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Logistics & Supply Chain
Logistics and Supply Chain Management - rapidly transforming and a key area of opportunity and competitive advantage. Topics include metrics, velocity, branding, ERP and people!
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How to Select Innovative Supplier Partners Using a 5-Step Project Management Approach
by Monica Johns

Clearly, companies are viewing changes in supplier management as a way to gain more value from their partners. Consequently, performance expectations are increasing, and companies are using their supplier partnerships as a means of driving innovation.  Using the right supplier selection tools can play a critical role in building value-based relationships. 

Measuring Success: Tying Metrics Into Your Buying Pipeline
by Laura Patterson

Tying metrics into the buying pipeline allows marketers to focus their efforts in a measurable, meaningful way. The buying pipeline provides marketers with a view into the buying process enabling marketing and sales to be aligned accordingly.

Developing a Brand Centric Supply Chain
by Thomas Marlow

These strategies will drive costs out of the supply chain and discover and enable a clearer sense of the relationship between “brand” and supply chain management.

At the End of the Day - Supply Chains are About People Not Technology
by Pamela Ruebusch

We understand that technology has been the enabler to integrating the supply chain, but it is how we work together that dominates our ongoing drive for optimization.

How Your Supply Chain Can Build or Destroy Your Brand
by Joseph Benson and Bret Kinsella

It’s time you begin using your supply chain to support and build your brand. Brand managers and supply chain groups who share the same real-time performance data can build loyal customers and increase profitability.

Living and Thriving With Channel Master Customers
by Olin Thompson

Channel master business is good. Everyone likes increased volume. But the impact of this business can be bad for the bottom line. A manufacturer must proactively build the ability to satisfy the channel master's demands and continually search for cost reduction to maintain margins.

Developing World Class Enterprise Agility: How to Manage Radical Transformation
by Richard G. Ligus
Taking dramatic steps to become agile is necessary to be a manufacturing contender. The faster parts, information, and decisions flow through an organization, the faster it can respond to customer needs.

Keeping Score: Developing an Effective Strategy for Supply Chain Measurement
by Julia Kuzeljevich

Few business areas need to be measured more extensively, more frequently, and more effectively than logistics. When evaluating criteria for individual metrics, consider this checklist.

Why the Controversy Over the ROI from ERP?
by R. Michael Donovan
ERP must be driven by the right strategic process improvement objectives, and the new processes must be implemented right, and quickly to meet the ROI expectations and become positively measureable.

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