Be What You Desire

You know that feeling of resistance and friction that sometimes (or often!) makes its way into our experience?

It’s when something in our experience — a circumstance, an issue — is not as we wish it would be. We resist it, we try to change it, we feel the friction. Ultimately, we may feel frustration when what we’re trying to change outside of us resists our efforts to change it! Usually, it arises again and again, in stubborn cycles.

This is definitely not a strictly conceptual or intellectual issue for me. Like many people in Western Culture, I was trained to look outside of myself for the things I wanted to experience or feel in my life. Ultimately, I’ve learned that this ‘outside in’ approach is a perpetually losing proposition.

So what’s a person to do — you want something in your experience, something outside of you, to be something other than it is, and not only does it not miraculously morph into what you truly desire, it actually seems to become even more of what you don’t want to experience!

There are two sayings that we hear a lot — so often that we might not see them for the tremendous wisdom that they offer to us:

1. What we resist persists or becomes more potent (martial artists know this very well).

2. We must be the change we wish to see in the world.

When we’re in resistance, we’re in a very strong focus on what we do not want, or what feels ‘wrong’ to us. This creates a tension and constriction which stems the flow of inspiration and Higher Guidance. What we resist persists or even grows.

The real metamorphosis, the real change, comes not from trying to manipulate or change what’s around us so that it conforms to our desires. It comes from ceasing the resistance, allowing what is, and then going within, and transforming or transmuting what’s within us. This is not just our co-creative power; ultimately, it’s exactly what our Highest Self is all about.

The psychotherapist-visionary Carl Jung said that what remains unconscious within us gets reflected by our experience that happens around us. Our experience is our mirror; the situation, Life, is our guru. When we’re separated from our Highest Self, our Highest Guidance and all that is, we feel that things happen TO us.

When we connect with our Highest Guidance with the intention of expressing our Highest and most authentic Selves, we come home to the realization that our experience mirrors or reflects to us our inner ecology, our inner landscape or state of being. Everything around us is speaking to us, like the Angels who whisper over each blade of grass, ‘Grow, grow…’ (the Talmud).

Through the practices of conscious thought, mindfulness, and energy work, we begin like archaeologists of the soul and energy field to go within and release the old thought and energetic patterns that run like programs in and through us. We transmute and transform them. And we liberate the authentic Self, our authentic Divine nature, so that it can shine, express, and draw to us a different quality of experience. We change our experience by changing it first within us, energetically and vibrationally.

This is what it means to be the change we wish to see. This is what’s meant by ‘the power of the Word (vibration).’

So if we want more abundance but are focusing our thought, words, and energy on lack and scarcity (even as we might be diligently saying affirmations), we transform the thought and energy patterns within us. We find the abundance within us so that it might be freed to express in our experience.

If we want a different quality of experience to express in our relationships, we go within, find that quality, release what obstructs it or is addicted to dramas, and we free it to express in our relationship.

And so on, in our work, in our friendships, in our community, in our financial affairs. We stop resisting what is — and thus stop giving it power — and we accept the opportunity to be the Alchemists in our own lives by transforming things at the energetic and inner levels.

Yes, there are things that happen in the world that are part of greater patterns, and ultimately what happens on the collective is simply a reflection of what’s happening within a majority of people. It’s the predominant ‘inner state’ being reflected by what happens around us. Yet we also have an enormous power within us that shapes our perceptions and what we co-create in our experience.

As Gandhi said, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – but in being able to remake ourselves.”