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Mission Ready
The leadership principles of the U.S. Marine Corps and military, and how you can apply them to business leadership. It's all about leadership on the front lines, having a heritage to live up to, having courage, being the best, and being on a mission!
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Leadership Training: How to Lead Your Team Successfully by Getting Bad at What You Do
by Wally Adamchik

If you are the best in your company at the work you supervise; let yourself get bad at it. If you are in charge of a team, your goal is to help them get better at what they do, not to do it better than them.

A Janitor's Ten Lessons in Leadership
by Col. James Moschgat

Bill Crawford was a janitor. However, he was also a teacher, friend, role model and one great American hero.
Thanks, Mr. Crawford, for some valuable leadership lessons.

Organizational Leadership: Three Principles for Higher Leadership Effectiveness
by Wally Adamchik

These three simple principles when properly applied will make your leadership journey incredibly rewarding.

Leadership Fundamentals: Getting Back to One of the Basics - Communication
by CDR Carl R. Nelman, CEC, USNR (Ret.)

During my very first few freshman days of Navy ROTC we had impressed upon us the knowledge that "getting out and about in our spaces" would become a sacred obligation as newly-minted junior officers. Within the context of Good Naval Leadership this particular activity was critical to efficiency, effectiveness, and morale.

Leadership and Management Theory Defined
by LtCol Mark V. Eberhard, USMCR

Leadership and management are two discernible and complementary activities. Both are necessary for success in increasingly complex and challenging military and business environments.

Managing in an Age of Terror - Secret Weapons and Security
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh

The authors of Semper Fi - Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way continue their series of reporting on Israeli business management principles that can help us deal more effectively with the reality we face today.

Managing in an Age of Terror - Military Experience Means Business
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh

The authors of Semper Fi - Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way report on Israeli business management principles in a new leadership series.

Don't Wait for the Expected Conditions
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh

Although this project came in ahead of time and under budget - an almost unheard of feat in the sporting arena industry - the contractor had to overcome unprecedented obstacles. They accepted their conditions, but not their fate, and delivered a most innovative solution.

Do Your Employees Know the "WHY" of Company Policy?
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
As managers, we, too, must ensure that our personnel know the profound reasons behind company policy; obedience isn't enough.

The All-American Brand
by Kristine Kirby Webster
A great brand is enduring, establishes affinity, and engenders loyalty. After mulling over these hallmarks, I found myself wondering what I would consider to be the Great American Brand. Would it be Sears, McDonald's or Coke and their national and global reach? No. The great American brand, in my eyes, is the United States Marine Corps.

Issue a Core Values Card
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
Did you know that every active Marine - from private to general - carries a credit card-sized reminder of the great values taught during Marine Corps training?

Cultivating a Sense of Duty in Corporate America
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh

Creating a sense of duty is a managerial responsibility; and managers would do well to emulate the Marine Corps way.

Does Your Company Have a Suggested Reading List?
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
A suggested reading list is another way to establish and strengthen corporate core values - and a very cost effective way, at that.

Retaining Your Best People
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
With the fewest perks of all the armed forces, and the most Spartan living conditions, the Marines nevertheless have the highest reenlistment rate. They not only attract the best, they are able to retain the best.

The Secrets of Team Building
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
In the corporate environment, "teamwork" is the buzzword of management. But, while management's heart may be in the right place, their methods often miss the mark. Here are a few secrets to team building.

Why Marines Never Use the "M Word"
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh

Marines are trained to lead, not to manage.

Bias Your Employees Towards Victory
by Dan Carrison & Rod Walsh
Every manager can build unbeatable morale to the degree to which one's own career is subjugated to the career of each individual under one's authority.

The Marines are Coming
by Rick Sidorowicz
The principles of high performance, and how to create an elite culture of high performance that lasts.

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