We all know that the quality of our communication is hugely important, but I guarantee that it affects a whole lot more than you might guess.

Take a look at these questions and see what comes up for you:

Are your interpersonal interactions as smooth, pleasant, and effective as you'd like them to be, or not?

Are you reaching the clients you'd prefer to reach?

Are you manifesting in your life the experiences (or quality of experiences) that you'd like?

Is your leadership catalyzing inspired 'follwership', or not?

Is your group 'running smoothly', aligned with shared vision, or hitting snags and friction?

The quality of your communication affects all of these, and more.

We're all communicating, all of the time. In fact, everything communicates (or in the language of some traditions, 'Everything speaks.").

But what are we communicating, and how are we coming across? These are the questions that begin to lead us into more authentic, skillful communication. Communication -- inner and outer -- has a huge effect on what we manifest and the quality of our interactions and life.

In general, communication includes both the words we use, and also how we show up -- our way of being, or our manner, if you will. This is a form of nonverbal communication.

There are three broad categories of communication: inner, interpersonal, and external or macro-communication. These each have their own effect on our experience, but let's explore them generally for the moment.

Let's say you're self-employed or a small-business owner who wants to communicate your message in a way that distinguishes you, draws aligned potential clients to you, and facilitates a certain quality of life,
and work.

You would define your macro-communication messages, according to your vision and intentions, and then look at how that defines not only what you communicate via your web site and other modes of communication, but also the way you show up in the smaller communications along the way. You define the latter by the results, or effects, you want to experience.

The same is true whatever your role -- you have a sense of wanting to show up authentically and effectively, and have a certain affect on others, or demonstrate the unique gifts and attributes that distinguish you, and so you get clear on an overall vision, which helps to define your macro-communication messages, which then filter through all of the ways you communicate and interact with others.

Along the way, you're tending your 'inner communication' because it's a wellspring from which the others come.

It sounds like a lot, but in truth we're already doing it. If we want different results, it's just a matter of redefining a few things and changing some habits until they're 'business as usual' for us.

Communication has always been a mastery path -- one of those areas where everyone thinks that they're 'a good communicator' and everyone else has communication issues. But if you're not experiencing relationships, interactions, manifestation, or marketing, etc., the way you'd like to be experiencing them, it's an indication that you have opportunities to refine your mastery in communication.

And what's exciting about that is that you CAN do something about it, which isn't always the case when it comes to others' behavior.

And even more fortunately, it's one of those areas where even as you practice toward greater mastery, you begin to notice the positive effects in various areas of life and work. And there is a definite sense of reward, satisfaction, meaning, and even joy in that!