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Think global. Be local.
Another interesting paradox
in the world of global enterprise.
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Incentive Travel in Dubai
by Anne Thornley-Brown

If you're considering Dubai as the destination for your next incentive trip, I hope that you will find some of these suggestions based on what I have observed during the last 81/2 years to be of value. Keeping these guidelines in mind will ensure your comfort and help you spend an enjoyable and memorable time in Dubai. It will be a unique incentive trip that your team will be talking about for years.

Oman: Incentive Travel Destination
by Anne Thornley-Brown

Of Sheihks, Jins and a Magic Book - our unplanned night excursion down the back streets of Nizwa was so special and memorable that it was definitely the highlight of that trip to Oman. It reminded that when you're planning incentive trips always leave time for the unplanned as that is where the magic often happens.

The Big, Bad Brand of Bollywood
by Naseem Javed

There is really nothing wrong with the brand "Bollywood", except that the Indian film industry has become far more powerful and far-reaching than any thing else like this in any other country of the world, and even larger than Hollywood.

Revolution in a Box
by Naseem Javed
Without a doubt, in this global image-positioning shift that has consumed the last many years of tactical play and challenging the western hierarchies of brands and their domination, China, India and many other Asian countries will now dominate the landscape and dictate the future of global nouveau-consumerism.

Five Simple Rules for Getting Deals Done in Brazil
by William Nobrega

Brazil is a country of 180 million people and it is the tenth largest economy in the world. Brazil is however, still a work in progress and these rules can help minimize the risk of entry and optimize the chances for long term success in the market.

How to Find the Perfect Location for Your China Manufacturing Operation
by Michael Chu

This article takes you through a thought process which helps you narrow down your choices from thousands of possible sites in China to the one that will bring you success in the market place.

Instilling Common Values in a Diverse Corporate Culture
by Tom Nies

The real key to developing a cohesive global corporation is to find a way to effectively communicate a common set of values and principals consistently across national, cultural and linguistic boundaries.

Going Global
by Tom Simons

Engineering a global campaign with a brand integrity requires a careful chemistry of tools, strategies and behaviors.

Creating and Managing International Alliance Relationships
by Blaise J. Arena

Achieving success and avoiding common pitfalls can only come through careful management attention, not only in the formation phase of the alliance, but also during the entire life of the relationship.

Cross Culture in Business and Everyday Life: Understanding the Expatriate
by Daniela Montabaur
Here are several tips from Trust in Business to help you integrate cross culturally into business and everyday life. Begin to untangle the mysteries in the life of the expatriate.

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