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The Best Books of 2006
All of the book covers and reviews featured on the site are highly recommended as we only feature reviews and press releases of the books we believe are valuable. These are the best of 2006 as rated by the editors of The CEO Refresher.
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Best Books



The Best Business Books
of All Time!



Our criteria for the best books are mindfulness, creativity, clarity, simplicity, focus and 'actionable insight.' These books will 'twist you head' a bit and open your eyes and mind to what's possible. They may or may not be on the best sellers list yet, they should be, but trust that these works can inspire you to greatness. Enjoy! (ed.)

Hit the Ground Leading!
by Angela Mondou

I love it when the book cover breaks the mold and doesn't fit with convention. That's just the start of this amazing and inspiring adventure of leadership. This is an action-packed, head-twisting, edgy and powerful handbook that will show you how to lead your own adventure and turn your plans into reality. Hit the Ground Leading is 'actionable insight' and is a must read for all of your future leaders. This is one of the best leadership guides of all time, and we have added it to our Best Books of All Time. Thank you Angela for your excellent work!

Chief Customer Officer
Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action

by Jeanne Bliss
This book is absolutely brilliant! It may just twist your head to get beyond the feeble lip service to customer service that most enterprises experience today. It’s about reality and how to get the customer thing done beyond the crystal balls and anthems and big kick-offs. It's a play book of survive and thrive tactics from one who has very deep experience and knows. This is also one of the Best Books of All Time! Thank you Jeanne.
The Must-Have Customer
7 Steps to Winning the Customer You Haven't Got

by Robert Gordman with Armin Brott
The most important customer to consider is the one your business currently does not have. After reading this book you will have a crystal clear focus on what really works and what your mission needs to be. You will know the right questions to ask and will never again be bamboozled by your marketers, agencies or otherwise. You will focus on what really matters.
Exceptional Selling:
How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales
by Jeff Thull
This practical guide gives you the tools you need to take your sales game, your communication skills - and your career - to the next level of success. It's an outstanding book. It sets the new standard for all selling. Thank you Jeff for continuing to develop your outstanding concept of the complex sale, and how to achieve breakthroughs in performance.
The Innovation Killer:
How What We Know Limits What We Can Imagine - And What Smart Companies Are Doing About It
by Cynthia Rabe
This excellent book ranks very high on our scale of mindfulness and will take you through the perversions of "group-think" and the absolute innovation killing "expert-think" that are rampant and inevitable in most organizations today. The author proposes a most innovative solution - injecting "zero-gravity thinkers" to help people "escape the weight of what they already know." A brilliant book!
The Laws of Lifetime Growth:
Always Make Your Future Bigger than Your Past

by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura
This is an excellent little book. It's "little" in terms of being pocket sized for easy transport but very "large" in the actionable insight and wisdom the authors present. Keep this one with you, and you will welcome opportunities just to sit quietly and take in the engaging stories and timeless wisdom for personal success. Your next flight delay may transform into a very mindful adventure.
Stand Out in Any Crowd

by Sam Horn
Purposeful, Original, Pithy - this book is a gem! It's about ... inflection, cadence, juxtaposition, alliteration, correlation, metaphors, measurable sound bites, likabilty, stories, segues, sublime with rhyme, musing it or losing it, malapopisms, visual verbiage, alphabetizing, aha, idea equity and inspiration. Sam Horn certainly has a way with words, and her latest book will entertain and inspire while guiding you to make your products, services and ideas pop! This is such a great read!
Goal-Free Living:
How to Have the Life You Want NOW!

by Stephen M. Shapiro
Living without goals might be a bit of a stretch for most in business however, it does involve quite an intense focus on what really matters. Having a compass, being grounded in your values and who you are may well be a more rewarding outlook - being present and always open to possibilities. The author's stories are very enjoyable and meaningful. This one will leave you "up" and ready for adventure!
Kiss Theory Good Bye:
Five Proven Ways to Get Extraordinary Results in Any Company

by Bob Prosen
"At the beginning of the day, it's all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it's all about results." Achieving results is what Bob Prosen is all about and Kiss Theory Good Bye is a most comprehensive step-by-step manual for execution. Excellent work Bob! You've created an invaluable resource for all leaders of any size or type of organization.
Brand It Yourself:
The Fast, Focused Way to Marketplace Magic

by Lynn Altman
Winning the hearts and minds of the consumer is not as daunting or expensive as you might think. With hard work, common sense, and the powerful techniques in Brand It Yourself, your company can develop better branding ideas with less stress and wasted time. Lynn Altman shows you how to keep it simple, fast and most effective, and it's a very entertaining read! Thanks Lynn!
Customer Service Made Easy
by Paul Levesque
This excellent book is an instructional manual for creating a customer-focused culture in any business - and becoming a 'flashpoint business' - the place that's always jumping with turbocharged workers and lines of delighted customers, where employee and customer excitement catch fire and fuel each other. This is a must read for anyone who wants to go beyond lip service to customer service to make it real! Great work Paul! (ed.)
Keeper of The Flame
Keeper of The Flame: How to Inspire Others on the Cusp of Change
by Mike Lipkin
The author says it all: "In the New Normal, it's not good enough just being excellent. Excellence merely gives you the right to play. On the Cusp-of-Change, you have to be Brilliant. You have to be A Keeper of The Flame: Someone who goes first; Someone with a heightened awareness of her impact on others; someone who is her own best coach; someone in total sync with her environment; Someone embedded with the authority of both competence and character; Someone who inspires others to be their Personal Best; Someone like you. Someone like the person you will become. Or Someone like the person you need to rediscover." Please allow yourself to be inspired! (ed.)
Making Your Company Human
Making Your Company Human: Inspiring Others to Reach Their Potential
by Le Herron
Making Your Company Human explains how leaders can create a more successful organization where people enjoy and are turned on by their work. In a business climate where the excesses of some CEOs have driven a wedge between workers and management, the personal and organizational rewards of this book's philosophy can be tremendous. Rich in the timeless wisdom of an extraordinary leader, this book is a must read for anyone who aspires to help people experience more fulfillment, joy, and success in their work.
Just One Thing: Twelve of the World's Best Investors Reveal the One Strategy You Can't Overlook
by John Mauldin
In a world of squawking television commentators and garish headlines, who and what should we trust? Veteran investment writer John Mauldin offers his answer: take just the best advice, from the best investors, and discard everything else. Mauldin has solicited 12 leading investors for what each considers his most valuable insight or lesson over a long and illustrious investment career - the "one thing" he considers most important to investing - and gathered the tips for future generations of investors to learn.
The Daily Six: Simple Steps to Prosperity and Purpose
by John Chappelear
"There is never a wrong time to do the right thing." This is from the author's sixth step and the one phrase I've taken in deeply. The first five will also serve you well if you are struggling with a sense of life balance or purpose, or simply interested in new strategies and techniques of personal change - from the inside out. It's a quick and easy read if you want however, I suggest you plan some quiet time for reflection as you go. Great work John!
More for Less: The Power of Process Management
by Andrew Spanyi
With clarity and insight, Spanyi has penned the definitive guide for business leaders who are determined to deliver more for less to their customers and shareholders. This is the best source of contemporary thinking about business process management. It is written in a very clear and engaging style that will have you rise to a call to action to integrate your strategies, processes and metrics for improved performance.
Head, Heart & Guts
Head, Heart and Guts:
How the World's Best Companies Develop Complete Leaders

by David L. Dotlich, Peter C. Cairo, and Stephen H. Rhinesmith
The authors contend that the old leadership paradigm which focused on brains and strong analytic skills, is no longer enough to achieve long-term organizational success. Today's businesses need "whole leaders," people who possess a range of qualities in three major areas -- head (analytical abilities), heart (emotional intelligence), and - what is too frequently absent - guts (the willingness to take risks, based on strong beliefs and values).
Your Leadership Legacy
Your Leadership Legacy, Why Looking Toward the Future Will Make You a Better Leader Today
by Robert M. Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca
reviewed by Steven G. Lauck

Make no mistake you are leaving a legacy. It may be what you want to be leaving; it may not. If you are serious about leaving a positive legacy and having an impact on the legacies of those you manage, then use this book as a textbook. Do the exercises, write your legacy statement, and live your statement daily.
Lightning in a Bottle
Lightning in a Bottle: The Proven System to Create New Ideas and Products That Work
by Michael Reid and David Minter
The book is about Idea Engineering, and is revolutionary in that it contradicts the conventional idea-generating systems of the vast majority of today's corporations. David Minter and Michael Reid know innovation. For more than 25 years, they have contributed to the growth of such companies as Dole, Viacom, Sony and Einstein Bagels. Lightning in a Bottle is simple, and it works.
3D Negotiation
3-D Negotiation: Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals
by James K. Sebenius and David A. Lax
I thought that this book was going to be about negotiations. It's a lot more than that. After years of doing negotiations, I was skeptical that a new concept could emerge. I was very surprised by the concepts not because it was incredibly revolutionary, but because it had a lot of common sense. The book teaches business strategy and negotiations. It forces you to look at your business and focus on the right partners and business channels to be able to successfully negotiate. This book has been invaluable to me and would recommend it to any business person. Ms. Hyun Kim, President, Bynari Inc. Dallas, TX
Leadership: Best Advice I Ever Got
Leadership - the Best Advice I Ever Got
by Paul B. Thornton
Paul Thornton's latest book is a compilation of individual insight and wisdom. It describes the best leadership advice 131 successful CEOs, coaches, consultants, professors, managers, executives, presidents, politicians, and religious leaders received that most helped them become effective and successful leaders. It's a very quick and easy read filled with very poignant and inspiring stories. Great concept and truly valuable!
No Yelling
No Yelling: The Nine Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You Must Know to Win in Business
by Wally Adamchik
No Yelling draws upon the real-life experiences of those currently serving in the Marines and those now in the civilian sector to explain how anyone can incorporate the nine essential behaviors of Marine Corps leadership into their daily business life. The book includes more than 100 interviews with current and former Marines, and offers side-by-side comparisons of their application in military and civilian settings.
Suite Success
Suite Success: The Psychologist from 'The Apprentice' Reveals What it Really Takes to Excel - In the Boardroom and in Life
by Liza Siegel
Whether you're a fan of Donald Trump and The Apprentice or not, I think you will enjoy Liza Siegel's insights into the characteristics shared by leaders that achieve personal and professional success under severe competitive pressure. Her book highlights three key elements - optimism, creativity and resilience - and her stories of the contestants and their trials and tribulations are very insightful and entertaining. It's a great book! (ed.)

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