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Laura Patterson is a recognized Insight/Thought leader in marketing metrics, improving marketing performance, and enhancing marketing and sales alignment to accelerate revenue  and create a competitive advantage.
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The Business of Marketing:  Enabling Marketing to Drive Revenue Growth and Market Share
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

A number of recent studies suggest that many CEO’s view marketers as lacking in business credibility.  When you begin to peel the onion you learn that marketers are stymied by the lack of management support when it comes to making investments to add or improve processes, skills, and tools. This article identifies three things every marketing organization needs to run like a business and support the organizations market share, revenue, customer acquisition and customer value growth goals.

CABs and TABs: Market Research Vehicles Ideal for Every CEO
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
What can a CEO or a company's leadership team do to affordably keep a pulse on the market and stay in tune with customer needs and wants? Create customer and technical advisory boards - CABs and TABs. These boards, which are comprised of outside experts, can provide the necessary insight company's need into broader issues and critical forces affecting the market.

Creating and Using Marketing Key Performance Indicators
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

CEOs, COOs, and CFOs often use Key Performance Indicators as a way to measure the performance of various parts of the organization. These members of the C-Suite have all begun to turn their attention to how to measure the contribution of marketing beyond producing “leads.” This article explores what constitutes a good KPI and five steps for establishing KPIs for marketing.

Listen to the Voice of the Customer and Reap the Rewards
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

The premise of VoC is to collect and analyze customer data to transform an organization into a truly customer-centric operation.  This article explores how to use VoC research to acquire business insight about customers and what is important to them in order to enhance the customer experience and ultimately the bottom line. The article outlines the steps for conducting VoC and the business benefits.

Improve Performance and Revenue with Marketing Automation
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

Both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organizations invest in marketing automation platforms as a way to make their marketing organizations more efficient. This article explores how marketing automation helps improve performance management and revenue and factors for making the investment payoff.

How Vulnerable are Your Customers?
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

How vulnerable are your customers to competitive pull? While there are many approaches for measuring customer loyalty, this article suggests and explore one metric that many organizations should consider tracking - their Vulnerability Index.  Read this article to learn how to calculate your vulnerability index and why you care.

Make Marketing Count in 2011
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

According to Forrester, Forbes Insights and others, more companies will expand their marketing budgets in the coming year, with one very important caveat, marketers will need to justify the spending, prove the effects of marketing campaigns, and demonstrate program success…or risk losing budgets. This article recommends key performance management steps the CEO and marketing should take to improve visibility into marketing’s contribution and value.

Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment to Accelerate Revenue
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

For many CEOs, revenue and growth are among the top concerns, especially in the current economic environment.  This article defines opportunity management, presents six best practices for improving sales and marketing alignment, explains the importance of using the customer buying process as the foundation for improving alignment, and the steps for aligning marketing and sales around the customer buying process. 

How the CEO Can Help Develop a Customer-centric Measurable Marketing Plan
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

One of the most critical budgets and plan for any organization, regardless of size or industry, is the marketing plan and budget.  Sadly many firms take a cavalier approach to their marketing budget and planning. This article recommends three areas of guidance the CEO can provide the Marketing organization to support the development of a customer-centric measurable marketing plan.

Strategy: The Critical Link between Marketing Objectives and Programs
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
Most organizations are very careful when it comes to spending marketing dollars, but sadly far too many businesses are not careful when it comes to one of the most important steps related to marketing effectiveness – strategy.   This article offers criteria for strategy selection and recommends next steps for strategy development and evaluation. 

Expect More Than Leads From Your Marketing
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
If you’re like many B2B CEOs, you probably expect your marketing team to at least monitor and report on three demand generation metrics:  cost per lead, lead volume and lead quality.  If this is the case, you may want consider some alternative or additional metrics.

Does Your Marketing Organization Measure Up?
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
This article shares some of the results from the ninth annual marketing performance management study, four key areas every marketing organization needs to improve, and six steps any organization can take to shore up their marketing performance management and measurement skills.

Using Touch Point Effectiveness Analysis to Improve the Customer Experience
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
We have found that companies truly focused on improving customer engagement do at least two things:  they identify all the key touch points a customer has with their company, measure their effectiveness and use them to create a map of the customer experience.  This article provides key steps to create your touch point inventory and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your touch points.

Leveraging Actionable Customer Data for Revenue Growth
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
As the CEO, you probably have already chartered your marketing team to collect relevant customer-related information. But does your marketing organization have the ability to analyze this information in a way that provides your sales organization and leadership team with valuable insights into customer behavior?  This article explains the value of customer analytics and outlines three steps needed to leverage your customer data.

Gaining Insight into Marketing Results – The Value of a Marketing Dashboard
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
If you are interested in being able to quantify how effective your marketing is, the impact marketing is having on customer acquisition and customer retention, and whether marketing is increasing the share of wallet for your customers, it may be time to ask marketing to develop a marketing dashboard.  This article outlines the five initial steps any organization can use to begin to develop their marketing dashboard.

Anatomy of a Measurable Marketing Budget: Acquisition, Retention and Value Growth
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

One of the critical housekeeping items that comes with fiscal year planning is the budget for each of your organization’s primary functions, including the marketing budget.  This article offers a new approach for developing the marketing budget based on the roles of marketing.  Eight steps are outlined that the leadership team should expect their marketing people to take to help align and budget marketing programs more closely with business results.

Marketing Audits Lead to Improved Marketing Performance
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

Is your marketing organization as effective as you would like it to be and achieving what you want? The purpose of the marketing audit is to determine where the marketing function is excelling and where there might be opportunities for improvement.  This article explores the value of a marketing audit, what an audit entails, what to audit, and three key steps for conducting a marketing audit.

Put an End to Flying Blind: A Ten-Step Process for Creating a Go-to-Market Tactical Plan
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

Many organizations can achieve substantial growth by entering a new market with a well thought out and flawlessly executed plan.  It’s surprising - actually alarming - at how many organizations attempt this strategic endeavor without a Go-to-Market (GTM) plan and end up flying blind into new territory.  This article outlines a ten step process any size company can use to successfully create a GTM plan to enter a new market. 

Avoid Letting Marketing Outkick the Coverage
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

Business like football is a team sport. Players must work together to execute well-orchestrated plays in order to succeed. There are a number of football metaphors used in business and one often forgotten involves outkicking your coverage which exemplifies when an overly strong player can be harmful to team performance.  This article looks at ways to make sure marketing doesn’t get too far ahead of the rest of the organization.

Using Marketing Metrics to Create a Competitive Advantage
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

This economic and competitive environment makes metrics, performance management and knowledge sharing across the enterprise even more critical for every organization. This article highlights the disconnect between Marketing and the C-Suite perception of Marketing’s value and contribution, identifies five areas where with the CEO’s leadership Marketing can transform into a performance-driven organization.

Six Bull Riding Lessons For Businesses
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
What does bull riding have to do with business?  The most dangerous and probably most popular rodeo event, bull riding is an exhibition event designed to demonstrate the cowboy's prowess and ultimate superiority.  As any bull rider knows it takes mental toughness to outsmart the bull. This article outlines six fundamental steps deployed by bull riders that any company can apply to improve their success in today’s dynamic environment that can make all the difference in whether a business" stays in the money" or “lands in the mud.”

Bolster Revenue with Win/Loss Analysis
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
In today’s environment something any company can do to bolster revenue efforts but many fail to do is conducting win/loss analysis.  When done well, win/loss analysis provides clarity and insights into customers’ perceptions, experience, and expectations and contributes to product development, marketing, and sales strategies and initiatives.  This article explains the value of win/loss analysis and the steps associated with conducting win/loss analysis as way for any organization to improve its competitive advantage.

Four Processes to Supercharge your Marketing Organization’s Performance
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
As the chief executive officer for your company, you play a critical role in changing the way your marketing organization manages and measures its performance.  A focus on marketing performance and the rigorous assessment and measurement of marketing investments impacts your company’s ability to achieve its business results.   This article outlines four processes any organization can deploy to supercharge marketing performance.

Benchmarking to Improve Marketing Performance
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
Nearly every CEO we’ve worked with is interested in improving his/her organization’s performance in two key areas:  effectiveness (the ability to produce the desired result) and efficiency (reducing waste). The economic environment makes these efforts even more top of mind. This article explores the value of benchmarking, identifies marketing capabilities and processes that can be benchmarked, and outlines the five phases associated with a successful benchmarking initiative.

Embracing Sustainability to Boost Sales and Increase Loyalty
by Laura Patterson and Jay Thabet
Sustainability.  Green. Environmentally-friendly.  Whatever we call it, it is top of mind.  This article identifies eight steps a company should take to make sure its “green’ efforts are successful in terms of increased sales and customer loyalty.  The article recommends metrics associated with these two business outcomes that will help a company monitor whether their sustainability efforts are paying off.

Tune Your Marketing Organization for Peak Performance
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
For the corporate leadership team, especially the CEO, the rubber hits the road when it comes to achieving performance targets.  This is why performance management is so important to the CEO and leadership team. Without performance management, the organization will not understand how success is measured.  The time is right to apply performance management to marketing.  This article offers insights and suggestions for how the CEO can tune the marketing organization for peak performance. 

CEO as the Top Data Dog
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
Fact-based decision making enables a company to shift from intuition and emotion driven decisions to data-driven decisions. By deploying a systematic approach to data and data analysis, the CEO and the leadership team can acquire the necessary information and insights needed to understand the challenges and opportunities facing a business and use these insights to enhance decision making and set a course of action.

Marketing’s New Imperative – Engagement
by Laura Patterson
As products become more commoditized, switching costs decrease, and differentiation based on product features becomes more difficult, companies are exploring how to use customer engagement as a competitive advantage.  This article defines customer engagement, outlines three steps for creating engagement, and offers six elements that should comprise the foundation for measuring customer engagement.

Marketing's Critical Role in Pipeline Growth
by Laura Patterson
Today's big challenge is to reduce the ever-increasing length of the sales cycle. As the length of the sales cycle increases, so does the demand for a larger pipeline. Marketing plays a critical role in contributing to the pipeline. This article outlines four steps marketing organizations can take to effectively and efficiently contribute to pipeline performance and the generation of revenue.

Ten Marketing Measurement Questions Every CEO Should Ask
by Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing

Marketing has a better chance of success when the CEO takes a role in insuring that the marketing function is aligned with the overall direction of the company. This article explores the role the CEO plays in the establishing the success factors and metrics for marketing and provides 10 questions CEOs should ask their marketing leadership.

Making Demand Generation Measure Up
by Laura Patterson, VisionEdge Marketing
Marketing must design demand generation initiatives that help businesses attract better customers. This article offers five immediate steps any company can take to improve its demand generation prowess and suggests marketing metrics that should be monitored to ensure demand generation programs measure up.

Product Portfolio Management
by Laura Patterson

When implemented effectively, product portfolio management improves organizational alignment and performance, reduces waste, and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. Product portfolio management gives the leadership team valuable insight into how existing and new products are positioned to increase their company’s revenue.

Applying Six Sigma to Marketing to Grow Revenue
by Laura Patterson

By applying Six Sigma to marketing, you can develop an efficient marketing workflow, identify leading indicators of growth and become proactive about performance improvement. Six Sigma provides both a methodology for process improvement and a way for marketing to prove its value.

Improve Marketing and Sales Alignment and Your Company's Revenue
by Laura Patterson

This article explores how to integrate the traditional sales funnel with the customer buying process to create customer-centric opportunity management, improve marketing and sales alignment, and ultimately your company's revenue.

For more information, go to  Laura’s newest book, Marketing Metrics In Action:  Creating a Performance-Driven Marketing Organization, provides a useful primer for improving marketing measurement and performance.

VisionEdge Marketing enables organizations to leverage data and analytics to facilitate marketing accountability and operations, measure and improve marketing performance, develop dashboards, and enhance marketing and sales alignment in order to accelerate revenue  and create a competitive advantage. For more information, go to

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