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High Performance Retail 
There is an incredible pace, pulse, energy and challenge on the front lines where the strategy of an enterprise and all of its machinery and processes 'show up' live in real time for customers. It's 'show time' all the time!
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Supercharge Your Sales and Service Teams for Incredible Increases in Performance!
by Rick Sidorowicz

What would the impact on your bottom line be if you could achieve and sustain a significant increase in sales with the same level of customer traffic? Are your teams performing up to their potential? Here is a proven approach to achieve an almost magical breakthrough in performance!

Retailing in Second Life: The Evolution of Branding in a Virtual World
by Edward Vintner
The Second Life economy is significant and shopping and retailing - buying and selling "stuff" - is a key element of the in-world experience for most residents. And just as in the real world, retailing in Second Life is evolving and spans a wide spectrum from the most hap hazard "flea markets" to more sophisticated and focused branding. Here are some of the "realities" of virtual reality.

Customer Obsession - No Sale is Ever Final
by Rick Sidorowicz
To go beyond customer service for strategic advantage you will have to embrace a new concept. It is the only position to take that matters and makes a meaningful difference.

Why “Wowing” Your Customers Matters, and How to Measure It!
by Rick Sidorowicz

I am a passionate advocate of customer service and have a very strong point of view. The only outcome that matters is to create very positive and very memorable experiences for your customers. It's the "Wow!" factor! This article will provide inescapable reasons why it is so, and will also reveal the secret of how to measure it with just six simple questions! Wow!

Passion as a Sales Tool
by Mark Hunter

Passion in sales is evident when the sales person takes the time to listen to their customer and attempts to really understand what it is they are looking for. It is displayed not only in the questions that are asked, but also in the tone of voice and body language that are used and the follow-up demonstrated after the sales call.

The Phone Company Who Can't Call Back
by Darlene Pineda

Returning a phone call is a basic courtesy, a building block in our relationships: professional, personal, and social. This is why I find it so ironic that a company that makes phones couldn't return my call

What Else Do You Want?
by Darlene Y. Pineda

You choose what you're bringing to work each day; you choose to be there. You can choose to make their day.

Hurricane Isabel and a Local Hero
by Darlene Y. Pineda

I had my loved ones and my water and my pointy bottle opener that a caring supermarket employee showed me how to use to open my cans of food. And those are the important things, after all.

A Wow in Garbage!
by Darlene Y. Pineda

I expect great customer service in department stores and restaurants. I even expect it in gas stations and doctors' offices. But I never even thought about service in terms of garbage collection.

The WOW Factor! As Taught to Me by My Puppy
by Darlene Y. Pineda

One week with a new pup has taught me more about the WOW factor then over 10 years in retail and restaurant work! I know, you're thinking, "She's so sleep deprived from the puppy that she's hallucinating," but hear me out.

by Darlene Y. Pineda

Cucumbers. You find them in salads and sandwiches, usually not in the middle of customer service story. Unless you're me.

Consumer View: Customer Obsession
by Bettina Grahek

Good businesses are easy to find. Great ones? A bit more difficult. But customer obsessed businesses are rare and truly a pleasurable experience for the consumer. All Creatures Great & Small is an exemplar of the best in quality service for the customer obsessed business.

What Does Great Performance Look Like - the Night Before Christmas
by Darlene Pineda

It's the Friday night before Christmas in a large bookstore. The lines at the register are consistently 50 to 60 people deep, and have been all day. The staff is tired, and the managers have been on a mandatory six-day workweek since November. All eight registers have been going nonstop for hours, when suddenly, at around 8 PM, the registers crash.

Little Things Matter
by Rick Sidorowicz
Stories are the way we learn and create a culture of high performance. It's all about values and a framework for individual decision making on the front line.

High Performance Retail - What Does Great Performance Look Like?
by Rick Sidorowicz
The principles of high performance retail are the principles of high performance business. It's 'show time' all the time - the ultimate test and the moment of truth will always be your customers' experience of your enterprise at the point of sale.

Customer Obsession - Service Recovery
by Rick Sidorowicz
Creating a service recovery 'process' grounded in the ethic of  customer obsession can engage the imagination of your associates and service providers, and bring your values to life on the front lines.

Going Beyond Customer Service
by Rick Sidorowicz
In most enterprises most of the time customer service is lip service. It's time to go beyond to where memorable customer service provides a significant competitive advantage.

High Performance Retail - Attention to Detail
by Rick Sidorowicz
It is really all in the details … and there is so much that is left on the table. When times are tough - you have to get it all.

The Principles of High Performance Retail - What Does Great Performance Look Like?
by Rick Sidorowicz
The principles of high performance retail are the principles of high performance business. It's 'show time' all the time - the ultimate test and the moment of truth will always be your customers' experience of your enterprise at the point of sale.

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