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Personal Development I
Personal Development topics include priorities, goals, resolutions, perspective, trust, vision, creativity, persistence, skills, time management, balance, brainpower, mentors, networking, breaking through and learning faster.
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Using Power-Vision to Create the Business (or Life) that You Want
by Jamie S. Walters

We have a far greater potential for bringing about the results we desire if we've truly decided, committed, envisioned, felt it as done, expected and looked for the evidence, and engaged with the creative process to take our right action.

Your World Your Way - Trusting Yourself in Business
by Ann Kelly

You cannot have peace of mind or have a healthy business if you don’t trust yourself. Trusting yourself is having a true sense of who you are, clarity about what you want and the presence of mind to honour yourself.

How to Become a Star at Work
by Robin S. Sharma

The day you decide to start acting like the person you were destined to become is the day that you begin to tap into the wellspring of human talents that will lead you to your own form of personal greatness.

Love is the New Currency in Today's Marketplace
by Mariette Edwards

Knowledge is power! The more you know about how to be loved in the marketplace, the quicker that love will come back to you as success.

Winners' Wisdom
by Jim Stovall

Don’t wait, you can't live at the beach, the shortcut myth, and cycling out of the box.

Junk Cover Letters and Bad Resumes
by Teena Rose

Always view your résumé, cover letter, and interviewing techniques from the eyes of the employer. They will be the deciders on calling you in for an interview and employing you, so everything you do should be for them.

Tips for Effective Leadership - Don’t Respond to the Urgent
by Wolf Rinke

The productivity of most managers stinks. Why? Because they pay too much attention to the urgent --- they spend their time putting out fires. The following strategies will help you stretch your time rubber band.

Winners' Wisdom
by Jim Stovall

Beautiful music, dreams do come true, a birthday to remember, and lessons from another time and place.

How to Make the Most of a Networking Event
by Mariette Edwards

Contrary to what many believe, networking events are not about pressing your business card into as many hands as you can. They are, however, great opportunities to learn about what other people are looking for.

Confessions of A Lover of Books and Learning
by Susan Dunn

My father read to me and my sister every night, without fail. The books he chose even my mother had to object to at times but it really didn’t matter to me. I loved hearing my father’s voice, and I picked up his obvious love of literature.

Winners' Wisdom
by Jim Stovall

The constant of change, cost and value, do it, skip it, or move it, and how about enjoying your work and planning your fun.

The Warrior
by Tom Heuerman, Ph.D. with Diane Olson, Ph.D.

Warriors assert their authenticity and make the world a better place. We desperately need warriors who will stand up, speak up, and take actions that remind us of our own best possibilities.

The Six Figure Job Search
by Robert Waite

The bottom line question in the mind of the hiring executive is this, "Will you bring value to the company that far exceeds the compensation they will pay you?" That is the magic formula that you will need to focus the whole process on.

Eight Survive-and-Thrive Tips for Entrepreneurs
by Jamie S. Walters

Regardless of what's happening outside of their enterprises self-employed entrepreneurs and small-enterprise owners must ensure their own vision and clarity, and navigate the common challenges, the ups and downs, that come with entrepreneurship.

Greasing the Path to Success: Finding the Confidence to Step Up to Key Moments
by Nina Ham

There are certain key moments when putting your best-dressed foot forward really matters. Some of life’s fortunate people seem to be naturally at their best finding confidence under pressure. The rest of us have to learn.

Leadership Prep
by Chris Widener

So you want to be a leader? Or you want to be a better leader? No matter where you are in your leadership journey, you CAN move forward. You CAN lead better. You CAN lead more people. You CAN lead your organization to higher ground. Yes, you CAN!

by Ann Strong

Visioning allows us to live proactively rather than reactively. It also gives us the opportunity to work more consciously with All That Is, tapping into all Universal forces, both seen and unseen.

Manage Up to Manage Your Career
by Mariette Edwards

When clients ask me how they can exert more power over managing their career, managing up is where we always start. It is the fastest and easiest way to position you for achieving that goal.

Bad Luck, Bad Choices, and Bad Habits
by Chris Widener

The next time you hear someone say, “He’s down on his luck,” perhaps you ought to ask, “Or is he down on his choices?”
I have found that those who have good habits and make good choices tend to experience the best luck!

How to Read Your Boss' Mind
by Mark Goulston

Before helping an employee up the ladder, bosses – either consciously or unconsciously – ask themselves seven questions. If you can put yourself in your boss’ place (it also works for audiences) and answer these queries, you’re much more likely to get the help you need.

by Susan Dunn

There are times … that try men’s souls.
How do we get through them? Inspiration!

Sell Results to Sell Yourself
by Mariette Edwards

Start crafting your stories by reflecting on the results you have produced. Then tell a story about each making sure you position it to demonstrate what skill, gift or special talent you have that produced that result.

Retirement Ready? Prepared for the Unexpected?
by Ronald C. Lazof

Today many people retire intentionally and voluntarily in their mid 50's or even earlier - through careful planning, or find themselves involuntarily retired through technological or other market factor changes. The difference is in being prepared.

What in the World are You Doing?
by Chris Widener
What I believe sets the successful apart is that they don’t just live the average life. They don’t just pass time. They have something compelling in their life that drives them – something that gives them an answer when they are asked that question.

The Myth of Networking
by Mariette Edwards
If you are really serious about getting what you desire, networking is one very important way to achieve it. But, before you choose your next networking event, answer these questions to improve your results.

Setting Realistic Expectations
by Cindy Ventrice
Whether you are tackling new job responsibilities or trying to maintain productivity during a major change initiative, your previous experiences can help you create an action plan that will serve you well and keep you motivated!

The Three Legs of Persuasion
by Chris Widener
When you lead, you influence. To lead others is to influence them through various means to follow you to your vision of a preferred thought, belief or action.

To be a Successful Negotiator, Start With What You Want
by Mariette Edwards
Knowledge is power! Spend time getting clear on what you want before beginning any negotiation process.

The Challenge to Lead
by Chris Widener
Someone will lead. Will it be you? If not you, then who will lead? If you will not lead now, then when? Lead boldly. Lead with faith. This is the highest calling and the reward is of the utmost kind.

What's The Buzz On YOU?
by Mariette Edwards
You are your reputation. When your name comes up in conversation, what are people saying about you?

Best Practices for Great Relationships
by Robin S. Sharma

You can transform the way you work and the results you see by making the simple decision to get back to the fundamentals and start focusing in building rich, mutually rewarding relationships.

Don't Stop Asking So Many Questions
by Chris Widener
A few weeks ago I took my boy on a trip that we make together every year. We left the house at 6 am on Monday and got home at 9 pm on Thursday. That is just 87 hours. However, that is 84,293 questions!

Why Should I Hire You?
by Mariette Durack Edwards
It's so important that you stay focused on your strengths and how your special qualities, skills and abilities can benefit a potential employer. Remember you are the only person in the world who knows everything about what you know.

Leadership Through Worklife Balance
by Robin S. Sharma

Too many people do not discover how to live until it is time to die. Too many of us miss out on the simple gifts that every day brings because we are so busy trying to make a living we have lost sight of the real meaning of life.

Seven Keys for Joyful Living!
by Chris Widener

Here are some thoughts for finding and experiencing joy in your life. If there were one thing I could wish upon my family, friends and readers, it would be joy in everything they do!

Tips For Surviving as a Corporate Refugee
by Lora J Adrianse
Today, almost a year later, I proudly consider myself a Corporate Refugee who has successfully navigated the grueling journey and emerged with an amazing new sense of purpose and freedom! With that in mind, I offer you tips for surviving from my own experience.

What Does an Innate Strength Look Like?
by Susan Dunn

Martin Seligman, Ph.D., noted Optimism researcher has proposed that one of the surest paths to happiness is to know your signature strengths and build your life around them, particularly if it's in a way that has meaning to you.

Enthusiasm - It is Contagious
by Shep Hyken
Who would you rather be with at work? Someone who hates what they are doing, or someone who loves what they are doing?

The Top Six Ways to Stay Motivated
by Chris Widener

These are simple principles, that when you put them to work regularly, will change your life by keeping you motivated all the time!

Winners' Wisdom
by Jim Stovall

Get the facts to choose the right course of action, be honest with yourself and focus on the things you know, embrace change and transitions, and may you always find another road. Words of wisdom from one who sees very clearly. (ed.)

What Makes a Person Powerful in an Organization?
by Kai-Lit Phua, Ph.D.

"Office politics" is a fact of life for anyone who works in a formal organization such as a commercial company. Power is an important concept but it is hard to define and to measure.

Winning the Thought Battle
by Chris Widener
Our success starts long before our actions. In fact, our success begins in our thoughts.

Learn to Manage Stress, Before it Manages You - and Your Company
by Joe Piscatella

Statistics are telling us that Corporate America - employees and executives alike - are feeling stressed and overworked. Helping employees handle stress well is a business leadership issue.

Your Emotions & Your Health
by Susan Dunn

In a symposium called "Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit in Medical Practice, researchers at Duke Medical Center investigated the role of anger, hostility, isolation and touch in our wellness.

Success Showdowns
by Chris Widener
Our journey to success always has "Showdowns" that we have to go through if we are going to get there. There are always going to be "bad guys" we have to get through. Let's take a look at a few.

Good Judgment
by Jim Stovall

Just because you are moving quickly does not necessarily mean you are getting closer to your goal. There are times when a pause for recreation, reflection, and renewal are the fastest ways to move ahead.

Transitions: How to Weather Stormy Seas and Find a Safe Harbor
by Susan Dunn

When the sea of life gets stormy, how can you stay shipshape and ride the waves?

Etiquette for Job Hunters - The Advantages of Manners
by Paula Gamonal
If you have the basic information and equipment and approach the situation with common sense, intelligence and sensitivity, you'll not only handle anything you come across, but handle it with impeccable manners as well.

Live the Adventure!
by Chris Widener
Let's see what are common characteristics of a good adventure and apply them to our lives. In doing so, you will shift your perspective and see how your own day-to-day life can be an adventure!

Intuition: The Art of Fast, Effective Decision-making
by Susan Dunn

Remember those math problems you got the correct answer for, but you didn't get full credit because you couldn't show your work? Intuition is a key ingredient in what we call genius, and it is also an important tool when applied to everyday life.

Would You Hire You?
by Don Cornell
Of course you would - because you know all your terrific qualifications. But what if you only knew what your resume includes and nothing else? Is it better than 90% of resumes from candidates competing for the job you want?

Be Consistent to be Successful!
by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
When you take a moment to think about your self-esteem, what comes to mind?

Your Dream Can Be Your Future
by Chris Widener

Set aside some time today to get started on your dream. Follow the action plan and set your sights for the top of the mountain! You will be glad you did!

It's Up to Me
by Helene Mazur

As a free agent thinker in a rapidly changing business landscape, what critical goals for 2003 would you like to set right now?

When Does Work Become Play?
by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD
I work an average of ten hours a day and it occurred to me the other day that I am retired. Sounds paradoxical, however, it's true. My definition of retirement is the time in a person's life when she has the opportunity to do exactly what she wants to do all day.

Making New Year's Resolutions That Work
by Susan Dunn
Making resolutions means resolving to do something, committing to do something. Here are some tips for making resolutions that work this year.

New Year's Resolution for 2003 ... Manage Stress - from Take a Load Off Your Heart by Joe Piscatella
by Cindy Kazan

Take a Load Off Your Heart places managing stress as the most important part of the healthy-living program --- followed by introducing more physical activity to your life and balancing your diet comes next. Take a Load Off Your Heart shows how to take the steps that will allow you to take control of your cardiac health once and for all.

Goals - Vision to Reality - A Systematic Approach
by Shaun Ajani
What goals do you have for your life? If you have goals, are they just in your head? Or do you have a methodology to manifest them? There is a systematic process to think of anything you want, and ultimately acquire it.

Take Yourself to the Top!
by Chris Widener
Everybody wants to get to the top, whether it is the top of a career, a company, the earnings scale, or the many other ways that we as individuals can define the "top" in our own lives!

The Resolution Solution
by Jim Stovall

Each year when the calendar rolls over again, human beings all around the world engage in a number of strange behaviors. There's no need to struggle with New Year's resolutions. When you do set a goal, whether it be now or later, be sure it meets the following criteria.

The DNA of Top Achievers
by Chris Widener

Obviously, all top achievers wouldn't have the same literal DNA but what about a figurative DNA? Are there common "genes" perhaps? I think so!

Ever Felt That Working in a Circus Would be a Better Option?
by Anne Riches
Have you ever wondered if it might be easier to run away and join a circus – at least it would be part of your job description to keep all the balls in the air while maintaining balance at the same time!

Better For Your Health Than Vitamins, More Helpful to Your Success Than a Ph.D.
by Susan Dunn
Did you know that one of the most important things you can do for your health and success is to learn optimism?

Are Women Really Superior to Men?
by Salma N. Ajani

Let's answer this age-old question; evaluate what we know up to this point, scientifically as well as culturally. Are women really superior to men?

by Jim Stovall
Any fact, any opinion, any observation, and any communication can only be judged in light of the perspective of the individual who is communicating.

Developing the New Corporate Conscience
by Stephanie Cirihal
The first steps to re-building trust and credibility in and out of the board room - it all begins with you.

Avoiding the Autopilot Syndrome - How to Keep Challenge Alive in Your Work
by Jody Urquhart
Actively thinking about what is challenging and meaningful to you will inspire purpose in your work. Remember, the only person who can really give your job challenge is you.

Experience is a Teacher
by Jim Stovall
If you were to list all of the things that you know -- that you believe and you are willing to act upon -- chances are this knowledge has come from an experience.

The Consistency Contest
by Jim Stovall

Success in exercise, sports, or in our business and personal lives, comes from a long-term, consistent performance, not a short-term sprint.

Finding the Magic
by Gary Lockwood
Conventional wisdom says you should work on improving your weaknesses. What a waste of time, talent and opportunity. Successful entrepreneurs throughout history have achieved greatness by focusing on their strengths. This article helps you discover your natural talents.

Tip-toe the Tightrope of Trust - A Manager’s Guide to Success
by Jody Urquhart
How much do you trust your staff and why does it matter? Trust affects the bottom line — the way you treat employees is the way they will treat customers.

How to Develop a Personal Vision
by Brian Ward
Achieving a balance between 'dreaming' about a desired future state and living in the current state is difficult. This short exercise affords you the opportunity to achieve such a balance.

The Time of Your Life
by Jim Stovall
Each day, week, month, and year, time seems to compress. We have more distractions competing for our precious minutes each day; therefore, it is more important than ever that we take control of the time of our lives.

Top Ten Tips for Improving the Quality of Your Work Life
by Judy Worrell & Brian Ward

We all desire a work experience that can fit neatly with our personal lives. We all seek balance. Our ten tips are designed to get you thinking. They apply as much to the CEO as they do to the front line worker.

by Jim Stovall
The farther up the mountain of success you travel, the less populated you will find your path to be. Achievement and excellence bring a degree of isolation.

The Dark Road
by Jenna Edmunds

Do we even know which road we are on?

Time Management 101 - Take Control of Your Time
by Gregory P. Smith
Louis Boone, a poet and novelist once said, “I definitely am going to take a course on time management ... just as soon as I can work it into my schedule.”

Michelin Man Seeks Tire Nirvana
by Jody Urquhart
Why it’s essential to understand the difference you make through your work.

Leadership in Turbulent Times
by Randi B. Noyes

Straightforward advice on how to "lead yourself" and others through turbulence - whether you are the CEO of a large company or the head of your household.

Lethal Life Calling - How to Cut Through the Hocus Pocus and Focus on Success
by Jody Urquhart
So many people are waiting for the perfect job, when maybe there is no such thing. People don’t magically find meaningful work but they can find meaning in their work.

Keeping Your Sanity
by Jim Stovall
Have you ever heard someone say -- or even caught yourself saying -- "That person is making me crazy"? This is a feeling we all experience from time to time, but it's important to realize that no one can affect us unless or until we give them permission to do so.

Keeping On-Course
by Jim Stovall
There comes a time in everyone's life when you become extremely frustrated with your progress toward your goal. That is the time to "stay the course."

Expanding the Horizon
by Jim Stovall
We should all commit to an ongoing expedition within our own personal and professional development.

Gold Medal
by Jim Stovall
The Olympics are not as much about the individual sports as they are about striving for and achieving greatness.

What Career Changers Have Taught
by Freda Turner Ph.D.
Change is scary for everyone - but several very notable career changers can teach us valuable career lessons.

The Game is on the Field
by Jim Stovall
We can change our lives and the lives of those around us by simply elevating our level of expectation.

Persistence Pays Off
by Jim Stovall
Success in life, be it personal or professional, comes from performing at a high level for an extended period of time.

Tips for New Managers
by Andrew E. Schwartz
Are you trained and prepared for the new intellectual and emotional challenges that await? Here are ideas, tips and techniques from The School for Managers.

Fear of Change
by Lisa Sidorowicz
People have the ability to create positive changes in their lives, yet distorted fear-based perceptions can often lead to stagnation. When strong self-worth is present, however, change can be welcomed as an opportunity for growth, forward movement, and personal fulfilment.

Being the B.E.S.T.
by Jim Stovall
If we want to be the BEST at whatever we do, we've got to break it down into its individual components.

Extraordinary Self Care
by Terri Levine
Find your own personal extraordinary care rituals and begin to allow yourself to enjoy life. It is rushing by you.

Tips for Relighting After Burnout: Energizing Self and Others
by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE
The current environment brings additional stress to our homes and offices. Check them off and then consider some actions.

Radical Shifts to Extraordinary Business Results
by Terri Levine
Achieving extraordinary business results in today's lightning fast world requires some radical shifts in thinking and acting.

Question Your Career!
by Terri Levine
Feel like your career no longer stretches your imagination or excites you? Dread going to work in the mornings? How about expanding your comfort zone and exploring your interests?

How to Delegate Effectively
by Gregory P. Smith
Effective delegation is an important tool that some managers hesitate to use. Here are eight basic guidelines to help you delegate more effectively.

Breaking Through the Paralysis of Fear
by Azriela Jaffe
The road to your success may be just where you are, or it may be a path that you can't even see at the moment.

The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life
by Eileen McDargh
How does one swim with the sharks, squeeze the margins of an angst-filled financial world, and still lead a life of wholeness in spirit, mind and body? The issue is still one of balance.

Brainpower for the Overwhelmed
by Eileen McDargh
Walk into the room and can’t find your keys? Forget why you entered the room in the first place? How to deal effectively with SADD - situational attention deficit disorder - and turn it to glad.

Get a Life by Clearing the Clutter
by Dianna Booher
How to streamline work habits, patterns, and methods to have more time and energy to complete what's most important.

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