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Coaching is one of the fundamental skills of leadership. Effective coaching is inspiring, motivating, challenging, building confidence, providing actionable feedback and unleashing creativity and talent. It is leadership in action.
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A Coach's Playbook for Leaders
by Jim Clemmer
Leaders develop and bring out the best in people. This dramatically expands the performance capacity of an organization. With a strong leadership foundation, management systems and processes, as well as technology and technical expertise, expand to their full potential.

Coaching Challenge: Turf Wars
by Jane Murphy

Our personal domains extend beyond the space we inhabit. At work, they include our ideas, the projects we run, the responsibilities we shoulder. And we can become very proprietary about these things. Wherever we may perceive a threat to our turf - whether an office move or a new person on the team -- our protective hackles can go up very quickly.

Why You Should Do Your Own Coaching
by Nannette Rundle Carroll

What if a shingle outside your office read, “World’s Most Insightful Coach”? What if your leadership style oozed creativity? Coaching is evolving as one of the top creative skills an executive must develop because it strengthens individual – and thus organizational – performance.

Executive Coaching
by Lucille Maddalena, Ed.D.

Today’s executive coaches support a businesses’ top producers: coaching is no longer a tool relegated to help correct underperformance.  It is a crucial step to retaining good employees. By helping employees to succeed, they are more fulfilled by their work and achieve greater job satisfaction which should result in lower turnover.

Moments of Insight
from Executive Coach Michael Wolkensperg

Here is a compilation of "Michael Moments" on the difference between leading and managing, getting a handle on prioritization, career advice in 30 seconds, a batting coach for executives, exchanging fear for inspiration, and the sweet spot of corporate success. Important insights - enjoy!

Coaching That Counts
by Estienne de Beer

Coaching is a profound leadership mindset, but you have to believe in it first. Great leaders touch the lives of their followers through coaching.

Seaside Coaching
by Lucille Maddalena, Ed.D.
When you are at a transition point in your life, do you seek the familiarity of your current surroundings, or would it be useful for you to reach out to tap resources and experiences from your own past as well? More importantly, how do you sort through the turmoil that accompanies change to discover your own revelations?

The CEO's Third Eye
by Jerry Stein
Any decision-maker in a leadership role has to have a 'third eye' to be effective when facing critical decisions.

Finding Vision and Courage
by Jerry Stein

What do people need as they face significant challenges or critical periods of growth in their lives? One man's dilemma shows what you need.

Mentoring Programs for Professional Service Firms
by Gayle Lantz

The best relationships have the potential to create value for the employee, the mentor and the firm as a whole.

Executive Coaching: A Leadership Development Tool for Top Performers
by Gayle Lantz

Increasingly, coaching is being sought by some of the most successful executives in their field - those who want to get even better at their business game. So the new thinking is … Got a goal? Get a coach.

Successful Change Starts With a Shift in Perspective
by Steven Bacharach

Sustaining meaningful change is never easy. It takes desire, intention, a clear vision, a good plan and commitment. To change, we must create structure that encourages and supports change, and it begins with an all-important shift in perspective.

Improved Leadership Through Coaching
by Sloan Campbell

Everyone is aware of the connection between Leadership and Coaching in business, but what is often overlooked is the pure strength of this connection.

Choose a Business Coach Carefully to Get the Results You Want
by Jim Jenkins

Coaching has become one of the most effective ways to cultivate the professional and personal skill-sets of teams and individuals. But you must do your homework before choosing a coach. For coaching to work, it’s vital to have a basic understanding of a coaching relationship.

Rapid-fire Inspiration for Leaders - High Impact Teaming
by Cynder Niemela

A high impact team in the making, when a coach is not a coach, and the concept of shared leadership from the author of Leading High Impact Teams.

The Metamorphosis of the Successful Executive - Overcoming Professional Stagnation
by Steven Bacharach

With the right coach and a personal willingness to try new things, to experiment and to make and learn from your mistakes, you can turn achievement and success into something more.

Core Business Team Coaching Skills
by Cynder Niemela

The goal of team coaching is to help a group of people with a common purpose identify and meet business goals and simultaneously enjoy the journey as a team.

Executive Coaching - Unleashing Human Potential
by Kathy Green
My client's interest in becoming a better coach has given me a great gift. He's caused me to think more fully about what I do, and the principles by which I work. The information that follows is some of what I've learned over the last twenty-two years.

Job Security 101 - Five Surefire Ways to Create a Crisis
by Sid Smith
Whether you're an executive in a large corporation, or on your own, it seems that it takes a crisis to get the adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing. That's why we'll often create a crisis in the midst of calm.

Coaching for Global Effectiveness
by Trevor J. O'Hara
Executives are unprepared for the increasing levels of complexity of doing business globally. This calls for a certain type of coaching that is flexible and tailored to the specific challenges and uncertainties of global business.

How to Set and Attain Goals for Success
by Karim A. Jaude
Here are the most powerful ideas I have ever used in setting and reaching my goals.

Your Performing Edge: Top 10 Tips
by JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D.
Gain new motivation and confidence to break through mental barriers, create a healthy, balanced lifestyle both athletically and personally and unleash the power of your mind, body, and spirit.

Language for Success: Creative Affirmations
by JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D.

Words can have tremendous power over our minds and subsequently our athletic performance. Each of us is constantly engaging in our own internal thought processing. Use affirmations if you want to create real changes in the way you train and compete.

Walking Your Talk - The Coach's Role in Maintaining Integrity
by Cynder Niemela
Part of a coach's duty is to see that team leaders hold themselves to the highest standards of character.

Performance Enhancing Attitudes: Lessons from Elite Athletes
by Nina Ham

In the world of sports, three clichés come up frequently that refer to self-regulation in an athlete, mind-sets that contribute as much as actual talent to his/her success, and the team's success. Each one has provocative implications for us in the business world.

Discovery Questions – The Right Questions Empower Your Team
by Cynder Niemela
I've noticed that the most successful leaders invariably ask the best questions. Their style of inquiry brings out the best in their team. The goal is not to correct, but to evoke clearer thinking and new solutions.

Team Effectiveness Coaching: An Innovative Approach for Supporting Teams in Complex Systems
by Steve Goldberg

The Team Effectiveness Coaching Service was created to assist Product Development Teams in enhancing their effectiveness through real time, practical, action learning that generates immediate and cumulative results.

Coaching for Success
by Brian Ward
Coaching is a collaborative attempt to build the capacity of the person being coached. This always involves personal and organizational change, and helping the person being coached to manage the transition between old and new is the coach's primary role.

The Secret Weapon to Modifying Behavior
by Stephanie Cirihal
Have you ever tried to change someone else's behavior, or even your own, with no success? Are you evaluating the behavior from a cause and effect viewpoint?

Changing, Learning, Coaching, Improving
by Rick Sidorowicz
A few 'take-aways' from Lessons Learned from the Front Lines of Organization and Team Transformation and Coaching for High Performance with Dr. Peter Jensen and Jim Clemmer.

Executive Coaching Credentials Vary: Due Diligence is a Must
by Freda Turner
So many individuals call themselves a coach today that anyone interested in hiring a coach must be cautious. These tips will help in selecting a key business resource.

Coaching Self Directed Action for Great Performance!
by Rick Sidorowicz
Focus individuals on great performance, transfer ownership to those who do the work,  coach the development of individual capability and competence, and learn faster.

Business Has a Management Bench-Strength Problem
by George Stiles
Increasingly, companies are turning to Executive Coaching as the solution to their management development woes.

Coaching To Prepare A Senior Executive For the "Top Job"
by Rink DeWitt and George Stiles
The prospective CEO needs a little ‘organization’ help to make a successful transition.

by Rick Sidorowicz
I’m supposed to be a coach - but what am I supposed to do? Leadership is learning!

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