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Ivy Sea was founded by Jamie Walters, and guides and inspires individual and organizational clients on how to vision clearly, communicate skillfully, and release what's not working to move themselves or their groups — and often both — to new heights and potentials. » Read More
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The strength of our relationships depends on the congruence between what we say that we believe and then how we act day-by-day. Trust, loyalty, and affection are strongest when the gap between espoused and lived values is minimal. Our values are more real when we make the choices that support those principles.
Seasoned leaders know the importance of balance. But finding the right balance doesn’t mean moderation in all things. Rather it means being versatile and flexible. It means using the appropriate mix of various ingredients to help people grow and blossom. Great leaders have the wisdom to know what actions are needed and necessary to achieve success.
I ran a quick poll recently where I asked people to fess up and admit whether or not they read business email on Sunday. The idea came to me while reading work email on a Sunday afternoon and over 80% in my quick poll said they did, too. What about other bits of ageless wisdom that are really just garbage? I've come up with a couple, you can add to them as you see fit.
The course of entrepreneurship varies greatly. There is no one road to get there. But along the way, there are some fundamental building blocks, some critical milestones that go beyond the tactical measures of business growth and success -- the personal elements of satisfaction that help motivate and validate your decision of entrepreneurship, those things that cannot take away.
Short questions get you long answers. Long questions get you short answers. It is up to you as to the approach you want to take, but if you want to actually learn something about the customer’s needs, you will get there quicker by asking short questions
No company grows by cutting expenses or staying on the "bunny slope." They grow by improving their productivity, business acumen, and overall ability to manage risk. Remember that all things being equal, the higher the risk you can effectively manage, the higher the ultimate gain you can realize.
So many successful people spend the majority of their time on one area of their life where they excel, but perpetually feel unfulfilled. With this in mind, Riley offers these 9 methods to help high achievers tap into the other 90% of “who they are,” beyond “what they do,” and realize greater life balance, joy and fulfillment in kind.
Setting a goal, for example, to be more efficient, seems like it makes sense and certainly feels good. However, it pays to determine if that goal is actually going to get you what you want. Otherwise, you may just end up with a dead light bulb.
Are you doing whatever it takes to keep up? Are you willing to tear down a 1960’s-era mall and replace it with one of today’s hot new shopping developments? Stay ahead of the trend or risk being squashed by it.
No matter if studying for a master’s degree in management, have recently graduated, or have been working in the field for years, situations that you have never dealt with before are sure to arise. To help, we have gathered the top 30 management forums and message boards. They are frequented by everyone from students to the CEO and have loads of real life experience to draw from.


We've all had it happen, I'd guess: an encounter with a Vision-Zapper. A new client had a heart-wrenching experience with one version of these Vision-Zappers (they don't mean to vision-zap, they just don't know any better!). Thankfully, she recognized that something was wrong with that picture and followed the shining breadcrumbs back to her heart's fiery passion and a vision that could take off because of it! Lucky for me, I got to help her do that. How cool is that?

Read the full scoop about her 'vizion zap' experience & find other vision-friendly things at Ivy Sea Online.
I am a passionate advocate of customer service and have a very strong point of view. The only outcome that matters is to create very positive and very memorable experiences for your customers. It's the "Wow!" factor! This article will provide inescapable reasons why it is so, and will also reveal the secret of how to measure it with just six simple questions!
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