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Authenticity and leadership - what's the connection? Alignment, meaning, integrity, 'walking the talk,' telling the truth, clarity, focus, purpose, service - and it all leads to great performance.
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The Exercise Every Business Leader Needs to Do: Find Your Voice
by Libby Wagner

Voice is how you sound in your speech, your writing, your messaging and framing. Voice is the manifestation of Genuineness. Those behaviors and actions and idiosyncrasies that make you you and allow you to lead from a place of confidence, assurance and passion. Voice is weaving your stories and experience and view of the world into how you lead and how others perceive you. Your voice is uniquely, absolutely yours.

Better Make It Real
by Jill J. Morin

Today, it’s my mantra. As a CEO, I am passionate about organizational authenticity — how companies live out their promises to stakeholders — and I have a message for executives and entrepreneurs rebooting their businesses on the heels of the Great Recession: Better make it real. Here are nine truths of designing authentic, intentional, and wholly integrated experiences for stakeholders.

Why It Can Be Hard to Be Authentic
by Mike Robbins

Why is it hard to be authentic?  More important, why is it hard for you to be authentic? This isn’t an accusation or a judgment, it’s an important question.  If we can ask and answer this question honestly, without judging ourselves, we’re well on our way to becoming more of who we really are and ultimately more authentic.

How to Enhance Relationships, Increase Fulfillment and Empower Yourself by Being Authentic
by Mike Robbins

We live in a culture that is starving for authenticity.  We want our leaders, our co-workers, our family members, our friends, and everyone else we interact with to tell us the truth and to be themselves.  Most important, we want to have the personal freedom and confidence to say, do, and be who we really are, without worrying so much about how we appear to others and what they might think or say about us.

Transform Your Fear
by Mike Robbins

The question isn’t whether or not we experience fear in our lives (because we all do and always will for as long as we live); the more important question for each of us to ask and answer is, how can I move through my fears in an honest way so they don’t stop me from being who I really am and going for what I truly want in life?

Be What You Desire
by Jamie S. Walters

Like many people in Western Culture, I was trained to look outside of myself for the things I wanted to experience or feel in my life. Ultimately, I've learned that this 'outside in' approach is a perpetually losing proposition. The real metamorphosis, the real change, comes not from trying to manipulate or change what's around us so that it conforms to our desires. It comes from ceasing the resistance, allowing what is, and then going within, and transforming or transmuting what's within us.

Believing with Abandon
by Katrina M. Mayer, Ph.D.

As adults we sometimes need a child to remind us of the obvious. Children are so much closer to the essential truth. They come from a place of innocence and their world is beautiful - fairy tales do happen and life is good.

Leadership and Authenticity
by Jeff Yergler

Why leaders seek it, why so few experience it, why fewer still can sustain it, and why organizations suffer from lack of it.

Values and Negotiations
by Byron Kalies

How often do you see people saying one thing and acting totally differently? The only way to keep values real is to live them.

The Passion-Emotion Continuum
by Sloan Campbell

Managers and executives in all organizations need to be able to better identify and help develop the Passion-Emotion Continuum instead of stifling its implications - after all, utilizing the continuum is very likely how they got to be where they are today.

Being Real, Being Human: The First Step in Becoming a Conscious Leader
by John Renesch

We all have ways of covering up our pain, anesthetizing ourselves from hurts or discomforts we endure in our lives. Being real will bring you closer to being a conscious leader, having more rewarding relationships and living a fulfilled life.

Exciting Disarray - Problem or Pathway to Potential?
by Jamie S. Walters
Exciting disarray – only a phrase that could be used by a visionary, and certainly a concept that would push one to explore the depths of potential, both his own and with regards to his organization.

What Does it Take to be a Truly Visionary Leader?
by Jamie S. Walters
The true visionary walks the fine and often challenging line between the inspired world – intuition, reflection, the Divine-inspired – and the material world of action, effects, systems, powerful special interests, ego, status quo, and tangible results.

Escalating Creativity
by Salma N. Ajani

Creativity requires of us to be what we are, authentic and unique. Sometimes creativity requires everything we have, and then more. Creativity is about being able to see things the others may not. Or even see, hear, and feel in a totally different way.

Apollo 13 and the Definition of Failure
from Ivy Sea Online

The Apollo 13 mission came to be known as "NASA's most successful failure." By the mere mention of those two words in the same sentence — successful failure — Apollo 13 and her crew provide a rich challenge to the notion that failure exists at all, outside of the "make-believe" reality created by our own minds.

Tenets in Common: Virtue - Mastery at Work
from Ivy Sea Online
Here are a few of our favorite "Tenets in Common" and examples of how they might enhance your workplace (and your own experience of it!)

Are You Feeding Your Customers a Line of Bull?
from Ivy Sea Online
Evidence abounds of companies creating authenticity gaps between the words they spew and the actions they do. Ensure an authentic company voice.

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