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Social Media
It's large! It's huge! It's here. Reality, virtual reality, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Second Life, Flickr, Club Penguin, Webkinz and more. What's up and what's next?
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What Social Media Isn't
by Jamie Turner and Reshma Shah, Ph.D.

Traditionally marketers focus their energies on what people think about their brands. But contemporary marketers focus their energies on how people engage with their brands—online, in stores, at home, and through other channels. Social media is a big, complex subject and the best way to understand social media is to start by talking about what social media is not.

SOCIAL Business Intelligence
by Ashish Gambhir, EVP, newBrandAnalytics

Social Business Intelligence --- the intersection of real-time customer feedback with business intelligence ---- is the sweet spot from which brands can most effectively leverage online feedback for operational, marketing, and strategic insight.

Is Social Media For Business a Waste of Time?
by Michaela St. Onge

Lately, it seems that not a day passes without a mention—be it positive or negative—of social media causing some kind of stir in the business world. Along with such a social media business surge, however, has come a deluge of questions: Are the results really worth all the time and effort? Are companies actually gaining new business by engaging in social media? Is social media just a trend or is it here to stay?

Motivations: For Love, Glory, or Money?
by David L. Rogers

The biggest cause of failure in network collaborations is likely a misunderstanding of the customer's motivation. Thomas W. Malone, Robert Laubacher, and Chrysanthos Dellarocas of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence describe the motivations for network collaboration as love, glory, or money. These three categories can provide a good starting point for understanding why customers choose to collaborate. 

Nine Strategies to Tie Your Social Media Efforts to Sales and Customer Service
by Louis Columbus, Cincom Systems
Social media is enough to make any Marketing VP think they’ve found the Promised Land. Online global communities with easy access, no cost to participate and literally millions of people and companies joining every month, driving traffic estimates to the stratosphere. With so much potential to improve each marketing, selling and service process, it is better to take the time and define a set of goals first. The following strategies have proven to be successful at helping companies do just that.

Social Media Outsourcing Guide – How to Choose the Right Social Media Consultant for Your Business
by Kristina Jaramillo
With the strong emergence of social media in the internet marketing world, every Tom, Dick and Harry has come out saying they are social media experts. If you do not ask the right questions you may wind up spending thousands of dollars and get no results.  That’s why I created this guide to help you choose the best social media consultant for your company.

Seven Ways to Use LinkedIn to Mine for Talent
by Sherrie A. Madia, Ph.D.
If you're still using recruiters to find potential job candidates, it's time to join the 21st century and get on the social media train! Namely: LinkedIn. LinkedIn just keeps getting better and better--and continues to attract more professionals looking for employment and lucrative or beneficial contacts in the business world.

Facebook: Positively or Negatively Changing Our Lives
by Steve Yuen
The bottom line is that everyone is using Facebook today. The debate therefore is whether this development is positive or negative. The one thing that is not up for debate however is whether Facebook is truly changing our lives. Here are four different areas in which this has happened or is underway.

Five Guerrilla Marketing Weapons That Helped Increase My Business Without Spending Any Money
by Michael Tasner
The end of 2009 and into 2010 was proving to be a very difficult year for my company, Taz Solutions, Inc. a web marketing, strategy, PR, and design firm. I discovered that the old ways of doing business were just not working in the "new economy. Rather than simply lowering the prices, I knew I needed to think outside the box. I decided to turn to the most well known marketing brand in history; Guerrilla Marketing.

Five Easy Ways to Build Your Digital Reputation
by Fauzia Burke
Social media has given us great ways to protect and build our digital reputations. Today we have the ease of searching conversations, the ability to set alerts to help us monitor our names, the constant availability of learning opportunities and more ways to communicate and interact with others.

The Social Media Bill of Rights
by Michael Fertik and David Thompson
It is time users took back control of their online privacy. ReputationDefender presents this draft Social Media Bill of Rights to provoke thought about how social networking sites -- like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others -- should treat users and protect privacy. We strongly believe that social networking sites should recognize and grant each of these rights to users in an open and transparent way.

Retailing in Second Life: The Evolution of Branding in a Virtual World
by Edward Vintner
The Second Life economy is significant and shopping and retailing - buying and selling "stuff" - is a key element of the in-world experience for most residents. And just as in the real world, retailing in Second Life is evolving and spans a wide spectrum from the most hap hazard "flea markets" to more sophisticated and focused branding. Here are some of the "realities" of virtual reality.

Using Apps in Web 3.0 Marketing
by Michael Tasner

These software tools, add-ins and fun programs will help increase the relationship building among your prospects/clients, aid in the experience your prospects/clients receive, make communication easier and faster, and help with the fun factor in your marketing.

Real Time Web for Old Time Books: The Benefit of Social Media for Publisher and Authors
by Fauzia Burke

Real Time Web was coined to describe online activities in real time -- from status updates on Facebook, to microblogging on Twitter to uploading photos and videos on other social media sites. Although you may cringe when considering the personal implication of searching your updates and Twitter feeds, you can't deny the benefits to publicity and marketing.

The Top 10 Reasons Professionals are Staying Off Facebook … and Why They Should Join Anyway!
by Robbie Kellman Baxter

People ask me all the time why I spend so much time on Facebook—and I tell them that it’s good for business.  Look at who’s using it most—people just out of college and people on the cutting edge of technology—VCs, entrepreneurs, industry analysts. It’s obvious that it is the way we will be communicating in the future.  So you might as well figure it out now.

The World According to Twitter
by David Pogue

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue has tapped into the brilliance of his half-million followers on Twitter by posting a different, thought-provoking question every night. Here is an excerpt of one his questions and a sample of the many "tweets" in response: Question: Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don’t want to read. Read on and enjoy!

Cutting Edge Internet Success: Marketing and Self-Promotion Through Newly Popular Internet Tools
by Maggie Sutherland
Stepping outside one’s comfort zone is a must for adequate business promotion, by investing in such free growing Internet resources as blogs, podcasts, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  And contrary to common beliefs, these applications do not just appeal to the young. In fact, studies show that the fastest growing demographic in these areas are persons aged 25 years or older.

Lessons Learned from Second Life
by Dr. Tracy Tuten

Second Life and other virtual worlds have enormous branding opportunities. In terms of social media, virtual worlds really are communities in the most literal sense, and it is the level of interaction and engagement that creates such a strong platform for branding. Here's how to capitalize on it.

Here are two articles from The Mindful Network on the topic.

5 Top Tips for Using Social Media to Help Launch Your New Business
by Rick Mathieson
Author of The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World

Workplace Communication Trends for 2010
by Suzanne Bates
I've been scanning the internet for 2010 workplace predictions and it's got me thinking about how all these trends are going to change the way we communicate. It's my birthday - and I remember when you needed a carbon copier between two sheets of paper in a typewriter to make two copies of my television scripts. Since I'm going out on a limb with predictions I'll expect someone to haul these out next year and see whether I was right.

Here are links to excellent articles and videos. Enjoy!

Design Outside the Box
Jesse Schell dives into a world of game development which will emerge from the popular "Facebook Games" era. (Brilliant!!!!)

How to Make a Splash in Social Media
In a funny, rapid-fire 4 minutes, Alexis Ohanian of Reddit tells the real-life fable of one humpback whale's rise to Web stardom.

How to Start a Movement
With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started.

The Hidden Influence of Social Networks
Nicholas Christakis explores how the large-scale, face-to-face social networks in which we are embedded affect our lives, and what we can do to take advantage of this fact. (Wow!)

Will We Tell Others About Your Contest?
Seven takeaways for when you create your viral contest, sweeping your organization out into many conversations.

What’s the Next Big Thing for the Internet?
After social networks, what next?

Google's Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years
Google CEO Eric Schmidt envisions a radically changed internet five years from now: dominated by Chinese-language and social media content, delivered over super-fast bandwidth in real time.

Revealing the People Defining Social Networks
Brian Solis has compiled these useful stats about the major social networking sites including 30-day traffic, gender, age, income, # of children, and education level. If you're doing any online marketing, you'll find what he's done extremely valuable. One thing you'll notice is that women are the majority users of most sites.

The Web as Random Acts of Kindness
Feeling like the world is becoming less friendly? Social theorist Jonathan Zittrain begs to difffer. The Internet, he suggests, is made up of millions of disinterested acts of kindness, curiosity and trust.

30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter
Oops! You're fired!

How Twitter Can Make History
The end of top-down control of news is changing the nature of politics.

Social Advertising Best Practices
Social media is big and getting bigger, providing marketers with a combination of reach, relationships, and relevance.

Cool New Things You Can Do With Your Mobile Phone
New York Times tech columnist David Pogue rounds up some handy cell phone tools and services that can boost your productivity and lower your bills (and your blood pressure).

The Next Web of Open, Linked Data
20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he's building a web for open, linked data that could do for numbers what the Web did for words, pictures, video: unlock our data and reframe the way we use it together.

The Wild, Wacky World of Web 2.0 Communications
Very interesting sildeshow from Steve Kayser.

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