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The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness
The Eighth Key: Excel
by Trenna Pennington


My employer had sent me into town on an errand; I was so focused on getting my task down that a light tap on my shoulder startled me.  I turned around to stand face to face with a man I hadn’t seen in town before.  His clothes were simple enough, he had graying hair, and his moustache and beard were neatly trimmed.  His face was wrinkled by time yet he seemed kind and had an aura of wisdom about him.  “I’m sorry I startled you.” He said. “I have noticed your loyalty and dedication to your employer.  I think it is quite commendable.” “Thank you sir, but my employer is quite demanding and I am thinking of quitting.” I replied.

“Son” he said “Let me share with you a key, this key is the eighth of fifteen and used together the keys will unlock your deepest dreams and greatest successes.  They will turn your desires into reality.  The only stipulation is that you must pass on the key to those you come in contact with.

Instead of quitting because there are obstacles to master and difficulties to overcome, just face the facts… life is just one long series of mastering obstacles and problems.  We grow stronger the more resistance we have.  A great man is always willing to learn new things about himself.  When you are pushed, tormented, and defeated you have a chance to sharpen your wits and shine in adversity.  Experience is irreplaceable, whether it is positive or negative.  Perhaps you are training for a race or you want to lose weight or you want to be healthier, the best way to achieve a goal is to set high standard, set a goal that seems unreachable.  Each day you train press yourself a little bit farther than the day before.  If you walked a mile yesterday walk ½ mile more today.  Under the resistance your body will become stronger and your mind will be focused and driven on attaining that unreachable goal.  This is to Excel in a particular subject, to go the extra mile.  You can do more then is expected of you.

Make it part of your daily routine to surpass all previous records in every aspect of your life.  In business you will make yourself invaluable to your employer and he will treat you as such.  If you give better service you will find that the world is willing to pay you according to your service level.”

Maybe I had not been doing my best.  I decided to give my job another try.  This time I would go the extra mile.  I will train others in my job and help them succeed. By helping them succeed I can help myself succeed.


The Author

The Lost Keys


Trenna Pennington is the CEO of Intrensic Integrated Business Solutions a growing business consulting firm in Canada ( She is also the author of "The World Wide What" a guide for Internet beginners originally published in 2002, as well as the "My life" series of health diaries, and The Whisper PALS series of children's books. Her most recent works are a series of articles dealing with "The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness". She is also the founder and executive director of The Welcome Inn Community Development Society.

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