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Leading is learning ... and learning faster! Here are several new releases and excerpts, the latest refresher book reviews and the best business books and resources - and there are many more in the archives!
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The CEO Refresher Reviewers


  Better Under Pressure

Better Under Pressure
by Justin Menkes

  The Rowers' Code

The Rowers' Code
by Marilyn Krichko with Jane Rollinson

  Look at More Look at More
by Andy Stefanovich
  The Amazement Revolution The Amazement Revolution
by Shep Hyken
  Enchantment Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
by Guy Kawasaki
  The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs
by Carmine Gallo
  The Next Level The Next Level
by Scott Eblin
  The Smart Swarm The Smart Swarm
by Peter Miller
  Open Leadership Open Leadership
by Charlene Li
  Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit Exceptional Service Exceptional Profit
by Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon

by Emily Nagle Green

  Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer Taming the Search-and-Switch Customer
by Jill Griffin
  Upstarts! Upstarts!
by Donna Fenn
  I Love You More Than My Dog I Love You More Than My Dog
by Jeanne Bliss
  Just Listen Just Listen
by Mark Goulston
  Master Leaders MASTER LEADERS
by George Barna
  Maestro Maestro
by Roger Nierenberg
  The Power of Strategic Commitment The Power of Strategic Commitment
by Josh Leibner, Gershon Mader and Alan Weiss
  Strategic Customer Service Strategic Customer Service
by John A. Goodman
  Chaotics Chaotics
by Philip Kotler and John A. Caslione
  Take Their Breath Away Take Their Breath Away
by Chip R. Bell and John R. Patterson
  Marketing Metrics in Action Marketing Metrics in Action
by Laura Patterson
by Jim Seybert
  Running with the Rhinos Running with the Rhinos
by Christian Warren
  Human Sigma
by John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund
  Radical Careering Radical Careering
by Sally Hogshead
  Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins
by Annette Simmons
  Customer Service Made Easy
by Paul Levesque
  Big Vision, Small Business
by Jamie S. Walters
  Hit the Ground Leading!
by Angela Mondou
  Chief Customer Officer
by Jeanne Bliss
  The Must-Have Customer
by Robert Gordman with Armin Brott
  Exceptional Selling
by Jeff Thull
  The Innovation Killer
by Cynthia Rabe
  The Laws of Lifetime Growth:
by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura
Stand Out in Any Crowd!
by Sam Horn
  Kiss Theory Good Bye
by Bob Prosen

Best Books



The Best Business Books
of All Time!





Uncommon Meetings
Uncommon Meetings - 7 Quick Tips for Better Results in Half the Time
by Ann Latham
How many total hours are you and your employees spending in meetings each month? What would it be worth to you if you could cut that time in half, dramatically improve the results, and reduce the number of attendees? Start saving that time and money now! Read this book today! Discover the: - Single most important rule for short, valuable meetings - One change that will make you a stronger meeting leader - Seven secrets to great results and finishing on time - Techniques to double the value of each attendee - Criteria for canceling meetings - Reasons most meetings are slow and painful despite having agendas. Don't attend another meeting without reading this book!
Managing the Mobile Workforce
Managing the Mobile Workforce: Leading, Building, and Sustaining Virtual Teams
by David Clemons and Michael Kroth
In the global marketplace, people can work practically anywhere and anytime. Managing the Mobile Workforce shares stories about organizations that have taken the risk to unleash—literally—their workers from the chains of daily commutes, 9-to-5 business hours, and the same old cubicles they have sat in day after day, year after year, and even decade after decade. The authors deliver rock-solid guidance on the essentials for building, leading, and sustaining a highly productive virtual workforce.
Likeable Social Media

Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)
by Dave Kerpen
The secret to successful word-of-mouth marketing on the social web is easy: BE LIKEABLE. A friend’s recommendation is more powerful than any advertisement. In the world of Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, that recommendation can travel farther—and faster—than ever before. Likeable Social Media helps you harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing to transform your business.

The Elements of Power

The Elements of Power: Lessons on Leadership and Influence
by Terry R. Bacon
Power is a complex combination of one’s knowledge, expressiveness, history, character, and attraction, as well as one’s resources, position, network, and reputation. The Elements of Power examines how people use and lose power, how power works in organizations, and the relationship between power and leadership. Complete with a handy self-assessment, this fascinating book is an essential tool you can leverage to motivate, influence, and inspire others.

The Branded Mind

The Branded Mind: What Neuroscience Really Tells Us about the Puzzle of the Brain and the Brand
by Erik Du Plessis
In this, his second book, du Plessis explores what scientists have uncovered about the structure of the brain and how different parts of the brain interact. He investigates developments in neuroscience and neuromarketing and what lessons this holds for brand managers. What bearing do these developments have on current theories of consumer behavior? How can brain science contribute to marketing and brand-building strategies?

Better Under Pressure

Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others
by Justin Menkes
Drawing on in-depth interviews with 150 CEOs from an array of industries, Menkes shows that great leaders strive relentlessly to maximize their own as well as their people's potential and possess three cornerstone attributes: (1) Realistic optimism, (2) Subservience to purpose and (3) Finding order in chaos. Personal and practical, this book is a potent resource for aspiring, emerging, and seasoned business leaders alike. Most mindful! (ed.)

The Rowers' Code
The Rowers' Code: A Business Parable of How to Pull Together as a Team--and Win!
by Marilyn Krichko with Jane Rollinson
Based on an overwhelming response to more than a decade of successful workshops, The Rowers’ Code brings to life the authors’ unique perspective on organizational team-building, drawing on proven, real-world results. The Rowers’ Code dramatically portrays one company’s intense experience and presents a simple, actionable set of truths about teamwork and communication that can be applied to every workplace scenario to supercharge performance. Great read! (ed.)
Full Engagement

Full Engagement - Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People.
by Brian Tracy
Business success expert Brian Tracy shows managers how they can supercharge their employees' efforts. Packed with powerful, practical ideas and strategies, this eye opening guide explains how to: unlock the potential of each person; motivate and inspire employees to peak performance; trigger the 'X Factor' that maximizes productivity; drive out the fears that hold people back; create a high-trust work environment; set clear goals and objectives; and, recognize, reward, and reinforce in a way that energizes every employee. Practical and actionable! (ed.)

Leadership is Dead
Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It
by Jeremie Kubicek
This book shows that the key to effective leadership is learning how to influence in a way that engenders greater trust, stronger partnerships, and more impactful endeavors. Testimonial from Stephen R. Covey sums it up nicely:
“Leadership is Dead effectively reveals that lasting power and influence stems only from a servant/leader mentality based on timeless principles and true character. This remarkable book is a bold jolt of CPR to a failing heart.” Excellent book! (ed.)
Knock 'em Dead