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The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness
The Third Key: Abundance
by Trenna Pennington


My biggest regret is that I spent all of my money.  My father died when I was 20 and I inherited the family business.  I worked hard to make it profitable, and in the beginning my wife and I had little money, yet we had as much happiness in those days as I have ever had since.  The strange thing is that the experience of those days did not teach me the value of money.  After the birth of my first son I had the burning desire to make the business even more profitable.  I worked day and night to achieve this goal.  All the money, however, passed out of my pockets as easily as water flows through a filter.  The more I made the more I spent. Now I’ve lost it all.  So I decided to come on this journey to Canterbury to re-evaluate my situation for I am at a dire loss.

One afternoon I went to the market, the man beside me started up a conversation.  What he shared with me was the third key of fifteen.  “The keys used together will unlock your deepest dreams and greatest successes, make your desires reality.” He said “The only stipulation is that you must pass on the key to those you come in contact with.”  Now, I am sharing with you the key that I was given and the one that changed my life forever.

The world is filled with an abundance of opportunity for the dreamer,” he said. “Dream of abundance, fill your heart with desire to be wealthy.  Money is not the root of evil it is a person’s attitude which can cause destruction or abundance.

1.  Stay away from debt

Debt is like a big black cloud hanging over you head, ready to drown you at a moments notice. Almost all people who live beyond their means are tempted to speculate with the hope that they may recoup, at a single turn of the wheel of fortune, so to speak, their entire indebtedness. The wheel generally stops at the wrong place and they end up farther in debt then before.   No man can do his best work; no man can either create or carry out a definite purpose in life with heavy debt hanging over his head.  The man who is bound in debt will become depressed and set limitations in his mind and cause his own failures.

2. Start saving money.

No matter how old you are, if you can start saving a little money each day it will grow and grow.  Having money saved is like having an umbrella for that rainy day.

3. Give.

Giving a percentage of your income to a charity is going to bring sunshine into your life.  Everyone is capable of giving for what you get in return is far more valuable.

4. Volunteer.

Volunteering your time is like letting rays of sunshine warm your soul.  Wherever you are in life there is always someone somewhere worse off then you.

5. Smile and let the sunshine of happiness into your soul.

Smiles are contagious.  Smiling is an exercise that forces your mind to accept happiness. Try to smile at least five times a day.

These habits build up your character which attracts opportunities which in turn attracts abundance.

Every failure, every adversity, every heart-ache may be a blessing in disguise providing it changes the way you think. With abundance of health, unfaltering faith, unflagging energy, unceasing optimism, and unbounded confidence you can carry out your passion and dreams until they are a reality, even if you start late in life.   Realize that the only thing that can stop you is death.”

I took this key to heart and have experienced abundance in all aspects of my life.

One thing is certain: I have learned my lesson at last. I feel sure that opportunities will come my way and that my business will again be profitable. I live on 70% of my income.  10% for savings, 10% for giving and 10% for debts and when my debts are gone I will have 15% for savings and 15% for giving.  Over the entrance to my business I placed the sign:


If I allow myself to feel depressed over my past, or filled my mind with worries, I would not be capable of attaining abundance.  Besides, I would be ungrateful to my Maker for having endowed me with wonderful health all my life. Is there any greater blessing?


The Author

The Lost Keys


Trenna Pennington is the CEO of Intrensic Integrated Business Solutions a growing business consulting firm in Canada ( She is also the author of "The World Wide What" a guide for Internet beginners originally published in 2002, as well as the "My life" series of health diaries, and The Whisper PALS series of children's books. Her most recent works are a series of articles dealing with "The Lost Keys to Success and Happiness". She is also the founder and executive director of The Welcome Inn Community Development Society.

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