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The CEO Refresher has been an on-line source of executive intelligence and insight for over ten years. We have grown from a very local newsletter to an international journal of leadership with many excellent new articles every issue and over 2,800 articles in the Archives.  The CEO Refresher is brain food for business and is a portal to the best thinkers on the planet. Click through to the Insight/Thought Leaders' web sites, the most mindful blogs, the best books and the hundreds of links to the very best web sites and services. We also have several exclusive and very special offers for our members.

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The subscription fee is $40 USD to April 30, 2012. (On May 1, 2012 we will launch a new business model for the site.) Click through the 'subscribe' link above to create your user name and password and you can select from a variety of secured payment options with PayPal.

We will continue to pursue new and exclusive offers for our members that are congruent with mindfulness, leadership and learning. The latest benefits and exclusive offers will be listed on this page. Members can access the exclusive links and any required coupons or codes to confirm a referral from The CEO Refresher at the Member Benefits page here - .


Access to The CEO Refresher Archives
Members will have immediate access to over 2,800 articles in the Archives. Take a tour of The CEO Refresher Archives by clicking through the Index or the list of Topics on the sidebar. Your membership allows unrestricted access to view, print, and reproduce the articles for your personal and non-commercial use, including use for educational and training course materials, and for communication within your organization. Please respect all copyrights by reproducing the articles in full without modification, including the authors' bio and contact information.

Free eBooks
Subscribers have immediate access to download several eBooks including:

1001 Ways to Wow Your Customers
This 162 page eBook will take you on an adventure to “get” what’s possible when customer service becomes strategic to your success. Aside from simply being the “right thing to do” in the sense that being “of service” is a virtue and reward in itself, “wowing” your customers – creating positive, memorable and emotional experiences for your customers – will create superior returns on all financial performance dimensions. Loyal, raving fans and advocates of your product (service, offering) are your most profitable customers today. Having more of them will serve you well. We hope you will be inspired to engage your people to create your unique 1001 ways to wow your customers and achieve your breakthrough in performance. You can read the introduction and table of contents here - .

The Leadership Imperative
Originally published as a series of articles on creative leadership in The CEO Refresher, The Leadership Imperative is now available as an eBook in pdf file format. This 43 page collection of 14 articles will “twist your head” a bit to provide a more engaging and more mindful understanding of what great leaders can do to inspire and create breakthroughs in performance. You can read the introduction and table of contents here - .

Pilot Performance
Pilot Performance was originally published as a series of articles on creative leadership in The CEO Refresher and is now available as an eBook in pdf format. This 37 page collection of articles explores a metaphor for business leadership based on techniques in aviation and the performance of pilots. The metaphor of executing with skill and precision in “turbulence” seems particularly relevant within the challenging environment we face in business and organizations today. You can read the introduction and table of contents here - .

Michael Shenker's Short Story of Personal & Organizational emPOWERMENT: Creating Company Environments that ROCK
Michael Shenker has written a most engaging and inspiring story of one CEO's journey to enlightenment. The story was featured in The CEO Refresher in ten issues through 2008. You can buy the book directly from the author, or get it free with your subscription to The CEO Refresher

Feature your work on The Mindful Network
Subscribers to The CEO Refresher can become authorized authors and contributors to The Mindful Network - a new publishing platform to create a more mindful and profitable future. You can use The Mindful Network as your personal publishing platform to reach a growing international audience of viewers. The Mindful Network is here - .

Priority to contribute articles to The CEO Refresher
Members also receive priority to have their articles featured in The CEO Refresher, subject of course to editorial guidelines, relevance and publishing lead times. The longer term goal is to only feature articles submitted by members - the product of a growing Mindful Network. We will also publish the best articles contributed to The Mindful Network in future issues of The CEO Refresher. Please also visit for information on how to contribute articles.

Free setup of a Resumes 24/7 account
Members will receive a free setup of a Resumes 24/7 account - a $19.95 USD value. Get your resume online all the time, and stand out from the crowd, with a Resumes 24/7 resume website. Select from one of many professionally designed website templates, and create and update your website any time, from your web browser. This exclusive offer includes registration of your domain name, Resumes 24/7 account setup, and the first month of hosting. The special link for members is on our exclusive member benefits page here - .

An exclusive discount for bulk orders of these vital books for your organization.
Members will receive a 30% discount on orders of 28 or more these outstanding books. This is an opportunity to offer your superstars the latest and most mindful approaches to leadership and effectiveness. Each book is outstanding and will serve as a unique and memorable development experience for your leaders. Members can access these offers here - .

Hit the Ground Leading!
by Angela Mondou
Exceptional Selling
by Jeff Thull
Better Ethics Now
by Chris Bauer

Exclusive offers for the products and services of members
Members can submit special and unique offers for members! What a novel idea! Members have a common affiliation with their subscription to The CEO Refresher and we can use it as a platform for referrals and expansion.

A 50% discount for article editing services
The editors of The CEO Refresher will provide editing services at a reduced rate for members. Projects are typically quoted on a fixed price basis at a rate of $100 USD per hour. A 50% reduction in rate is available to members who require major editing to ensure their article is published. You can request editing services by contacting The CEO Refresher on the following contact page - .

Join now and go deep into the archives that have over 2,800 excellent articles on-line. It's brain food for business, learning about leading and supporting a great cause.


If you would prefer to pay by cheque please click through to our contact page, send an e-mail with "subscribe" as the subject or heading, and we will provide you the information to activate your subscription immediately.

Please note that there will still be free access to several articles in the Current Month Issue as well as to the CEOLinks, News, Conferences, and Recommended Reading pages. The Index by Author, Index of Archives, and Archive Summary Pages will also be public to highlight the breadth and depth of the content available however, viewing the articles in the archives and other special features will require a user name and password. You can create your unlimited access now by joining the Mindful Network and subscribing to The CEO Refresher.

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