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Here are several excellent articles, white papers and research reports featured on The CEO Refresher. They are indeed very "special" in terms of their actionable insight.
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Strategy and Operations in the Enterprise: Closing the Alignment Gap
from Forbes Insights
Enterprise executives clearly agree that aligning strategy and operations is essential to their companies’ success, but many organizations still face significant barriers that may prevent them from achieving this. Executives on both sides of the strategy/operations aisle are concerned that strategic priorities may be out of sync with operational realities, in particular in critical areas such as risk management and talent allocation and retention.

Leading Through Crisis: Powerful Insights for Today’s Leaders
from Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions
Do you have the courage to take on this challenge and help your organization successfully navigate through this downturn? If you are ready for the leadership challenge, then read on. We present below our top seven leadership strategies for leading decisively and positively through crisis.

Optimizing Channel Partner Relationships
by Stephen M. Dent
Channel partners — those companies that help you bring your company’s products and services to market — are critical for business success. They can help you open the door to new business opportunities faster, at lower cost, and with lower risk than a merger or acquisition. Clients are asking us how they can understand which of their channel partners can best help increase profitability and how they can assess which channel partners have the most potential for a closer, more strategic relationship.

The Role of the Sales and Operations Planning Coordinator
by Colleen Crum and Robert Tearnan

Sales and Operations Planning is an Integrated Business Management process through which the executive team continually achieves focus and alignment between all of the functions of the organization.

Innovation Behind the Scenes
by Phil Samuel
Business enterprises thrive by creating unique value for customers and by generating wealth for shareholders. We know this. What’s not so well known is that creating value is a cyclical activity that can be managed and optimized with an enterprise-wide performance excellence system. Such a system guides the interplay of several key aspects of value creating: innovation, operations, improvement and the management of processes, products and services.

The Radical 1000 Research
from Hogshead Media

Early this year, we interviewed over 1,000 modern professionals around the country about how, and why, they succeed. And wow, did people have some surprising things to say. Today's rising stars have a different mindset about success. They represent a new breed of professionals who adapt to rules that change every morning, and again by lunchtime.

Looking Beyond Reports: Maximizing Shareholder Value in an M&A
by Jackie Bassett

Ensuring a successful mergers and acquisition (M&A) outcome means going beyond what board members see on the financial statements. The CEO and executive team are faced with many challenges and an onslaught of time critical deadlines. Read how to help ensure a successful outcome in an M&A.

Sales and Operations Planning - an Executive Level Synopsis
by George Palmatier
Sales and Operations Planning is an Integrated Business Management process through which the executive team continually achieves focus and alignment between all of the functions of the organization.

The Science of Service
by Daniel L. Hernandez

There is no magic bullet for achieving higher customer loyalty, but applying a scientific methodology to your marketing strategies will go a long way in preparing you to become more responsive to your customers' context. But it's not for the feint-of-heart!

Forecast Measurement and Evaluation
by George Palmatier

As companies improve planning and control the issue of forecast accuracy always surfaces. How should we measure forecast accuracy? How good a forecast should we expect and how can we measure the effectiveness of our demand plamming process?

The Leadership Imperative: Building Successful Companies that Change the Way We Do Business
from Lionheart Consulting, Inc.

We care about this leadership journey so passionately for one reason: humanity is suffering deeply due to a lack of wise leadership. We believe it is imperative that we learn a new way.

It’s Time to Change
by Andrew Spanyi
To succeed in today’s business world, CFOs need to take a broader organizational view — beyond just the numbers — and become much more involved in shaping and executing strategy and creating value.

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