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Ten Hot Tips for Stretching a Tight Training Budget
by Frank J. Troha


If you are a training and development professional on a tight budget, chances are you can stretch it further by applying one or more of these 10 tips.

1. Contact area colleges about training related services they provide to profit and non-profit organizations. Some colleges offer a full-range of design, development and delivery services, including customized distance learning, at reasonable rates.
2. Consider hiring independent consultants instead of big-name consulting firms. Seasoned independents tend to be more efficient, insightful and much less expensive than the teams of junior-level consultants often assigned by large firms.
3. Know the fundamentals of instructional design. This discipline is indispensable for efficiently creating or purchasing training that will meet or exceed audience expectations while minimizing expense.
4. Collect, organize and make available to everyone in your organization lessons learned and standard operating procedures. Electronic performance support systems (EPSS) are vital.
5. Use your organization's strategic plan and highest priorities to identify audiences whose performance is most crucial to your company's success. Then, to ensure your resources are optimally leveraged, base all training on objective needs assessments.
6. If your organization is implementing a complex enterprise application (e.g., CRM/ERP), be sure that you provide (1) change management training (2) end-user training and (3) on-the-job performance support (i.e., EPSS). Skimp here and you are sure to pay a lot more in the long run.
7. Mentoring, coaching and now e-learning are all being used to get more bang for the training buck, and all can work. However, if you are new to e-learning, do your homework and start small. For a free how-to report, write to:
8. Look into state grants even if you work for a profit organization. Corporations receiving grants for employee training include Aetna, Sears and Verizon.
9. Think increased market share and determine what employees need to do differently to attain it. If you can clearly link employee development to business-growth strategy and tactics, you are likely to get the funding needed.
10. Resolve to continuously search out, develop and apply innovative ways to train effectively with limited resources. Periodically consult the Internet, colleagues, trade publications and professional associations.


The Author


Frank J. Troha, Ph.D., is an independent corporate learning design consultant, instructional designer and author. He is also adjunct associate professor of instructional design at Fordham University Graduate School of Education, New York City, where he teaches corporate human resource and training professionals. His e-mail address is: . Web: .

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