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Pilot Performance
Pilot Performance explores leadership fundamentals based on techniques in aviation training and the responsibilities and performance of pilots. Topics include unlearning, overlearning, leverage and trim, and of course, the right stuff!
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Pilot Performance - Rods, Cones, and Visual Flying Rules
by Henry K.
A continuous process of accurately recognizing what is happening and adjusting actual  performance to desired performance.

Pilot Performance - The Journey is the Reward
by Henry K.
An insight into the capability to respond decisively and navigate effectively through a rapidly changing and uncontrollable environment.

The Power of Leverage and Trim
by Henry K.
How small, focused actions can have the largest impact.

The Flight Environment
by Henry K.
It's turbulent, chaotic, rapidly changing, and uncontrollable, and it sounds just like business.

The Right Stuff!
by Henry K.
Pilots are superb strategists and decisive leaders.

In Command
by Henry K.

Personal responsibility, authority, and accountability for performance.

In The Crunch!
by Henry K.

Managing through turbulence requires reverting to the fundamentals.

Situational Awareness
by Henry K.
The foundation for high performance in a rapidly changing environment.

by Henry K.
Unlearning dysfunctional sensory perceptions, assumptions, and behaviours ... to free up conscious attention and awareness.

by Henry K.
How pilots achieve a level of ‘mastery’ where ‘the outcome of any maneuver is never in doubt'.

The Right Angle of Attack
by Henry K.
Intuitive and untrained responses to severe or unusual conditions which exist outside of the normal operating range will be wrong, and often with very serious consequences.

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