60-Minute Strategic Plan
by John E. Johnson and Anne Marie Smith
reviewed by Steven G. Lauck, PMP

60 Minute Strategic Plan is a great business book! As the back cover states ". an innovative planning and problem solving system." It is 147 pages that engage both the logical left-brain and the creative right brain to develop and implement a workable strategic plan. I really see it as a complete workbook.

The authors have put together a workbook that actually takes the drudgery out of planning. The material is laid out well; it is entertaining, instructional, and informative. The material is presented in a building block method; each chapter builds on the previous, and is filled with samples, examples, and provides a sample company to illustrate actual execution.

In the preface the author mention working with entrepreneurs and how a quick planning tool was needed, given the tremendous time commitment required building a business. I can see how this workbook can reduce the time commitment to strategic planning. Please don't think this is a shortcut, it is not. The book will get you focused as you complete the exercises.

In summary, while this book was an output from working with entrepreneurs, or what we think of as small business people. I can see the flexibility of using this workbook to tackle most, if not all, business issues in any department of any size company.

60 Minute Strategic Plan
by John E. Johnson and Anne Marie Smith
December, 2006

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