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The Legal Refresher - Topics include important issues you need to be aware of to ensure you stay on track and out of trouble, and excellent advice on business development for legal professionals.
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Legal Issues in Consulting, Licensing, Subcontracting and Software Development
by Robert A. Adelson

The contracts discussed in this article are important in early stage business.  They need to be prepared carefully so that the entrepreneur or consultant has a clear understanding of her or her contractual responsibilities.  The contracts also need to provide a degree of protection to the entrepreneur and consultant so that unnecessary risks and liabilities are avoided.  Without care, bad contracts can sink a business.

Negotiating your Employment Contract: Getting What You Deserve
by Robert A. Adelson

This article discusses negotiable employment terms and the differences between a negotiating executive and corporate reality. By thoughtfully negotiating these “Top Ten” areas, each party will gather insights that will help them make better choices.  The resulting employment contract should reflect the above-board style and approach of both parties and lay a foundation conducive to getting the best for all concerned.

Your Company’s Patents: Evaluating their Strategic Value
by Randy J. Pritzker and Daniel G. Rudoy

Patents can be—and often are—enormously valuable. A company may use a patent, for example, to generate profit indirectly, by helping to establish the position of a product in the marketplace. Or a patent may help generate profit directly, by selling/licensing/enforcing the patent against an infringer to collect damages. Patents can be an integral part of any business that holds them, and for that reason it’s crucial that everyone in a firm, including the CEO, understand their strategic value.

The "Pebble in the Pond" Approach to Marketing
by Sara Holtz

The other day I was sitting at the lake near my house, soaking up a beautiful autumn day, daydreaming and tossing pebbles into the lake. Voila! I knew exactly how to tell my clients where to begin their marketing. Each pebble I tossed into the lake created ever-enlarging concentric circles. This same approach works perfectly for marketing -- focus on the smallest circle first and then widen your approach, one circle at a time.

Intellectual Property Rights as Important Business Assets
by Andres F. Quintana, Esq. and John M. Houkom, Esq.
One of the most overlooked intangible assets for small and midsized businesses is the intellectual property (IP) generated in those businesses. In today's highly competitive global economy, a business' success depends more and more on the protection and growth of its IP assets. Businesses should proactively consider an IP-protection strategy to ensure that these assets are not compromised.

What I've Learned About Business Development From My Personal Trainer
by Sara Holtz

I recently started a new, more intense exercise regimen. While I'm convinced of the benefits of regular exercise, and while those benefits appeal to me, I eagerly embrace any excuse not to exercise. Can you relate to this ambivalence when it comes to your marketing? Not surprisingly, many of the lessons for treating ambivalence about exercise will also help with your business development.

Are You Properly Prepared for Marketing?
by Sara Holtz

Most lawyers would never even consider arriving in court or at a major negotiation without adequate preparation. And yet, when it comes to a business development lunch or a networking event, those same lawyers don't think twice about "winging it." For great results, simply follow this four-step process for making the most of your marketing opportunities.

How to Find the Right Family Law Attorney for You
by Kena Hollingsworth

You have decided it is time to talk to a family law attorney. Sometimes that is the toughest decision to make. But now that you know you need or want legal advice, who do you hire? Here are things to keep in mind (and some good questions to ask) when you are selecting a family law attorney.

What's Your Answer to "What's New?"
by Sara Holtz

When you're asked, "What's new?" do you respond in the way successful rainmakers do? Learn how you can turn this simple question into an opportunity for business growth.

Are You Mistaking Activity for Effectiveness?
by Sara Holtz

Effective marketing produces results; ineffective marketing doesn't. Answer these questions to determine your own most effective marketing activities.

Asking for Referrals: A Key Strategy for Business Development Success
by Sara Holtz

Referrals are such an effective business development strategy because they make it easier to build the trust that is so critical in selling an intangible like legal services.

Avoiding Intellectual Property Disputes
by Alfred C. Frawley

The increasing value of intellectual property in today's idea-driven economy makes it worthwhile for business owners to consider measures to protect and prevent the unfair use of their intellectual property.

Transformative Mediation - A Best Fit for the Workplace
by Larry Blackwell

A mediator with a "transformative" orientation, on the other hand, believes that conflict presents opportunities for individuals to change (transform their interactions with each other), if they choose.

True Courtroom Stories
Anonymous submission

Reported in the Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyers Journal, the following are 22 questions actually asked of witnesses by attorneys during trials and, in certain cases, the responses given by several insightful witnesses.

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