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Customer Relationship Management
The disciplines of CRM, the best practices, metrics and performance measurement, call and contact centres, surveys, the voice of the customer, first call resolution, customer experience, coaching and more!
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Eleven Key Customer Loyalty Trends for 2011
by Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty 360

2011 may well be called the year of customer loyalty. In today’s crowded marketplace, creating loyal, engaged customers is more important ---- and more challenging --- than ever.  That is why we are going to see a number of key trends unfold over the next year. Here are the key trends I predict will dominate the Loyalty Marketing Industry in 2011.

Call Center of the Future Best Practice: StarTek "The Enterprise of Call Centers Just Got Better"
by Rosemary Rein

It's a Call Center that Kirk and Spock would both approve of and there's even a ship's Dr. on board.  I know I risk disappointing "Live Long and Prosper Star Trek Fans" but in this article we will not be beaming you up.  Rather, we will be visiting "StarTek", an innovative call center soon to go live in Costa Rica.

The Best Call Center Managers -- What They Do Everyday and Why?
by Rosemary Rein

A savvy Call Center Manager recently wrote me with a simple but excellent question: What should a great Call Center Manager do every day to be successful?  As a former Director of one of the largest Financial Service Call Centers in the United States and an International Call Center Sales and Service Coach, here are my top 7 Daily Practices for best call center leadership practices.

Are Your Business Relationships Strong Enough to Survive in Hard Times?
by Ed Emde, Executive Vice President, Wilson Learning

In these times of layoffs and reorganizations, sales professionals and executives need to ensure that the relationships between the sales person and their key customers are strong and that it goes beyond the personal relationship that they two have. How vulnerable are your customer relationships? Here is a new way to examine customer relationships to help you think about how you can secure them.

Twelve Steps to CRM
by Stephen E. Lipka, PhD, CMC

Relationship management is not a “system.” It’s a process and a philosophy. At this point in the adoption cycle of practices and technologies, it’s old hat. Yet few organizations really do it well, and many don’t do it at all. These 12 steps should suggest a path to implementing relationship management and reaping the financial benefits.

Protecting Your Existing Business in Tough Times
by Ed Emde

In the face of retrenchment, it is increasingly costly and time consuming to develop new business. Now, more than ever, it makes sense to keep your existing customers close and invest in expanding business with companies that are already buying from you. But how long has it been since you took a serious look at the loyalty of your current customers – to your sales reps, your solutions, and your company?

Ready, Fire, Aim! Do You Know What You're Shooting For As You Revamp or Implement CRM?
by Stephen E. Lipka, Ph.D.

If you find yourself dazzled by CRM vendors' pitches but are unsure which one is right - or even how you might use the one that's most appealing - you may not have the right basis for choosing. Picking a CRM system and figuring out how to use it later is risky. Why not do some business-based analysis first? This article is a guide to the thoughtful CRM assessment.

360-Degree View Promises Delivery
by Chuck Dennis and Lisa Dennis

When all work together in concert, the customer's experience flows from promise to relationship to delivery - turning customer expectations into customer satisfaction and trust.

Putting Clients First
by Abhay Padgaonkar

If you want loyalty, you can either get a dog or be proactive about providing superior value.
How healthy is your client franchise?

Four Components of the Successful Customer Experience
by Randy Saunders

When a customer and your representatives make a connection, that one experience will be the culmination of all the time, money, and materials invested by both parties – and the outcome of that encounter will be the impression and the memory the customer has of your company.

Is Your Organization Suffering From RIDS?
by N. Ramasubramani

It afflicts the best of agencies; it is widespread; its impact is lethal. More business is lost through it than you can ever imagine. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of Retainer Induced Deficiency Syndrome, or RIDS for short.

The Changing Face of Customer Account Management
by Subramanian Ramachandran
Virtually everyone agrees that a company's most important asset is the value of its customers, yet this is one of the most ignored by most managers due to their focus on day by day, quarter by quarter operations.

Customer-Driven Coaching Yields a Higher ROI: Let the Customer be Your Guide
by Dr. Jodie Monger and Anne Nickerson

Including the complete response from the customer may sound like a dream come true. With current technology, it is easy to gather this important information and integrate it into a holistic and individual training and development plan.

IVRs and the Angry Customer: Call Center Imbroglio Act II
by N. Ramasubramani

What looks like manna from heaven could just turn out to be another acronym --- Idiotic Voice Response! And a device that was supposed to increase customer satisfaction and hence customer retention could end up doing exactly the opposite.

Reeling in Big ROI with Analytics: How to Maximize Your Customer Feedback Program
by Dr. Jodie Monger

If you currently collect customer feedback in your call center but only look at high-level summary results, it’s like being a commercial fisherman gathering the daily catch using a fishing rod and reel. Here's how to put away your rod and reel and really catch some fish.

Customers Say the Darndest Things...But Why?
by Drs. Jodie Monger and Cherie Keen

After collecting customer data and comments for more than eleven years, Metrics decided to step away from analysis about what customers are saying and consider why.

Creating an All-Star Contact Center Team: Your Customers are the Coach
by Dr. Jodie Monger

How do you build your team to be loaded with All-Stars? You do it by taking your customer feedback results down to the agent level and blend those scores with your monitoring and operational metric scores.

The 2004 Voice of the Customer Year in Review… and Plan for the Future
by Dr. Jodie Monger

As a contact center professional dedicated to the delight of all callers and committed to bring out the best in my employees, I will ...

Assessing Customer Loyalty through Relationships
by N. Ramasubramani

Customer loyalty is often viewed in terms of the strength of the relationship that a brand enjoys with the customer. This is definitely true in mass markets, now termed B2C. However, in the B2B space there is another component that is equally important and that is the relationship between the people involved in the transaction.

Survey Channel Slamming: Common Sense in Surveying isn’t so Common
by Dr. Jodie Monger

It is not a good idea to create a disservice by forcing all customers through one communication channel. That is why contact centers provide multiple points of access to improve the success of the interaction.

Customer Insight Conduits™ - Gaining Critical Insight to Grow Your Business
by Curtis Bingham

The only way to guarantee increased revenues, stronger, longer, and more profitable customer relationships is to center strategic decision-making on actionable customer insight.

Escalated but Satisfied: Your Best Defense Against Market Damage
by Dr. Jodie Monger

How effective is your escalation team? You must depend on them to complete an effective service recovery and preserve the relationship.

The Disciplines of CRM
by Anne Stanton and Herb Rubenstein

Plans for CRM systems must be comprehensive. They must chart the move of every person in the organization who will touch or will be touched by the data going in, the information coming out and the customer who is the ultimate beneficiary of such a system.

First Call Resolution - Its Impact and Measurement
by Dr. Jodie Monger

First Call Resolution should be a concept that you already know about, but you probably do not suspect the extreme impact directly on your budget and indirectly on the ROI of your center via caller satisfaction and ultimately company loyalty.

Help Wanted – Customer Experience Engineer
by Dr. Jodie Monger

Companies need a new executive position that reports directly to the CEO. The President of the Customer Experience must be the focal point for issues related to all customer touch points.

One-to-None Relationships: The Call Center Imbroglio
by N. Ramasubramani

You have a million customer profiles in your database classified on recency, frequency and monetary values. You have invaluable data. And yet your customer retention rate is less than what it used to be! What is the problem?

Is Your Customer Part of Your Benchmark Process?
by Dr. Jodie Monger

You need to take everything in account when answering the comparability question and realize who has the final decision on world class – it is not you, and it is not me, unless of course I am your customer.

Agent-level Customer Feedback and the Impact on First Contact Resolution
by Dr. Jodie Monger and Dr. Cherie Keen

Real-time agent-level customer feedback has a significant positive impact on First Contact Resolution rates and creates a significantly higher ROI for your Voice of the Customer measurement program, the results of which are described in this article.

Do Your Customers Help Drive Service?
by Dr. Jodie Monger

Dashboards, dials, and alerts without the customer are misleading.
Use your numbers wisely and create a comprehensive dashboard to guide you through the service delivery management maze.

Six Sigma in your Company – Now in Your Contact Center
by Dr. Jodie Monger
Too often high-level executives do not understand the value of the contact center to the company’s brand image or to shareholder wealth. How do you gain the positive attention to move the contact center into the center of the universe?

How Customer Information Gives Harrah's a Winning Hand
by Jill Griffin
Want a quick lesson on the power and profits to be gained from compiling and applying customer information? While other casinos invested money in creating glitz, Harrah's took the road less traveled and built a winner's information network.

Cultivating the Contact Center to Grow your Asset Base
by Dr. Jodie Monger
All customers are not the same and should not be treated the same. Have you successfully implemented a process to stratify your customer contacts? Does the effort pay off?

How to Make Strategic Use of Customer Surveys
by Bruce L. Katcher, Ph.D.

Improperly conducted, such surveys do little more than provide interesting, but not very useful, information. Here are some general guidelines to help you establish a useful customer satisfaction survey program, one that will provide meaningful input to your strategic plans.

Motivate Your CSRs With Real-time Customer “Letters”
by Dr. Jodie Monger
Can you appreciate the pride you see in your child’s face when you hang the spelling test (with the big “A”) on the refrigerator for everyone to see? Do you do the same thing for your CSRs?

Customer Relationship Management: Technology v Culture
by Cheryl Rickman
Businesses are increasingly learning that technology and software alone cannot make a CRM system successful, and that communication, behaviour and culture are equally crucial factors in developing a successful CRM strategy.

Know Thy Customer!
by Joanne C. Wilson

CRM is a strategy and not just an installed application program. Superior implementation merges the front-office and the back-office, giving employees a complete view of the organization's relationship with its customers.

Customer Relationship Management - It’s All About People
by Joan Donogh
Before you go out and order the latest and greatest in database technology, it is important to understand that CRM is about more than technology – it’s about people.

Customer Loyalty - From The Customer's Perspective
by Joan Donogh
Businesses may not define loyalty in the same way that their customers do.  Highlights of the Core Services and Trust Builders from a recent Consumer Eyes 2000© survey.

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