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Motivation & Retention
Topics include motivation, morale, turnover, retention strategies, employee engagement, energizing your employees, loyalty, resilience, empowerment and more.
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Valuing Contribution: A Uniquely Powerful Component of Corporate Culture
by Sandy Arpino
Traditionally, employers have used tangible rewards – such as salary increases, bonuses and titles – to symbolise their satisfaction with people’s performance. However, contemporary workers desire more personalised, intangible indicators of recognition from their leaders: to feel valued and appreciated. Striking levels of additional inspiration and productivity result, when an enriched sense of worth develops.

Effective Mentoring Program for Leadership Development
by Gregory P. Smith
How do you retain and prepare your best talent to lead?  Mentoring programs are one of the most effective tools in achieving business results.  The authors of the book, War on Talent reported, “Of those who have had a highly helpful mentoring experience, 95 percent indicated it motivated them to do their very best, 88 percent said it made them less likely to leave their company, and 97 percent said it contributed to their success at the company.”

Seven Steps Toward Conducting Actionable Employee Research
by Bob Beaulaurier

Savvy CEOs think of employees like customers, because they are, and they can leave just like customers. I have conducted numerous employee surveys for hospitals, utility companies, software companies and high tech firms both locally and internationally and I firmly believe that the critical thing to keep communications going with employees is to listen and take action. 

How to Feel Happy at Work — 7 Secrets of a "Thank God It's Monday" Workplace
by Roxanne Emmerich

What accounts for the difference between "Oh crap, it's Monday" and "Thank God it's Monday"?  It’s your happiness. And, for your own emotional and mental health, you need to feel happy at work. It all boils down to seven habits that can change everything about the culture of your workplace.

Eight Ways to Engage Employees and Power-Up Performance During a Recession
by Roxanne Emmerich

Just imagine a workplace in which employees feel important and listened to, in which expectations are clear and feedback consistent, in which relationships and shared ownership are cultivated, advancement is available, and success is celebrated.

The Power of Welcome Home
by Eileen McDargh

Welcome home! These two small words carry potent possibilities for creating a connection that evokes loyalty and teamwork. Yet, one seldom thinks of "welcome home" in the context of work. In fact, it is only through recent incidents that I have become acutely aware of the power this gesture holds.

How to Get Motivated and Love Your Job Again
by Roxanne Emmerich

Remember your very first day on the job?  Your shoes had a shine like the tiles on the Space Shuttle and the crease in your slacks could have diced celery.  The air was somehow fresher, the birds chirpier.  You had been hired.  You'd been given a chance to excel, a chance to make a difference. Now contrast that with this morning.

How to Turn the Dysfunctional Workplace into an Environment Where People Actually Want to Work
by Roxanne Emmerich

We've all been there.  You walk into a bank, restaurant, or store and suddenly feel it, that vague sensation that all is not well.  It drips from the ceilings and sits in puddles on the floor.  The employees are lost in thought, unable to decide whether they'd rather be somewhere else or stay and kill each other.  And you’re the lucky one bathing in all the poison they can ladle up.

Want to Motivate Like a Good CEO? Here’s How
by Suzanne Bates

As human beings, we all want to have a purpose. We want our lives to matter. Purpose is what allows us to discover who we really are, to put meaning in our work, and to discover our talents, skills, and sources of genuine satisfaction. It’s necessary and critical to a healthy, happy, and successful life. So when it comes to the question of how to motivate people, take a tip from CEOs who know how to do it well.

Leading Your Workforce During an Economic Crisis
by Gregory P. Smith

How can business leaders lead in the wake of this crisis?  No two people will respond to these events in exactly the same way.  Some may seem unaffected, others may exhibit out-of-the-ordinary behavior, and still others may react in dramatic ways. Actions business leaders take today can help improve productivity, maintain motivation, and avoid a mass exodus of alienated employees when the economy turns around.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies: How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Today's Workforce
by Gregory P. Smith
Employers face major challenges when they consider the increasing difficulty of finding skilled people, a younger workforce with different attitudes about work, and a growing population of older workers heading toward retirement. Businesses can improve their ability to attract, retain and improve productivity by applying the following five-step PRIDE process.

Principles of Effective Motivation
by Paul B. Thornton

Employee performance is a function of a person's abilities, resources, and motivation. Motivation is the willingness to exert high levels of effort. What can managers do to motivate their employees?

New Ways to Motivate Your Staff
by Diane Berenbaum
You've tried them all - balloons, contests, posters and cake. How do you keep your associates energized day after day, year after year? How do you energize yourself to come up with new ideas to motivate and inspire them? That was the topic of a recent ICSA (International Customer Service Association) Chapter Meeting. Perhaps you'll find one (or two) that will add a spark to your team and yield bottom-line results.

Fueling the Engine of Sales Success: Five Keys to Sustainable Self-Motivation
by David McNally

For the majority of us who fall somewhere in the middle of the motivational spectrum, there is a wide-open opportunity to increase "motivational intelligence" by keeping in mind a few simple principles. These are a handful of emotional "critical success factors" - keys to sustainable motivation -- that seem to be almost instinctive for highly successful sales professionals.

Retention Leadership: Three Key Drivers for Retaining the "Best of the Best" in Your Organization
by Karla Brandau
In a brain-based economy in need of retention, people are your best assets, not empty chess pieces to be moved around by inexperienced managers. Top managers improve retention rates if they immerse themselves in creating an environment where the best, the brightest and the most creative are attracted, motivated and set free to produce.

The Spaghetti Management Syndrome: Good Employees Require Good Managers
by Greg Smith

When an employee quits, many times they don’t quit the company -- they quit their manager. I validated this fact in a survey which showed in 46% of the cases the main reason people quit their employer was because of their first-line supervisor; a painful statistic when you consider how difficult and expensive it is to find and train good people.

Beating the Baby Boomer Brain Drain
by Selena Rezvani, M.S. and Shelley A. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Succession planning requires a comprehensive leadership approach, particularly when it comes to the tsunami of baby boomers readying to leave the workplace.  What can be done about this much dreaded workplace crisis?  A varied approach, integrating innovative human capital practices, can mitigate the damage.

When You Can't Find Perfect People
by Barry Maher

Bosses who tell you they can't hire good workers are usually telling you they're poor bosses. They're telling you they aren't providing sufficient incentive for people to meet their standards. Or if they have provided the incentive, they haven't provided sufficient nuts and bolts, real-world training and direction, leaving their people wanting to climb the mountain but without a clear enough trail to follow.

Celebration is the Pause that Refreshes
by Jim Clemmer

Energizing leaders employ a multitude of creative ways to foster appreciation and recognition, giving among all team and organization members. They also find numerous ways to hike energy and enjoyment levels by marking and celebrating milestones along the way.

Staffing Shortages? Maybe You're the Problem
by Jeff Mowatt

I often hear managers discuss how hard it is to recruit and retain good frontline employees. Too many managers mistakenly assume the only way to keep people is to bite the bullet and pay more in salaries, benefits and perks. Unfortunately, those managers are often 'fixing' the wrong problem.

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers: Proven Ways to Retain Your Best Employees
by Gregory P. Smith

In addition to those retiring, surveys show one out of every three people plan on quitting their jobs this year. The greatest threat employers face is losing their best and brightest to the competition. That's a lot of talent leaving organizations and just the beginning of what many people have described as the "perfect storm."

Retaining Youth: You’ve Hired Them. Now How Can You Keep Them Around?
by Cam Marston

Let’s take a look at some of the pervasive myths about our youngest generation in the workforce and discuss why these changes are happening and how you can tailor your workplace to meet the needs of you, your employees and the company.

Becoming the Employer of Choice
by Jeff Mowatt

If you think you have staffing shortages, you ain't seen nothing! Come to my town, Calgary, Alberta and we'll talk. The economy of this boom town is so overheated that managers and business owners are scrambling to hang-on to even mediocre employees. Here's how to boost staff loyalty - without buying it.

Tea and the Secrets of Staff Retention
by Jeff Mowatt

As a business leader, you have the opportunity to elevate your enterprise from merely being a place where employees go to earn a living, to a place where employees satisfy their innate need to learn and grow.

Flexible Work Arrangements Help Retain Good People
by Gregory P. Smith

A survey of more than 500 women seeking flexible work arrangements found 64 percent of them had either quit or were planning to quit due to the lack of work hour flexibility.

Gaining Deeper Insights into Employee Retention and Engagement
by Abhay Padgaonkar
Companies need to set anecdotal information aside and analyze their own actual data for isolating the few critical variables that really matter.

Building a Happy, Productive and Talented Workforce
by Gregory P. Smith

The biggest problem facing business today is how to motivate and engage workers. Pay and benefits are important, but you have to do something different in order to attract and retain the best people. Here are a few examples of fun workplaces.

The Perfect Storm: The Impending Workforce Crisis
by Gregory P. Smith

Today's employers are facing a combination of conditions just as threatening as this boat faced on the high seas. If businesses don't prepare today they could face a similar misfortune.

The Manager's Guide to Reclaiming and Retaining Disengaged Employees
by Joseph Grenny

If it seems that people in your organization are getting the corporate life sucked out of them it is very possible that your employees are working for a jerk. Yes…that could mean you.

The Evolving Workforce
by Dianne Michonski Durkin

With 77 million baby boomers on the verge of retirement, companies need to consider now what they will do over the next decade as their senior staff start heading off to the next chapter in their lives.

What Good Managers Must Do
by Gregory P. Smith

Exceptional workers have exceptional managers as their leaders. The only difference between the two groups is the quality of the leader.

At Home with Humor at Work
by Raju Mandhyan

For individuals, humor and laughter are a deterrent to stress and anxiety. In corporations and groups, humor and laughter enhance creativity, team-manship and, therefore overall productivity.

Loyal Employees Make for Longtime Employees
by Dianne Durkin

Why employee retention and loyalty are key in the age of the disappearing worker.

Have you Said Your Praise Today?
by Shary Hauer

It's probably the right time for a quickie refresher on the one unbelievably simple thing you can do as a leader to keep your peoples' momentum and engagement soaring and ease the strain of relentless pressure.

Motivating Your Workforce Toward High Performance
by Gregory P. Smith

A work environment that attracts, keeps, and motivates its workforce is one that gives workers a sense of pride, accomplishment, and purpose in what they do. These informal programs provide an effective strategy for motivating employees and they are simple to administer.

Seven Ways to Motivate Employees
by Bruce L. Katcher

Motivating employees today is particularly challenging. To do so, get back to the basics. Link pay to job performance and help employees grow, feel part of a winning team, and see the value of their work.

How Effective is Your Employee Retention?
by Roger E. Herman

You can improve your employee retention if you have a higher sensitivity about why people leave their jobs. Here are five principal reasons that we've learned from our ongoing research.

The Deadly Half-Dozen - Six Sure Ways to Demotivate Your Best and Brightest
by Brian E. Powers

If motivation is or is becoming an issue in your work environment, don't look for external solutions. Instead, chances are you'll find critical employee issues are actually resulting from a host of internal management practices that are throttling your best and brightest.

Take Control of Burnout
by Cindy Ventrice

Employees have more control than they might assume. If you're good at your job, most managers would rather work with you, than lose you. To take control, first figure out what's causing your burnout. Then work with your manager, communicating your concerns in an appropriate manner.

Becoming an Employer of Choice
by Roger Herman and Joyce Gioia

With continued rapid change and tight labor markets, employers will be continually challenged to locate, attract, optimize, and retain the talent needed to serve their customers.

Turnover-Induced Organizational Atrophy … or Death
by Roger Herman, Tom Olivo, and Joyce Gioia

Positions vacated by the competent workers now have to be filled. You may promote from within; you may hire from outside. What are the chances of your replacing the departed employee with a worker with comparable competence?

A Manager's Dilemma: Motivating Employees to Greater Productivity
by Cindy Ventrice
Forget the carrot and stick approach. Build relationships with employees. Help them motivate themselves.

Does Pay Always Motivate? Debunking Four Myths about Money
by Dinah Daniels
The belief that money is a one-size-fits-all motivator is a myth. Today’s leaner organizations need to increase the energy, focus and productivity of their people to remain competitive.

Part-Time Turmoil
by Joni Daniels
CEO's need to leverage all their talent, and they may be missing the boat with their part time employees. Managers should encourage part-time professionals to stay connected to let their professionalism shine through.

Motivating Yourself - How Do You Look at Challenges?
by Cindy Ventrice

If you are feeling unmotivated lately, you're not alone. The author of Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works offers several minduful tips for motivating yourself.

Creative Ideas for Retaining Employees
by Roger E. Herman and Joyce L. Gioia-Herman
Most companies are suffering from staffing difficulties, increasing the importance of employee retention. Creative approaches are giving many employers a competitive edge in the war for talent. Examples of the strategies of enlightened employers offer models to follow and may stimulate some refreshing ideas for you.

After The Downsizing … Reclaiming Your Organization's Spirit and Soul
by Lora J. Adrianse

There is no quick fix for reclaiming the spirit and soul of your business. But, until you start doing "something" to get things back on track, the spirit and soul of your company will be starving. Here are a few ideas you can use to get started.

Reclaiming Our Resilient Spirit
by Eileen McDargh
Our spirits are taking a beating. The daily barrage of bad news, violence, shrinking resources, global warming, and economic slowdown can put us in a state of frustration and paralysis. Within the word "resilience" are actions we can take to reclaim our bounce-back ability.

Rising Above Negativity - Coming Back Up the Downward Spiral
by Paula Gamonal

It is hard for an individual person to break out of a negative pattern, even with years of therapy. It is even harder for a corporate culture to turn from cynical and negative to forward-thinking and positive. Here are some concrete things you can do.

Leaders Energize and Engage the Workforce
by Gregory P. Smith

Leaders know it is important to engage, energize and involve people about their work. You need to lighten up and have some fun every now and then.

Becoming the Best Place to Work
by Gregory P. Smith
The workplace of today must put high priority on human resources. Businesses can make their organization the best place to work by following the five-step PRIDE model.

Top-Ten Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs
by Gregory P. Smith
There are many reasons why good employees quit, most are preventable. From my years of experience as a consultant, I've identified a "Top Ten" list of reasons why people leave jobs.

La Rosa’s Pizza Company - Putting People First
by Gregory P. Smith
La Rosa practices the art of leadership and takes the science of quality management to its highest form.

Boosting Employee Morale is Critical for Powering Up Productivity After Layoffs
by Dennis LaRosee
To sustain individuals' morale and maximize their productivity, managers need to identify the unique factors and conditions that motivate and stimulate them, design staff positions around these factors, and adapt communication and management strategies employee by employee.

The Beatings Won’t Stop Until the Morale Improves
by Gregory P. Smith
People today need a work environment that allows for maximum flexibility. A flexible work environment promotes greater productivity, increases retention and creates more dedicated workers. All this together should positively impact the bottom line.

Caught In The Act
by Jody Urquhart
How to acknowledge people without turning them off - keys to better performance and how to create a culture of appreciation.

Achieving Harmony and High Performance in the Workplace
by Dinah Daniels
Employees who are empowered to manage their own growth and achievement on the job tend to be more self-satisfied, more cooperative, and more pro-active in trouble-shooting and solving problems.

Four Suggestions For A Positive Interactive Workplace
by Scott Valentine
Many companies are mired in poor performance because their employees are not working as effectively as they could be. But ironically, the problem does not stem from the workers; these problems are all symptomatic of leadership deficiencies. Here are four suggestions to make a difference.

Talent: Excess Inventory? Forgotten Customer?
by David Sears
Talent, once the prime driver of business success and growth in a technology-intensive economy, suddenly doesn’t seem to be getting any respect. The best talent will go to employers who effectively manage the talent chain — and make the most of talent relationships.

Become a Better Leader by Showing People You Care
by Gregory P. Smith
Average workers usually have average managers as their leaders. Exceptional workers have exceptional managers as their leaders. The only difference between the two groups is the quality of the leader.

How Do You Attract and Retain the Best People?
by Anne Riches

Getting and keeping the best is becoming harder than ever. How can your Agency become the employer of choice?

The Place Where I Want to Work
by Greg R. Barry

Just imagine ... on late Sunday afternoons, we start getting excited about Monday morning. An inspiring perspective and challenge.

Retaining Employees and Customers is a Family Affair
by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

As e-mail, voice mail, and technology allow people to conduct business without ever seeing each other, the competitive edge can very well be the re-creation of conversation -- specifically conversation that allows people to feel a "family" connection.

Employee Turnover is Detrimental to Profitability
by Freda Turner
If your employee turnover is high, find out why. Retention should be an evaluated competency at every level of the organization.

Retention Strategies Focus on Education
by Eileen McDargh
Whether an organization is a small business or a Fortune 100 company, investment in the knowledge base of the human capital is one of the smartest moves a business can make.

Motivating A Workforce That Can’t Be Motivated
by Jane F. Miller
Creating a motivational environment instead - a model of excellence.

Communication: The Key to Unlocking Employees’ Motivational Drive
by Dinah Daniels
Effective communication - reaching people on the level where they hear most clearly - is the springboard to motivation.

Energizing Your Employees
by Bob Nelson

Creating energized employees demands a new set of leadership priorities.

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