and innovative talent from the farthest corners.
Enemies: Cement structure based retail.
New Adjustments: The mega opportunities are hidden in masses but if you can connect?

Summary: The most significant part of the 15 Monster Trends is they collide like old jalopies creating massive junk but some coming out on the other side like a brand new shinny formula cars. These are amazing just times, packed with mega opportunities…just be prepared

Special Note:

AARM is conducting high level Exclusive Executive Briefings on 15 Monster Trends of 2015, led by Naseem Javed, and highly pertinent in-depth webinars and special seminars in various vertical markets. If your organization is being impacted by some of the above monster trends kindly drop me a line and I will send you pertinent information on the right events.

Robert T. Stacey, President AARM

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