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The CEO Refresher is brain food for business! Creative leadership - competitive strategy - leading change - performance improvement - insight - intelligence - mindfulness - interestingness - learning - and learning faster!
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Creative | Leadership | Competitive | Strategy | Performance | Improvement | Leading Change | Executive | Intelligence | Learning | Wisdom | Business | Brain Food


Insightful | Mindful | Creative | Authentic | Practical | Actionable | Relevant | Real | Creative | Imperative | Strategic | Ethical | Useful | Interesting | Stimulating | Important | Sublime | Mellifluous | Penultimate 


Just kidding ... but don't these guys look great sharing the big chair?


The CEO Refresher Editorial Board
Be large! Rick Sidorowicz
Editor and Publisher
BA, MBA, CFO, VP Ops, CEO, author, consultant, turnaround activator, change driver, leader, trainer, Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail, Moderator of The Mindful Network, Editor of 1001 Ways to Wow Your Customers - residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
"Hey Superstars! What does great performance look like?"
Show me the money! Ian Bullock
Contributing Editor
The Honourable Eminence Grise -  BS, ROI, CFO, mentor, developer of talent, consultant, author, eagle eye editor, wine connoisseur, investor & shareholder champion - residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
"Be mindful!"
Be the best! Darlene Pineda
Contributing Editor
Queen of Retail Operations, customer service specialist, all around problem solver, and Vice President - Retail Operations of High Performance Retail - residing in North Carolina.
"Rule #1 - Wow your customers! There are no other rules!"
Fly! Henry K.
Contributing Editor
BSC, MSG, Pilot, author, artist, actor, whale watcher, fly fisherman, tour guide, seasonal server and surfer residing in Tofino, B.C. Canada.
"Be a pilot or be a passenger. Just don't be baggage!"
The CEO Refresher Advisory Board
God don't make no junk! Buffalo Brains
Editor at Large
MBA, CFA, derivatives and bond specialist, venture capitalist, philosopher, author and astrologer residing seasonally in Toronto, Canada and Santa Monica, CA. 
"Thou shalt not be boring!"
Wow! Lucy Bovari
Editor, but not that Large
Emerging marketing and customer service guru and all round neat little person attending Wellesworth Junior School in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada. 
"Do something great!"
Why? Jane the Spy
Technical Advisor
Renowned master sleuth, author, poet and artist, last whereabouts residing in London, England.
"while i typically adore The Misunderstood, i am realistic enough to know it's usually because they mumble."
So? Julie Julie
Graphic Design
BSC, FCA, artist, graphic designer, student and dancer with several years of unrelated experience in fashion design, marketing and teaching English in Tokyo.
Design is everything!"

The CEO Refresher editors, advisers and support teams would like to thank our incredible contributors for their outstanding content, and thank our wonderful viewers for their continued support and encouragement.

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