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The Best Books of 2001
All of the book covers and reviews featured on the site are highly recommended as we only feature reviews and press releases of the books we believe are valuable. These are the best of 2001 as rated by the editors of The CEO Refresher.
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Best Books



The Best Business Books
of All Time!


Big Vision Small Business
Big Vision Small Business
by Jamie S. Walters
Wow! We have a breakthrough in mindfulness and business! Big Vision, Small Business: The Four Keys to Finding Success and Satisfaction as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, is a thought provoking new book that celebrates the art - and power - of small. It is an inspiration and ''must read' for every entrepreneur and small business owner. It is also "very large!" It provides invaluable insight for every CEO and corporate executive on the issues of personal success, satisfaction, balance, authenticity, integrity, values, business growth and what is truly meaningful and important.
Now, Discover Your Strengths
Now, Discover Your Strengths
by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton
Marcus Buckingham, coauthor of the national bestseller First, Break All the Rules, and Donald O. Clifton, Chair of the Gallup International Research & Education Center, have created a revolutionary program to help readers identify their talents, build them into strengths, and enjoy consistent, near-perfect performance. At the heart of the book is the Internet-based StrengthsFinder® Profile, and the book contains a unique identification number that allows you access to the StrengthsFinder Profile on the Internet. With profound insights on how to turn talents into strengths, Now, Discover Your Strengths is one of the most useful business books ever written.
Managing the Unexpected
Managing the Unexpected: Assuring High Performance in an Age of Complexity, Vol. 1
by Karl E. Weick and Kathleen M. Sutcliffe

One of the great challenges any business or organization can face is how to deal with the unexpected. The authors look to high reliability organizations (HROs) -- aircraft carriers, nuclear power plants, firefighting crews, and others -- for the answer. HROs have developed ways of acting that provide a template for all organizations that want to be more reliable in managing the unexpected.
Leading High Impact Teams
Leading High Impact Teams: The Coach Approach to Peak Performance
by Cynder Niemela and Rachael Lewis
Coaching is a recent phenomenon in American business that is producing startling and dramatic results. From employees and bosses struggling with the pace of change in a shifting economy to companies grappling to meet demands from market forces that they can no longer predict, all are finding that coaching is the competitive advantage they need to stay ahead of the curve.
Good to Great
Good to Great - Why Some Companies Make the Leap … and Others Don't
by Jim Collins
For six years, Jim Collins and his 21-member research team studied 1,435 organizations to identify great business practices of organizations that continuously increased profitability and had global competition. His research provides several strategies that have helped organizations make the leap from good to great and will certainly be included the business courses that I teach. (Reviewed by Freda Turner.)
Business in the Fast Lane
by Tom McGehee
McGehee uses Whoosh to define a management structure that fosters innovation and growth for start ups as well as established corporations by removing some of the barriers of decision making and control of information for all workers.
No Feet in Concrete
No Feet In Concrete Breaks the Mold of Conventional Management
by John F. Boogaert
It is becoming increasingly impossible to be a successful manager using the same old attitudes, ideas and management strategies. No Feet in Concrete: Leadership in an Entrepreneurial World is a must read for anyone wanting to break out of the "management mold" and become a leader in today's rapidly changing world.
The War for Talent
The War for Talent
by Ed Michaels, Helen Handfield-Jones, and Beth Axelrod

Fortified by five years of in-depth research on how companies manage leadership talent -- including surveys of 13,000 executives at more than 120 companies and case studies of 27 leading companies -- the authors propose a fundamentally new approach to talent management.
Filling the Glass
Filling the Glass - The Skeptics Guide to Positive Thinking in Business
by Barry Maher
Barry Maher doesn't agonize over whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, his stated mission with this book is to tell us how to fill the other half of the glass. (Reviewed by Ian Bullock.)
Here Today Here Tomorrow
Here Today, Here Tomorrow - Transforming Your Workforce from High-Turnover to High-Retention
by Gregory P. Smith
Gregory P. Smith provides numerous suggestions on ways to turn an average organization into a highly productive, low-turnover environment where managers can focus on productivity - not recruiting and replacing an endless stream of workers. This book is a must read for all managers, coaches and HR personnel interested in strategic growth and higher productivity. (Reviewed by Freda Turner.)
The Healthy Scorecard
The Healthy Scorecard: How to Build Balanced Scorecards That Employees and Investors Will Love!
by Danielle Pratt
Danielle Pratt makes a compelling business case for linking employee health to organizational performance. It's not a technical book about employee health and safety. It's a practical management book about sustainable high performance. You will definitely get the link between employee health and business strategy.
Customer Winback
Customer Winback
by Jill Griffin and Michael Lowenstein
In this ground breaking book, Jill Griffin and Michael Lowenstein provide you with step-by-step solutions for winning back lost customers, saving customers on the brink of defection, and making your firm defection proof. It includes the techniques of hundreds of innovative companies who are already working to recapture lost customers and keep them loyal. In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, no customer retention program can be enitrely foolproof, but this guide gives you today's best methods for winning back those customers you simply can't afford to let go.
Toward Rational Exuberance
Toward Rational Exuberance - The Evolution of the Modern Stock Market
reviewed by Ian Bullock
Mark Smith's research transforms what might otherwise appear to be a dry treatment of historical fact into a fascinating narrative replete with cameo biographies of the colorful personalities that have both brought about, or caused the stock market to evolve from being a primitive insider's game to becoming the economic force that it is at the present time affecting a large proportion of the population, both directly or indirectly.
Taming the Dragons
Taming the Dragons:
50 Essays from the Corporate World

by Paula Gamonal
Powerful and seemingly unpredictable forces compel firms and professionals toward failure or success. Here are 50 ideas you can use to get the “Dragons” to work on YOUR side.
Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You!
Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs to Be Done
by Bob Nelson

Bob Nelson maps out a specific and easy-to-follow strategy for fulfilling what he calls "The Ultimate Expectation" at every workplace: that people will use their best judgment to figure out what needs to be done and then do it without having to be told.
Leadership Ensemble
Leadership Ensemble:
Lessons in Collaborative Management from the World's Only Conductorless Orchestra

by Harvey Seifter and Peter Economy

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has earned rave reviews as one of the premier musical ensembles in the world. Recently, it has also attracted the attention and admiration of the corporate world. As the only major orchestra that rehearses, performs, and records without a conductor, Orpheus is a shining example of a new management style based on collaborative leadership.
Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times
Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times:
Unlocking the Genius of Creative Collaboration

by Lisa Gundry and Laurie LaMantia
Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times presents a proven process for organizations to build teams that go beyond surviving to thriving. Whether a team's goal is charitable fund-raising or new product development, the book outlines 10 essential principles applicable to all teams.
Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction - Why Companies That Are Built to Last Underperform the Market -- and How to Successfully Transform Them
by Richard Foster and Sarah Kaplan
Turning conventional wisdom on its head, a Senior Partner and an Innovation Specialist from McKinsey & Company debunk the myth that high-octane, built-to-last companies can continue to excel year after year -- and reveal the dynamic strategies of discontinuity and creative destruction these corporations must adopt in order to maintain excellence and remain competitive.
Red Zone Management
Red Zone Management
by Winford E. (Dutch) Holland, Ph.D.
Red Zone Management is a down-to-earth explanation of why so many organizations, faced with making a step change to reach the next level, fall flat on their faces and end up in worse shape than they were before. Organizations that "fumble the ball" in the red zone often see momentum swing to their competition, leading to potentially irrecoverable losses. This book will help an organization's leaders recognize the red zone--and play to win. (John D'Angelo.)

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