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Project Management
Projects are the 'work' of business, and project leadership, project management and project membership skills are 'extremely' important.
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Project Management: Four Problems to Avoid
by Brian Tracy

It is important that you never trust to luck when you plan a project. Hope is not a strategy. Remember the words of Napoleon, when he was asked if he believed in luck. He said, "Yes, I believe in luck. I believe in bad luck. And I believe that I will always have it, so I plan accordingly." There are four main problems in project management. Each of them can be avoided by taking the time to think carefully before embarking on a new project.

The Five Goals of a Project Manager
by Jason Westland

As a Project Manager, you need to manage people, money, suppliers, equipment—the list is never ending. The trick is to be focused. Set yourself five personal goals to achieve. If you can meet these simple goals for each project, then you will achieve total success. So read on.

by Sloan Campbell
Creating a coherent team takes time, engagement, and reflection. Building trust occurs as people participating in a network of commitments, acting in language, come to see each other as reliable performers, and learn to align and connect their interests with each others' interests and with those of the project.

Magical Project Management
by Sloan Campbell
Recently, I came across an interesting article discussing The Seven Laws of Magic. The Seven Laws of Magic are intended to guard against the abuse of magic by wizards against other wizards and humans. These Laws of Magic made me think that there should be similar Laws for Project Management, which would be referred to forever more as the Magical Laws of Project Management.

Liar, Liar … Pants on Fire!
by Sloan Campbell

I have been thinking a lot about how much simpler life was when I was younger … when somebody lied you called them on it, maybe with a rousing chorus of "Liar, Liar … Pants on Fire!" I would venture a guess that the majority of us ( Project Managers) spend more time in the grey area than we do in the absolute white or black areas of our business decisions … if we are really honest with ourselves.

by Sloan Campbell

Questions have great power. The right question asked at the right time can change the direction of your project. So, go ahead and question everything.

Professional Project Managers (PMP), The Super Heroes of Business
by Sloan Campbell

The common traits of almost all superheroes are strikingly similar to those exhibited by Project Managers every day!

Who to Blame for Project Failure? Look Up - Not Down, Not Left, Not Right
by Olin Thompson

None of us want to be involved in a failure. But when a failure occurs, we feel compelled to assign blame. But who to blame and how to avoid the same problems in the future?

Project Closure - The Phantom Phase
by Shaun Ajani
It is like the Pro Bowl. The players are there; the coaches are there; in fact all the stakeholders, including the fans are there. But something is not the same. It feels like tasting something stale.

Work Breakdown Structure for Extreme Project Managers
by Shaun H. Ajani

As in most projects, many different groups may come together to form a deliverable. A strong structure is needed. As my Extreme Managers do everything at light speed, the Extreme WBS is broken down to its simplest form, Functional and Chronological.

Defect Tracking for Extreme Project Managers
by Shaun H. Ajani
When the application finally goes into production, the Project Manager must be held answerable. The Extreme Project Management principle dictates that Project Managers conduct their own QA, before it is passed on to production.

Extreme Review for Extreme Project Management
by Shaun H. Ajani

One of the problems faced by managers when reviewing employee performance is the fairness and objectivity of the review. Here is the story of the Review and Appraisal Based on Human Attributes, followed by a comprehensive interactive review process.

Extreme Meetings for Extreme Project Management
by Shaun H. Ajani
Today it is every manager's responsibility to reduce the time spent in meetings, and to optimize every moment spent around the conference table.

Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management
by Shaun H. Ajani

Extreme Analysis for Extreme Project Management is a collection of three original theories, Pretense Irony, Expectation Escalation, and Risk Equalizer. Based on the 'polishing of the common sense' model, it builds on the management best practices of corporate America, and takes the Project Management practice that one step above in the evolutionary scale.

Project Management - Getting Started With Your Lights On
by Rick Sidorowicz
A checklist to ‘sharpen the saw’ for more effective project management.

Project Management - A High Performance Checklist!
by Rick Sidorowicz
The ‘enablers’ of exceptionally high project performance are: leadership, process management, and the effective application of information technology.

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