Helping clients succeed!

We believe that all businesses and organizations can create a more mindful and profitable future by developing high performance cultures that unleash the creativity and talent of people.

We can help you create a high performance culture and implement proven best practices to achieve significant and sustainable increases in sales and bottom line profits, accompanied by aligned, positive and committed people, and exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers.

We offer full time, contract, interim, consulting, performance improvement and training services.

This is not business as usual!

We work from a very strong point of view - with words like product driven, customer obsession and empowering your front most and customer facing associates for great performance!

We work very directly and on 'the inside' with a 'hands-on' approach to facilitate learning, immediate knowledge transfer, and immediate impact on performance.

We create learning experiences for your people that result in very positive and memorable experiences for your customers.

Why are we special?

We have many years of experience leading retail enterprises to breakthroughs in performance.

We have deep knowledge in all aspects of retail operations and finance, and of the best practices for retailing today.

We have a hands-on and direct line management approach to all we do - it's practical, actionable, real and is always grounded in measurable results.

Our High Performance Retail approach and processes deliver significant and sustainable improvements in performance.

We have an exceptional network of partners we can bring to the party to assist in your growth and development.

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work.

The bottom line?

What does great performance look like?

  • significant and sustainable increases in sales;

  • aligned, positive and committed people;

  • exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers;

... for a more mindful and profitable future.