6 Ways Business Owners and Hiring Managers Can Reach Passive Job Seekers

It is an unfortunate fact of corporate life. The best job candidates are often the hardest to reach. The men and women most likely to have the skills needed to do the job are also the ones most likely to be already employed.

While reaching out to the long-term unemployed may be the socially responsible thing to do, from a business perspective, reaching those who are actively employed often makes far more sense. But how do you get to those passive job seekers, qualified individuals who are already working but would be happy to leave for a better opportunity?

If you want to reach those passive job seekers and convince them to join your team, you need to think outside the box. Traditional job fairs and hiring events may not be able to reach the already employed, but here are six alternative ways to find them and bring them on board.

  1. Job fairs in publicly accessible locations — The passive job seeker is unlikely to attend a traditional job fair, so hold your hiring events in public spaces like shopping malls and outdoor plazas.
  2. Radio advertising — Just about everyone listens to the radio, including the actively employed. Since so many people listen to the radio at work, this is a particularly good way to reach those passive job seekers.
  3. Social media outreach — Social media is a great way to reach passive job seekers, so focus on targeted ads and postings that highlight your company and its career opportunities.
  4. Build your brand — If you want to reach the best candidates and capture the passive job seeker, you need to make your company one for which they want to work. Focus on building your brand and making your company attractive, and job seekers will beat a path to your door.
  5. Engage with a recruiter — A professional recruiter can help you reach out to those passive job seekers, so look for pros who know where to find the best candidates.
  6. Build a strong network — Most people find their jobs through networking, but the relationship runs both ways. Networking can be just as valuable for employers, so focus on making yours the best it can be.

Finding the best candidates is not always easy, especially when unemployment rates are low. If you want the best candidates to fill your job openings fast, you need to think outside the box, moving beyond the local unemployment office and reaching out to the passive job seeker as well. The six strategies listed above can help you reach those job seekers, so you can find the best staff members and move your company to the next level.