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More Effective Meetings
Tips, tools, techniques and common sense ideas to keep your meetings quick and effective, plus a few decision traps, meeting monsters, and Dilbert's
Final Suggestion Maneuver.
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Ten Tips for More Effective Meetings
by Michael H. Smith, Ph.D.

Are you like many of my clients who gripe about numbing, deadening meetings? As one publication put it, "days, weeks, months, years of our lives are slipping away in stuffy, overcrowded conference rooms”. Little appears to be accomplished and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Let me offer you ten tips for turning around your unproductive meetings.

"Process to the People!" Chairing vs. Facilitating a Meeting
by Michael Goldman, M.H.Sc.
All good facilitators should know when and how to act as an effective chairperson. Conversely, it would be ideal if all chairpersons were also skilled facilitators, being able to switch styles when they seek participation and ownership. With some planning beforehand, these roles don't need to conflict. The key is to be clear about when each approach should be used.

Surviving the Storm: A Half-day Process to Get Your Team Back on Track
by Michael Goldman, M.H.Sc.

Team theorists call the second stage of team development the 'storming' phase - I call it 'puberty'. It's like we're dealing with some unruly teenagers who are trying to make their statement in the world with 'attitude.' At the same time the team leaders have to manage this behavior and be prepared to deal with conflict and frustration.

Four Facilitator Roles Guarantee Success
by Baldwin H. Tom
A facilitator can benefit most any group deliberation. One of the most challenging assignments for a facilitator is to form a coalition with groups not necessarily friendly with each other. This is the framework in recommending four facilitator roles that guarantee session success.

Three Keys To Meeting Success
by Baldwin H. Tom

Beyond the need, what makes for a satisfying meeting? What do you like about those meetings in which you walk away feeling energized, feeling it was worth the time investment? From our work with many groups, both friendly and contentious, we have learned that there are three keys to meeting success – process satisfaction, content satisfaction, and psychic satisfaction.

Getting a New Leader on Board the Right Way
by Michael Goldman

Taking the time upfront to establish rapport and understanding on both sides can help maintain team effectiveness and remedy potential conflicts before misunderstandings ensue.

Managing Your Meeting Monsters
by Craig Harrison
Identifying the cast of culprits that threaten productive meetings. May the force be with you.

Avoid Taking Sides by Reframing Conflicts
by Kevin Quinn

Facilitators need ways to move through conflict and disagreements without judging or arbitrating. "Reframing" - inviting parties to see a disagreement in a different way - is a simple, useful way to resolve disputes without losing your neutrality.

Should the CEO Lead the Meeting?
by Michael Goldman

Should I or shouldn't I lead the meeting? Here's what you must know if you choose to.

Decision Traps
by Michael Goldman

Common decision-making problems and easy-to-implement solutions.

Tips for Defining a Meeting's Purpose
by Michael Goldman

Whenever the group goes off track, having a clear and aligned purpose to fall back on contributes to an on-track discussion and time well spent.

Getting Buy-In on a Meeting Process
by Michael Goldman

Experience has shown me over and over again that when people have a say in 'how' they're going to make a decision or resolve a problem, their degree of participation and commitment significantly increases.

Meetings Don’t Have to be Frustrating Time Wasters!
by Marie Kane

Meetings are not inherently bad. They are one of the best ways to make quality decisions and get buy-in from people when they are conducted well.

Asking Versus Telling: Gaining Commitment to the Meeting Agenda
by Michael Goldman

Your ability to engage members in defining the how and what of an agenda will determine the degree of buy-in they will demonstrate towards owning the agenda and any resulting outcomes.

Making it a Successful Meeting
by Gerry Schmidt and Lisa Jackson

With the pace of accelerating change, meetings are a huge opportunity in organizations -- a chance to engage people, build trust, and create aligned action during change.

Meetings – Six Factors to Consider Before You Call One
by Byron Kalies

Meetings are usually awful. They are possibly the most disliked part of modern business. If you feel you need to call a meeting. Stop. Take a deep breath and work through the following factors.

Strategic Planning Without Meeting Skills Spells Disaster
by Victoria A. Hoevemeyer
This article is designed to look at one often overlooked aspect to ensuring that your strategic planning effort pays off: effective meeting management.

Great Meetings: Start at the End
by Joni Daniels
With a few short changes in strategy, your meetings can become meaningful encounters in which people work hard, produce outcomes, and leave with a sense of accomplishment.

War on Meetings
by Gregory P. Smith

Let’s declare war on meetings --- time wasting, poorly run, unnecessary meetings that none of us feels should be required as part of our work lives, and then let’s talk about how to spend the time and effort wisely.

Points on Making Points
by Dianna Booher
The question is not "to meet or not to meet."  The question is how to make the most of those meetings that you do attend.

Dilbert's Final Suggestion Maneuver
from Scott Adams' The Dilbert Principle
How to always get your way in meetings - since you know that only your opinion matters.

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