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Health & Safety
Commit to a zero-injury workplace, and then focus on stress and the emotional well-being of your people.
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Make Safety a Personal Thing: Adopt a Safety Code of Conduct
by Carl Potter and Deb Potter

The reason why workers don't follow the safety rules is that they don't take personal responsibility for safety. Ensure that your personal approach to safety is at the highest level so you can go home every day to your family without injury. Make safety a personal thing and adopt a code of safe conduct.

Safety in the Workplace: Be Rigorous, Not Ruthless
by Deb and Carl Potter

Becoming rigorous about safety is hard work, but it is rewarding. No matter what level you are in the company, the goal is "Nobody Gets Hurt." That's a goal everyone can live with.

Creating An Injury-Free Workplace: How To Avoid Corporate Complacency - the Silent Killer
by Deb and Carl Potter

You can create an environment where everyone at every level in the organization will increase their commitment and their involvement in making the workplace injury-free.

The Language of Productivity is the Language of Workplace Health
by Graham Lowe, Ph.D.

Managers must reframe their thinking about high-performing organizations by recognizing that health and performance go hand in hand. The same workplace practices that lead to increased employee health also lead to greater productivity and performance.

Six Areas to Improve Workplace Stress
by Laura Churchill

“Workplace stress: it all comes down to six areas of worklife that need to be in balance,” says Dr. Michael Leiter, recently appointed Canada Research Chair at Acadia University. These six areas include workload, sense of community, control, reward, values and fairness.

Work Force Singing a New Kind of Blues
by Graham Lowe

The blue-collar blues has been replaced by an even louder chorus: knowledge workers' lament about the stresses of overwork.

Workplace Wellness: Something's Happening Here
by Geri McKeown

Leading Canadian organizations are taking action to alleviate organizational stress at its source. How does your workplace compare to some of the healthiest places to work?

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