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Three Self-Imposed Pitfalls of New Sales Managers

Often “paperwork” like CRM systems, HR concerns, and other administrative requirements take precedence. Additionally many new sales managers are inundated by their sales team with fires to put out. Few new sales managers find themselves “ahead of the curve” – proactively coaching their team. These institutional obstacles are difficult for an individual manager to avoid […]

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Three Mystifying Misperceptions about Sales Training


If you believe that sales training works, and it shouldn’t be considered unless you think it does, then most sales training is a bargain when compared to the increased probability of – closing more business, closing better business, or closer business sooner. This misperception persists because it’s easy to calculate the money saved if you don’t […]

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Account Development: The Missed and Abused Opportunity

For private companies, acquiring a new customer involves serious investments of time and money. Success rates are generally low. Competition is fierce. So isn’t there a better way of gaining new business, to avoid committing significant expenditure which, too often, benefits neither suppliers nor buyers? There is: optimised account development, whereby existing customers are ‘courted’, […]

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How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book!

Top salespeople and the most successful managers recognize the importance of nonverbal communication in the selling process and have learned to “listen with their eyes.” They understand that one of the easiest and most effective ways to close sales is to be aware of their prospect’s “buy signals”.

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The Truth About Lying

Some people can’t tell a lie, others can’t tell the truth and unfortunately, most people can’t tell the difference. Whether you’re an attorney selecting a jury, a manager interviewing a new agent or a salesperson making a presentation, your ability to quickly and accurately discern the truth greatly enhances your effectiveness.

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