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As parents and leaders we are most influential in the development of our children. It is our responsibility and duty to unleash their creativity, intelligence and energy. Our children are the leaders of the future.
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The Principal as Chief Learning Officer: The New Work of Formative Leadership
by Dr. Ruth Ash and Dr. Maurice Persall

Here is a very significant work applying the principles of creative and contemporary leadership to education. And it is not a stretch to substitute "CEO" for "Principal" as the Chief Learning Officer, "management" for "faculty", and our "businesses" for our "schools". The authors present an outstanding synthesis of the principles of a learning organization that can be applied to any context.

The ABC's of Teaching in Spanish
by Estela Buffa and Bettina Ann Grahek
ABC de los maestros para ensenar.

Is Your Organization Energy Efficient?
by Bettina Ann Grahek
Being efficient is an energy issue. It's a time issue, a cost issue, and it's also an attitude and morale issue.

Flavorful Dialogue, Passionate Meetings
by Bettina Ann Grahek
Meetings come and go, but the best linger long after the conference room has emptied, the lights are turned off, and the door is shut. They're passionate, heartfelt, and breathe life into the individual members of the group.

Everything I Ever Learned About Teaming
by Bettina Ann Grahek

I had the most wonderful meeting with my teachers today - a different kind of meeting. It prompted me to write this, though not yet complete.

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