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The Art of Management
The Art of Management - featuring The Eight Rules of Management by Gregory Blencoe. No boring management theories here - just common sense observations dealing with the fundamentals of motivation.
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The Eight Rules of Management
by Gregory Blencoe

Rule #1:
Surround Yourself With High Quality Employees

Just as a chef needs high quality ingredients to make a great meal, a manager needs high quality employees to give customers a great product.  Who do you have around you?

Rule #2:
Don’t Micromanage

Let employees know what needs to be done and then get out of their way.  Don’t be a micromanager unless you want microprofits.

Rule #3:
Understand that all Motivation Stems from Self-Interest

It has been said that you can’t understand a man until you walk a mile in his shoes.  That is the best way to learn how to motivate somebody.

Rule #4:
Realize What Goes Around, Comes Around

When dealing with employees, managers should always remember that: what goes around, comes around.  Ignore this eternal truth at your own peril.

Rule #5:
Issue Instructions in a Respectful Manner

The bottom line is that the human need for self-worth is either fulfilled or neglected depending on the way a task is communicated.

Rule #6:
Listen to Employees

Communication is healthy for any relationship, and it is especially important in the context of managers and employees.

Rule #7:
Use Praise Instead of Criticism

Praise is like putting water on a plant.  Criticism is like putting acid on a plant.  Will your employee morale blossom or wilt?

Rule #8:
Implement a Profit-Sharing Program

The proof is in the pudding.  Profit-sharing works.  Do it and fly high.

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