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What does great performance look like?

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How to get training to stick!

Most training is a waste of the valuable time, expense and talent of the trainers and participants. For training to 'stick' it must be 'real' and live in terms of tangible behaviour, directly and immediately applicable, and carried out with an immediate feedback loop to fully engage the learning process. The most effective training is also fully aligned with strategic and operational priorities.

Pilot training 'sticks' and it is conducted in a classic demonstration, performance and feedback loop. The instructor clarifies the objectives and relevance of the exercise and then demonstrates perfect performance. The student pilot then executes the sequence of maneuvers. They then debrief and identify the areas of strength and weakness and carry on. The purpose of the training is fully aligned with the shared mission of the student's mastery of flying the aircraft.

In a retail setting training will stick when you go beyond knowing what the seven steps of selling are to experiencing how - consultative selling, product knowledge and wardrobing skills - can affect add-on sales and customer service - and increase UPTs and average sale and therefore - total sales. Support the process with a personal performance management mechanism and have the training executed by direct line management in the field and you then have the makings of a breakthough in performance.

We can help you execute training that 'sticks' and has an immediate and significant impact on sales. Our training focus is: front line selling skills, personal performance management, customer obsession, developing high performing teams, and developing leaders of leaders - all very clearly grounded in increasing sales and your bottom line.

The preferred approach is to join your organization in a senior line management role and lead change from the 'inside,' implementing more effective training processes that are fully aligned with your strategy and objectives, and focused on achieving significant, sustainable and measurable results.

On a project basis we can offer one or two day sessions on the following key topics: Customer Service and Selling Skills; No Sale is Ever Final and Service Recovery; Coaching Leaders of Leaders for multi-store supervisors; High Performance Performance Management; The Perfect Store; and the High Performance Team Meeting Model.

Also stay tuned for a High Performance Retail adventure in e-learning. We are developing a set of self study e-learning courses for certification as a High Performance Retail Superstar.

High Performance Retail is about the implementation and execution of proven best practices for breakthroughs in performance, where breakthroughs in performance are defined as: significant and sustainable increases in sales and bottom line profits; accompanied by aligned, positive and committed people; and exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers.

What does great performance look like?

High Performance Retail

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