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Creating Company Environments that ROCK!
Michael Shenker has written a most engaging and inspiring story of one CEO's journey to enlightenment. The story unfolds in ten chapters. Enjoy! (You can also download the complete eBook here.)
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A Short Story of Personal and Organizational emPOWERMENT: Creating Company Environments That Rock!
by Michael R. Shenker

Chapter 1 - Universal Truths
Next to my family, business is my life. One of the things I learned a long time ago is that if you want to be successful in life you have to first be successful in business and to be successful in business you have to go after what you want and not quit until you get it. No one is going to do it for you and no one is going to help you along the way. Life is difficult, full of obstacles and only the strong survive. I am a survivor.

Chapter 2 - Creativity vs Competition
Opening the door at precisely 8 AM, Myron broke out into his pirate laugh and cheerfully welcomed me in, "Ah, good morning lad. Anticipating your promptness, I have already prepared some tea for us.” He looked up at me slyly as I entered, “How have you and Mr. Wattles been getting along?" I sighed, "Myron, why in the hell do I need to know all this just to read this book?"

Chapter 3 - The Quest for a Worthy Ideal
The week seemed to fly by and before I knew it I was walking up to Myron’s front door. I took a deep breath and knocked. The door opened a few moments later and there stood the strange little man who I have started to become so fond of.

Chapter 4 - Gratefulness
The week was hectic with the usual challenges of running a thriving company and family obligations which always seem to play second fiddle to business. Yet, with all of my responsibilities and time challenges, I still managed to read the Wattles book and think about my Worthy Ideal.

Chapter 5 - Expectation & Non Resistance
Before I left last week, Myron told me that today’s lesson would both lighten my load as well as expand my horizons which would be welcome information to say the least. Although I have tremendous responsibilities and most of the time I’m under a lot of stress, all-in-all I have a great life. My company is successful, my wife and I have two beautiful, happy children, I have great friends and I have good health. So I have to ask myself, why is my relationship with Myron such a boon to my existence?

Chapter 6 - Personal Freedom
On the drive over to Myron’s house I was tempted to pull out my cell phone and cancel our meeting due to the foul mood I was in, but that little voice inside kept nudging me to keep my appointment. I find it funny how difficult I can be at times. I swear, I fought myself all the way up the brick walkway to Myron’s front porch until I finally called it a truce and knocked, once again, at precisely 8 AM. The door opened and Myron greeted me with a big friendly smile.

Chapter 7 - Passionate Leadership
After six weeks of Myron, six weeks of The Science of Getting Rich, seven days of TB and a comprehensive study of the Four Agreements, I was really ready to rock. My wife, kids and co-workers have all commented on my calm demeanor and upbeat attitude. What’s really cool is that I’m starting to work out again and instead of getting up a couple of times a night I’m sleeping straight through until the alarm goes off.

Chapter 8 - Measuring Up
Finding what he was looking for, he turned from the desk and I could see he had a sheet of paper in his hand. He looked at it briefly and said, “Alright Robert, irrespective of which side of the ledger they’re on, circle the following items that most accurately fit your company. This will help to serve as a baseline measurement of where you are today.

Chapter 9 - The Mastermind
I followed him into the house and as I took my usual place on the sofa, Myron disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a tray that contained our traditional pot of tea and two cups. He set it down and poured us each a cup. Handing me mine he said, “Today Robert, we’re going to discuss a process for implementing what you have learned over the last nine weeks into your organization. Are you familiar with the concept of mastermind groups or teams?”

Chapter 10 - Daily Formula for Success
Today is bitter sweet. Although I’m enthusiastic about Myron sharing his personal formula for success, our time together is coming to an end. I came to Myron because of my inability to understand and absorb the meaning of a particular book and now as Myron promised, I not only can understand the book, I could probably write one of my own.

The Author

Michael Shenker, Human Performance Technologies’ founder and President, has been involved with the human potential movement for over twenty five years. He has been a business management consultant, an entrepreneur and has been involved in all phases of personal and organizational development. Michael's clientele ranges from individuals interested in personal growth to Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Bell Labs, Intel, Planning Research Corp., Pitney Bowes and Coldwell Banker. In his career, Michael has consulted to over 150 companies on organizational development, marketing, sales and creating profitable work place environments. Michael, his wife Susan, of thirty years, son Troy and daughter Samantha reside in Portland, Oregon.

The concepts and ideas in emPOWERMENT, Creating Company Environments That ROCK, exemplify the services provided by Michael Shenker and his organization. He specializes in working with business leaders in developing company environments that dramatically increase the ROI of human capital - their employees. For a free consultation, Michael Shenker can be reached by e-mail at .

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