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No, by Jim Camp
A Refresher Review
by Gail Bradney


Did you know that showing up for a negotiation with a pen that’s out of ink can give you a subtle advantage? So can coming to a meeting without a creative power point presentation. And if you want to achieve the best possible outcome in a negotiation, invite the other side to say “no” to your proposal.

These are some of the counterintuitive ideas found in the newest book by world-renowned negotiation pro Jim Camp, called NO: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home (Crown).

In his previous business best-seller, Start with No, Camp challenged the prevailing win-win school of negotiation made famous by “getting to yes” and its imitators. His big idea, then and now, is that negotiating based on feel-good emotions, assumptions, and compromises will get you demolished at the negotiation table.

Camp’s “No” method takes an ethical, unemotional, highly structured, and disciplined approach to any type of negotiation, and provides a step-by-step way to achieve the best possible outcome for your side every time.

Camp’s pro negotiation model is taught in MBA programs from Harvard to NYU. Now he's updated it in NO so that ordinary readers—spouses and parents, college kids and recent grads, employees and tradespeople—can readily learn and apply the same principles and techniques he's been teaching to high-powered business executives for years.

Each chapter includes “test drives”—short exercises that help you apply a concept or practice a principle; a “3-minute checklist” to review what you’ve learned; and real-life examples that illustrate how the system works in a variety of situations. Readers also learn:

  • How to control emotions that sabotage success
  • Worst negotiating habits and how to break them
  • Questioning and listening skills that give you an edge
  • How to quickly recover the advantage if you screw up
  • How to know when to give up and walk away
  • Two tools—the Check List and Log—that help you manage every negotiation
This is a smart, eye-opening book that is highly useful, whether you’re involved in a negotiation with a client or a kid.

The Author


Jim Camp is an internationally sought negotiation coach and trainer, and author of NO: The Only Negotiating System You Need for Work and Home (Crown), the revised and updated version of his critically acclaimed business book, Start with No. As president and founder of The Camp Group (, he has coached individuals, companies, and governments worldwide through hundreds of negotiations worth billions. His negotiation model is taught in MBA programs from Harvard to NYU.

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