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Teambuilding - Keep it Simple!
by Rick Sidorowicz


Life is complicated; business is complex; we’re dealing with multiple competing priorities, divergent interests, virtual realities, turbulence and rapid change. Try on this very simple set of groundrules for team management and leadership for performance and results - and keep it simple!

1. The past is the past!

Let’s not dwell on what you did wrong, or even what you did right, for too long. It’s going to be obsolete soon anyway!

2. Let’s learn!

What did we learn from what worked and what didn’t work, and what do we have to get better at to succeed tomorrow?

3. Keep your commitments!

Do what you said you would, and don’t make commitments you can’t keep.

4. Park your ego!

Subordinate your ego and ambitions to the goals and betterment of the team. Period.

5. Create a vision!

Establish a vision of what you want and communicate it as simply as possible, over and over, until it is clear to all who have to understand and be guided by it.

6. Recognition!

Create special events to make people feel that their efforts are appreciated, that they are an important part of the initiative, that they have contributed and are instrumental in making things happen.

7. Get the facts!

Get the information needed to make intelligent decisions quickly and take calculated risks.

8. Don’t tolerate incompetence!

There is no time to spin wheels with incompetents and there is no room for ‘ballast’. Deal with it!

9. No one is incompetent!

There are no incompetents - only misguided individuals. Lead them!

10. Trust!

Surround yourself with individuals that are trustworthy. The only way to create trust is to trust. Having trust and confidence creates trustworthiness and self confidence.

11. Keep it simple!

You want teamwork - give the team work, and hold them accountable for team performance!


The Author


Rick Sidorowicz is the Publisher and Editor of The CEO Refresher and the Minister of Culture of High Performance Retail.

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