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The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness
The Seventh Key: Discipline
by Trenna Pennington


Whether or not I was born with the proverbial silver spoon in my mouth, I can not say. I was born to well-to-do parents. When I was seven my father lost all his money and we all faced a new life in a strange country. My father had to try and make a "come back" at the age of fifty in a different land. I had the handicap of not knowing a single word of the native language. I was sent to school to learn, though the teachers were impatient and the other children were cruel. My father struggled to find work and my mother, who was used to having servants wait on her hand and foot, had to learn how to cook and clean. Everyday after school my sister and I did all the chores to help our ailing mother. Mother detested the life we were living, but my sister and I remained positive, knowing that we needed to work hard to have a better life. Every Saturday when other children would play, my sister and I were cleaning the neighbors' houses to earn extra money for food.

I worked at many different jobs throughout the years to get where I am today. Those around me may think I am rich and shallow, but I have experienced poverty and cherished its lessons. I can emphasize with the person going through it, but I would not like to go back.

I was in the market in Canterbury, shopping for some fruit for lunch when I met this man. We started discussing the fine, fresh produce the season had brought. We somehow got on the topic of success. He said that he wanted to share with me one of the keys to success. He then shared with me the seventh key of fifteen. "The keys used together will unlock your deepest dreams and greatest successes, make your desires reality." He said "The only stipulation is that you must pass on the key to those you come in contact with.

A person must live a balanced life. Enthusiasm and discipline must be equal. Enthusiasm is the quality that arouses you to act and discipline directs your actions in a positive manner. Be disciplined in every day tasks, such as closing your ears to gossip. Personally, I have developed the habit of "closing" my ears against idle talk that would make me resentful. Life is too short and there is too much constructive work to be done to justify us in "striking back" at everyone who says things that we don't like.

A person that is disciplined will not permit himself to be influenced by the cynic or the pessimist; nor will he permit another person to do his thinking for him.

A person that is disciplined will stimulate his imagination and his enthusiasm until they have produced action, but he will then control that action and not permit it to control him.

A person that is disciplined will never, under any circumstances, slander another person or seek revenge for any cause whatsoever.

A person that is disciplined will not hate those who do not agree with him; instead, he will endeavor to understand the reason for their disagreement, and profit by it.

On the other hand lack of discipline causes more grief than all other forms combined; it is the habit of forming opinions before studying the facts.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine a healthy body is as important as a healthy mind. Save money instead of spending it. That little savings account will attract many opportunities to you that would not come your way without it. The size of the account is not as important as the fact that you have established the savings habit, for this habit marks you as a person who exercises an important form of self-control and discipline.

Control your words and actions, for words are sharper then a sword, and most of all listen more and talk less. You are the only one who controls your thoughts; the power is yours for the taking. Dominate your thoughts with your passion and goals and they will become a reality. Start by saying to yourself, YES, it CAN be done. You are the product of at least a million years of evolutionary change. For countless generations preceding you Nature has been tempering and refining the materials that have gone into your make-up. Step by step, she has removed from the generations that have preceded you the animal instincts and baser passions until she has produced, in you, the finest specimen of animal that lives. She has endowed you, through this slow evolutionary process, with reason and poise and "balance" sufficient to enable you to control and do with yourself whatever you will.

No other animal has ever been endowed with such self-control as you possess. You have been endowed with the power to use the most highly organized form of energy known to man, that of thought. It is not improbable that thought is the closest connecting link there is between the material, physical things of this world and the world of Divinity.

You have not only the power to think but, what is a thousand times more important still, you have the power to control your thoughts and direct them to do your bidding! You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your own hands, and you may make use of it the moment you learn to control your thoughts. Place in your own mind, through the principle of Auto-suggestion, the positive, constructive thoughts which harmonize with your passion and goals in life, and that mind will transform those thoughts into physical reality and hand them back to you, as a finished product. This is thought-control!

When you deliberately choose the thoughts which dominate your mind and firmly refuse admittance to outside suggestion, you are exercising discipline in its highest and most efficient form. Man is the only living animal that can do this.

How does one go about controlling one's thoughts when in a state of intense anger? In exactly the same way that you would change your manner and the tone of your voice if you were in a heated argument with a member of your family and a stranger was walking up the path towards you. You would control yourself because you would desire to do so." When you find it necessary to cover up your real feelings and change the expression on your face quickly, you know how easily it can be done, and you also know that it can be done because you want to do it! In an instant you can change your thoughts.

Behind all achievement, behind all discipline, behind all thought control, is that magic something called DESIRE! In fact you are limited only by the depth of your desires! When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve. And when you reach your goals and are successful remember that someone, somewhere, sometime believed in you, and gave you an idea to start you in the right direction. You are indebted to life until you help someone less fortunate then you, to pay it forward."

I realized in that moment that I had been inspired by a neighbor I had cleaned for. She helped me believe in myself when others around me where falling apart. I decided I needed to fulfill my purpose and help other women like me who needed to be inspired. I started a women's' club where I could mentor others and help them find success and happiness.


The Author

The Lost Keys


Trenna Pennington is the CEO of Intrensic Integrated Business Solutions a growing business consulting firm in Canada ( She is also the author of "The World Wide What" a guide for Internet beginners originally published in 2002, as well as the "My life" series of health diaries, and The Whisper PALS series of children's books. Her most recent works are a series of articles dealing with "The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness". She is also the founder and executive director of The Welcome Inn Community Development Society.

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